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Default Why did Texe Marrs lie to the Ogster about Alex Jones wife being Jewish?

Post from Ognir:


I asked Texe Marrs nearly 4 years ago a direct question concerning Alex Jones wife being Jewish. I asked him directly and he replied she was a good Christian.

Man of God just told us all a whopper of a lie.

Moving forward, there is a torrent on ConCen with Fatboy Jonestein on the Howard Stern show
link to torrent above.

Stern being a tribe member dealt with Jonestein, perfectly, allowed Fatboy to talk crap, yet got ALEX JONES to admit on live show that indeed his wife's mother is Jewish, lol mother is but she isn't.

I think Texe that enjoy strong support in the movements, finally needs to address the issue of why he has been shilling for Jones for all these years, why Texe?

We've known for years, even when you told me, she wasn't, I didn't believe a thing. You made the mistake of underestimating our power on the Net, to research.


I do actually remember this interview. Found it again somehow.
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