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Default "Impossible To Lose" - "Casinos & Marijuana Will Pay For Universal Basic Income"

Controversial Plan To Pay For Universal Basic Income Unveiled

Click the image to open in full size.

It's expected that tax revenues collected from these online casinos and those from marijuana will be enough to pay for universal basic income.

As more and more jobs are threatened by robots, officials have come up with a plan to eventually introduce universal basic income - which is basically a minimum salary that will be paid to all it's citizens. Though it seems like a great idea, it will be expensive. How expensive? At least $43 billion. "We have decided to permit online gambling and allow a few licensed and regulated casinos who have been determined to be legitimate and real.

When questioned as to what would happen with tax revenues in the meantime, they said "these tax revenues will go towards funding various pension plans, and later, these two will be replaced with a universal income system." After the announcement was made, it was said that only a few online casinos are permitted to operate in the country, with Leo Vegas receiving the first license "because they helped draft legislation, and have been reviewed and examined to be fully compliant and legitimate."

Click the image to open in full size.

Official: "This will help so many people for years to come."

From a business standpoint it may not make sense that they are just giving away money, but for Leo Vegas, since they are the only ones for the time being, it will allow them to develop a reputation for being a good casino right from the start. Over time the payout odds will be adjusted, but for now, you would be crazy not to play, as it is impossible to lose.

To prove it, News Canada's Michael Forer tested Leo Vegas after the press conference. Signing up was simple, and he deposited $20, and was already winning as he got $20 right away, just for signing up. He also got 120 free spins, after 32 spins, he won $4,000. David later withdrew his winnings which was easy as signing up was, and had $4,000 right into his bank account the next day.

"Hurry, the offer is limited and the promotion of free bonus ends on 29 May, 2019" adid=2230354&click_key={click_key}&CID={CID}&&camp id=iac695&user=[uid]&cpc=0.0400
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