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Default Germany: Terror Raid Uncovers Bombs, Chemicals, Weapons

April 30, 2015 Click the image to open in full size.Chemical barrels of peace. This is why Germany needs way more Moslem immigrants, you idiot goyim. Because if we let way more of them come in, they’ll start feeling guilty and stop trying to murder us all.
German police have recovered a pipe bomb, an assault rifle and chemicals that can be used to make explosives after two suspects were detained in an overnight anti-terror raid near Frankfurt, prosecutors said Thursday.

A state interior minister said the arrests foiled a possible terrorist attack and the two suspects were linked to Islamic extremists, the dpa news agency reported.

The raid in the town of Oberursel came after security officials learned that three liters (nearly a gallon) of hydrogen peroxide had been purchased at a hardware store by someone using a false name, authorities said.

“This hydrogen peroxide triggered an alert,” Frankfurt’s deputy chief prosecutor Stefan Rojczyk told The Associated Press. “Police figured out who had bought it and it was decided to act fast.”

In addition to the hydrogen peroxide, pipe bomb and assault rifle, 100 rounds of ammunition were also recovered.

Hesse state interior minister Peter Beuth identified the two suspects as a married couple, saying in state parliament that authorities foiled a possible terrorist attack with the raid, dpa reported. He added the two were believed to have links to the extreme Islamic Salafist movement.
It’s not complicated and the logic is simple and sound: if you want to stop Moslems trying to murder you, you have to allow them all into your base and give them free everything. Then if they continue to murder you, it must be because you hurt their feelings with a microaggression, maybe looked at them too long in the eyes or not long enough or something hateful like that, and you will deserve it and be better off blown up.

Besides, all Germans are responsible for six bajillion innocent Christ-killing Jews being made into lampshades anyway, so who cares if Moslems murder them?

You know who cares?

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