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Default Mister Walter Fairchild, Klan Knight and Confederate Nationalist


It has been a long time that I have not had the pleasure of coming into contact with other Comrades. I remember some of them as outstanding defenders of White racial values, as men in whom full trust can be deposited.

One of the most significant of those Warriors is Mister Walter Fairchild. He was or he is a member of Stormfront, of E-Nationalist, possibly of VNN, and maybe of other fora devoted to our Cause. I remember him as one of the best men.

I have tried to find him in Internet. E-Nationalist does not seem to exist anymore. Stormfront still exists, and perhaps Mister Fairchild be active there, but I had an issue years ago with one of the moderators and I took the firm decision of not collaborating anymore in that forum.

Mister Fairchild sent a private message to me some time ago, inviting me to join the Knights of the Golden Circle or the Knights of Thule, as part of the White Nations Forum. I accessed White Nations, became a member, read the presentation of the Knights, and enlisted in them.

However, Mister Fairchild does not seem to be very active in this forum. I request from any member to comment about him, or to inform of his activities, or to send this text to him. I have not a direct contact with him at present, I can only do it as I am doing now, via the forum.

If having any questions to ask about me, please do so. I am open to honest inquires coming from my Comrades.

Receive my Confederate Regards.

Dixieland for ever !

P. A. Stonemann, CSS Dixieland, 31st July 2015
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Default Re: Mister Walter Fairchild, Klan Knight and Confederate Nationalist

Why would you want to join the klan? They're pretty useless and are now nothing more than clowns and a big tent carnival act.
My goal is simple: Promote a white nationalist platform and government. Put an end to multi culturalism and to reduce the footprints of the parasitic rodents who infect our world and communities!
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