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Default Denmark: Tight Immigration Laws Save the Country Billions of Euros and Fight White Genocide

Denmark is already 7% Non-White and has realised that adding to that number is suicide.

Denmark has the tightest immigration laws in Europe, and according to the Danish government, stopping the country being flooded by millions of immigrants has saved the country 6.7 billion euros, about 10 billion dollars.

“Now that we can see that it does matter who comes into the country, I have no scruples in further restricting those who one can suspect will be a burden on Denmark” said Søren Pind, Danish integration minister.

The Danish People’s Party (DPP) concludes that tightening immigration laws has saved Denmark €6.7 billion over the last 10 years. That money would otherwise have been spent on immigrants.

The figures show that “non-Western” (non-White) immigration has cost Denmark €2.3 billion in the last 10 years, whereas “Western” (White) immigration has actually contributed €295 million to Denmark’s economy.

“We now have it in black and white that restrictions (on immigrants from certain countries) pay off,” said Kristian Dahl, a DPP financial spokesman.

Marianne Jelved, the Social Liberal Party’s integration spokeswoman said “A certain group of people is being denounced and being blamed for our deficit, being made into whipping boys.” She added: “We cannot classify people depending on their value to the economy. That is degrading in a democracy that has a basic value of equality.”

No, you are not.

Jelved obviously feels the economy is something that must be sacrificed in order to turn Denmark minority White with massive non-White immigration.

Some non-White immigrants, like Somalis, are turning their back on Denmark, and choosing to go to countries such as the UK or France where they don’t have to contribute to the country in order to stay there.

Despite this, according to 2012 statistics, 10.4% of Denmark’s citizens are foreign, and 66% of that 10.4% is non-White, mostly from places like Turkey, Iraq, Somalia, South Asia and the Middle East.

If we calculate the numbers, what that means is Denmark is at least 7% non-White, and demographers predict that Denmark will also become less White over the next few decades – a result of immigration.

Europe is becoming minority White as a result of massive non-White immigration. Anti-Whites everywhere agree that this is good, and that any attempt to stop this by closing borders or allowing people to naturally segregate, is bad and must be stopped.

These anti-Whites are pushing for a world where White people become a decreasing minority in our own countries – this is White genocide and must stop.

Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, but White countries for everyone? That’s genocide.
“Either you are going to do politics, or politics is going to do you!”
Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times.
Good times create weak men. Weak men create bad times.
“The future has several names.
For the weak, it is impossible; for the fainthearted, it is unknown;
but for the valiant, it is ideal.”
"The left's arrogance is only surpassed by their narcissism....."
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