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Lifestory of a modern white male

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    Lifestory of a modern white male

    Life Story of a Modern White Human Male
    I was born in a major multi-ethnic city that is assuming my biological mother did not abort me through contraceptive medication or through going to a Jewish abortion clinic and having one of their non-white workers or themselves use metal instruments to mutilate my developing body.
    Should I carry past this point I would be born of a mother who may have had relationships with non-whites in which case I would be contaminated with their genes which have been intermingled with her own even if condoms were used as they are microscopically porous and allow semen to filter through into the woman thereby contaminating her with the DNA of non- whites which inevitably passes on to the offspring. If I should be lucky enough to avoid this fate I would probably be subject to genetic damage through the alcohol my mother drank. Upon conception I would be yanked out of her womb with metal forceps by a non-white midwife or a Jewish or non-white doctor who would with their knowledge of anatomy, deliberately maim or mangle me through alteration of the spine thereby crippling me for life. I would be luck to avoid this fate and would be pulled out through metal forceps which would horribly traumatize me. Of course I should also mention that the ultrasounds and radiation I was subjected to would cause mutations in my DNA and would probably induce extreme trauma as well. Upon being taken out of my mother’s womb I would be taken by the Jewish doctor and have my foreskin cut off thereby adding to the trauma of my short worldly experience. The Jewish doctor would then suck the foreskin vampirizing my blood according to his Talmudic religion. He would send the foreskins from myself and other newborns to meat-rendering plants which would mix the meat from animals with them to curse the non-Jews by forcing cannibalism upon them.
    I would be given vaccines filled with mercury and formaldehyde as well as various other heavy metals, dead fetal tissue and adjuvants. These would cause my brain damage and possible sterility or reduced fertility as well as organ damage which would reduce my chances to thrive in this world.
    Upon being taken out of the hospital I would be subject to the quarrelling of my parents who depending on their socio-economic class would devote their lives to selfish and egotistical pursuits with my father roaming around with his drinking buddies and crashing into our home be it apartment or McMansion disturbing my ability to sleep and creating an atmosphere of tension and strife while my mother would be too interested in creating petty problems to entertain herself out of a desire to look upon herself as a courageous feminist controlling the life of a man. I would be neglected and have to live in a state of sympathetic nervous system dominance, a fight or flight state which would burn out my adrenal glands and deprive me of sleep. My mother would probably be too concerned about her breasts sagging if I should breastfeed so she would put me on a soy-based formula which would deprive me of the needed growth factors and nutrients to form a healthy skeleton and brain. I would thus be underdeveloped and have less opportunity to thrive in life as my body would be deformed to a greater extent than otherwise; the facial bones would not grow as wide as they would under normal conditions and I would thus be less attractive to the opposite sex, thereby diminishing my opportunities to spread my genes and have a family of my own. Upon my debut in society my mother who is a modern woman, a careerist and feminist, would leave me in the nursery or daycare center as it is called to be raised by state-financed caregivers who are of a racially foreign stock and who have a hostility to me because I am white or at least visibly so (if my mother had had relationships with non-whites prior to my conception). The other children with whom I have to get along are also predominantly racially foreign and have the same hostility.
    They bully me and abuse me and are egged on by the non-white girls who have been instructed by their propagandists to hate white boys and to censor and harass them as a socially obligatory behaviour and to get a sense of power over me. I suffer through this treatment during the weekdays and it is cold comfort when my father picks me up from the daycare center as my callous mother is too busy working in her career to care for me as she wishes to accrue to herself a sense of importance in the eyes of her fellow career women.
    I am subjected to electromagnetic fields being transmitted by the cell towers and smart meters in the center and from my home which causes cellular excitotoxicity and maintains a sympathetic nervous system dominance which causes hyper-anxiety, adrenal fatigue, and insomnia. I am fed a diet of genetically modified foods which incubate cancers in my body and modify my DNA as well as having to drink chlorinated water which contains the chemical chlorine used as a warfare agent in gaseous form.
    I go to attend the school where again a multi-racial nightmare confronts me with many black, Arab, and hybrid students subjecting me to abuse and bullying me at every turn. My feminist and Jewish teachers are forever punishing me for defending myself against these non-whites who have only been in my country for a most of a couple generations but typically only having been born here of parents who have not been in the country my ancestors created for more than a decade. These so-called teachers or brain polluters have never taken my side and insist on imposing their sanctions against me in defense of my own existence.
    My career as a student continues on with a repetition of the same activity continuing through the grades. I am being passed through their system without any meaningful education, merely being propagandized with Marxist indoctrination, what has been called ‘liberal democracy’ or ‘socialism’, secular humanism’, etc. The children from the more affluent classes in my school
    have all of the opportunities and are stream-lined towards becoming future controllers of society where I am left behind, relegated to a lower order of society because the social engineers judged me unfit as I am not an arrogant or extrovertive person from an affluent class as they are and given that I am a white male they look upon me as an enemy, as the modern day Satan in relation to themselves as the priestly caste of those who matter, the Jewish elite and their white liberal race-traitors and non-white replacements. The privileged students in my school are progressing towards their destination as a financial and social success where I am demoralized and have low self-esteem. They are going out to parties and having relationships with the opposite sex but I am left alone having no one to associate with as I am an introvertive person and not an arrogant extrovert like them. This hobbles my development and this combined with a feminist mother who controls every facet of my life creating a dependency in me upon her as well as a lack of self-esteem which inhibits my ability to be a functional member of society, a society relative to which I am an alien, an outsider having no place. The attractions of the youth of society disgust me: alcohol, loud music, and drug culture. They have a vile and cruel personality always vilifying those who are not of their socioeconomic class and who they look upon as beneath themselves.
    I managed to graduate high school and had sufficiently high marks given that I withdrew from society throughout my academic career having no recourse but to study and to learn on my own and seek to improve myself not out of spite of other’s judgments but though an inner drive to achieve, to make myself a better person not knowing just what that would be but nevertheless understanding that I was an imperative. I managed to obtain student loans though as a white male, non-whites and women are given preference over me for student loans. I do well in the school system taking a liberal arts program. Unfortunately all of my personal study outside of the school curriculum mainly of old books prior to WWII does not correspond with the contemporary ideology or accepted mores of society and this leads me to research into the facts of history further. I come to the realization that society, as it is, is a far cry from that of the past and come to venerate. The culture which pre-existed in the 60s was an infinitely superior one. I stumble upon more books that make reference to Jews and their influence. From there I become aware of their evil throughout history and how to physically identify them. I then look over the course of my life and realize that these claims made in the books are true and that the Jews are attempting to genocide the white race through psychic castration of the white males whose duty and innate drive has always been as a defender and protector of society. That their plan is clearly to destroy the society which whites created through non-white immigration and feminism, to weaken society and thereby enable a takeover by their Chinese and Russian troops which they have controlled sine the Bolshevik revolution in Russia and the Boxer rebellion in China under Lenin and Mao respectively.
    I continue supplementing my education with a more important education that of racial awareness and the history of the world as faithfully represented in those old books lying in musty corners of university libraries as well as in electronic form on the internet printing them off and compiling my own library. Though I have had difficulty in the school system because of racial bias against me from non-whites and Jews as well as sexual bias against me by feminists, from the professors, that is who deliberately grade me poorly so that they can get a twisted sense of vengeance against heterosexual white males who they blame for whatever troubles or problems they perceive in the world or their own personal lives; in spite of their tyranny I manage to graduate through supplementing my course curriculum with less politically charged courses which I take through distance education where I dont have to see a biased professor face to face who seeks to harass me for being a white male who is not a complete degenerate, a homosexual, or race mixer. I eventually graduate having made no friends in the school system as I was in high school, not an extrovertive person who desired to hang around in a bar in the middle of the night drinking alcohol and listening to loud music.
    I am no longer receiving student loans but prior to graduation had managed to obtain work in a security firm so that I could avoid being subjected to unpleasant working conditions knowing that I have minimal prospects for obtaining employment given the racial bias in hiring policies in all corporations and public sector positions where the only white males who are hired are homosexuals or the remnant of the well-connected upper crust. Anticipating these inevitabilities I seek employment in capacities that seem at least somewhat appealing such as trades of various sorts. However given that my student loans are cut off and it is impossible to obtain more and that my occupation doesn’t enable me to save any money as it is too low-paying; hardly enough to pay the bills I desperately seek out alternatives perhaps a relation in the country can enable me to live off their property and work on a nearby farm or labour site so that I may survive.
    However there are no such options as, given I was raised apart from society and had built no connections or marketable skills I have no such options. I see other white males my age in their early 20s having recently graduated from the Marxist indoctrination centers they call schools involving themselves in all manner of degenerate practices from race-mixing to drug and alcohol use. I myself having no interest in the vulgarity of society dissociate myself and live in my own segregated world apart from the degeneracy of society that surrounds my tiny apartment. Further research on the internet and through books that I had managed to save up enough money to purchase convinced me that given the tyranny of the Judeo-Masonic control system there is only one path that lies before me and that is through white nationalist activism and through this either victory or Valhalla. One way or the other my destiny however tenebrous, lies before me presenting me with the few options that I can avail myself of.
    I live in a minimalistic lifestyle paying only for food and shelter not even having enough money for a gym pass as I am attempting to stockpile food and obtain a firearms license, guns, ammunition, and other survival supplies before society through the outsourcing of jobs and increased mass non-white immigration destroys society from within and enables the imposition of a police state and the further strengthening of a totalitarian regime unless of course well- positioned white nationalists use that as an opportunity to create domestic terrorism in society and have a potential military coup of the corrupt establishment flushing out the non-whites who would have to be sent outside of the borders or killed if need be for the survival of the white race within their own borders. I can only do so much with so little after all.
    Just the other day the Jewish landlord of the apartment building I am in gave me an eviction notice as one of the non-white tenants had complained that I ‘made them feel unsafe’ they had probably heard me listening to a white nationalist podcast and sought vengeance against me for not willfully bowing to them and recognizing the implicit threat of the racially aware white male from whom they derive their sustenance through his work in trades and industry and who they lord it over in the offices receiving their employment through the biases of public policy conferring upon them a privileged status as an ‘untouchable victim’ who can do no wrong and will always have their side taken by any legal or other power structure which plays a role in the disenfranchisement of white males from their society. I thus have no recourse but to avail myself of government housing or homelessness that assumes of course that I will be accepted into government housing given that preference is given to non-whites and especially newly arrived immigrants who have countless children when they arrive to derive benefits from the productive white male worker.
    The Jewish landlord having heard rumour from their non-white tenants that I was an ‘anti- Semite’, as they fallaciously call an anti-Jew like myself, was quick to use the complaint of the non-whites as a pretext for my eviction. Luckily I managed to obtain through one of the older white employees in the government a place in government housing in the run down inner core of my town, a place which was once a thriving community of productive white citizens who had built beautiful stone buildings which are now little more than hives of degenerates from every dark corner of the third world and who have turned them into dens of iniquity, incubators of their sub-human spawn who involve themselves in gang war and rape of white women. I am now to be downgraded to a sub-human myself, a continuance of the life of deprivation and ignominy I have been forced to live since birth.
    The drug den and prostitution brothel that is my new residence places me into the bowels of the beast that is J.O.G. (Jewish Occupation Government). I am literally surrounded by vice of all forms from drug deals going on inside and out, to rooms of prostitutes plying their trade to a veritable incubation centre of Negro and Arab offspring who play about around the dumpsters with pigeons and who immediately form gangs raping and killing each other and those who are the descendants of the builders of this ruined society, the whites.
    The job I am in had been tolerable until I was transferred to a site where I had to work alongside a Jewish woman. She had the characteristically psychopathic personality all Jews have and eventually given her hypersensitive Jewish nature she sensed I was aware of who she was, as a Jew, and framed me on the jobsite sending emails in my name to the non-white human resources manager of the jobsite I worked on to have me fired. This enabled her to justify my firing which she, a token non-white from the Philippines, had obviously desired upon setting eyes upon me the first day I arrived on the site her racial animus towards whites and white males specifically being palpable and manifesting itself in her constant attempts to trap me in dereliction of duty by leaving things not supposed to be in certain places out and visiting me randomly at my duties.
    Now that I am fired and have no means of sustaining myself or building a future for myself my life is more or less forfeit. I now know what I must do and that will be to commit suicide by cop through blowing up a government building and assassinating whatever Jewish and white race traitor politicians I encounter in a spree of violence which will put to rest at least a small part of Jewish tyranny.
    I, out of prudence and regard for legal gun owners not wanting to enable the conspiracy to create more gun control or restriction legislation to justify the dispossession of firearms form the populace and thereby render them defenseless against the non-white hordes they are bringing in and aiming in their mosques and Chinatown enclaves. Hence I will go onto the streets and obtain illegal higher powered firearms to more effectively strike out the control system without implicating my own people. I will also eliminate all paraphernalia relating to white nationalism and in place obtain communist and Marxist paraphernalia even going so far as to tattoo the hated communist hammer and sickle on my body prior to the strike as a means of deflecting any possible attention towards the white nationalist community. I will also fill my apartment to as great an extent as my meager means allows with degenerate material to deflect attention away from me: photo-shopped images of myself with non-white males and women in orgies and as friends; BDSM gear and porn; marijuana and alcohol as well as books by Aleister Crowley and the Communist Manifesto. This should serve as a red herring to cover my tracks.
    I will also obtain knives and non-descript functional clothing that will enable me to manoeuvre in my hit. Monitoring of the target site the law courts and city call both physically from a distance in disguise and via the internet to obtain maps of entry and exit points will also be undergone. I will download Anders Breiviks Manifesto from the net which plans out a similar strike only in much greater detail, read this blueprint of his and relate it to my particular situation. The Turner Diaries and Hunter novels available in audiobook format from the net will also be listened to a couple of times each with notes being made as the preparation and execution of the events spoken of therein relate to my current situation. I will foresee any contingencies occurring and attempt to avoid potential glitches in my plans which will be made plastic so as to accommodate circumstantial changes. Upon the day of the execution I will take ephedrine Hcl or caffeine to heighten awareness and motor responses in the carrying out of the hit careful to have experimented with them several weeks in advance on a trial run dress rehearsal careful to do so outside of the eyes and area of the actual target site, mentally creating the event in my mind.
    I underwent my dress rehearsal today. I was getting hyper-tense and overwhelmed with a euphoric anxiety, sympathetic nervous system going into hyper-drive as when I was ripped from the womb of my mother by the metal forceps the Jewish doctor wielded. Now I am in the grip of another pair of forceps either to end my life in a blaze of glory, whatever glory may be had from such an event or to find another path and continue to live, to use my remaining funds to leave this place and find a more peaceful environment in the country where I might finally begin a life of some degree of meaning and fulfillment but how? I dont want to end my life as I believe I have much to give to my own kind though given their corruption I have no means to have any connections or friends of any sort. Nevertheless it is posterity I fight for the question is whether I should live to fight another day given that I have no means at my avail to fulfill any purpose let alone surviving myself. This decision plagues me and no conclusion can be arrived at. I walk the streets into the night still in a state of hyper-alertness that caffeine tablet not having worn off yet. I think of those images of white picket fences in the countryside where people are enabled to have freedom amongst their own white people and a decent healthy life an compare it to the nightmare of multi-racial demon-ocracy that has been imposed upon the whites in this prison society that represents itself as a joyous world of love, peace, humanity, etc. but is in reality a cover for Jewish supremacism and white genocide. Should I end my life in this belly of the beast and strike however feeble a blow I may, hopefully awakening others to the fact that the control system is not unreachable, invulnerable? But perhaps the message would be confused by the communist angle and send the wrong message? Perhaps the leftists would like this thinking that their mystical fascist capitalist white supremacist state is being dismantled? Perhaps the people I am trying to reach would turn against the leftists towards a more hard right direction? Perhaps the control system would use my act as a means of increasing totalitarian measures through building up the police state? Perhaps this would be a good thing? Perhaps I should just get a bust ticket and leave the city forever to find a paradise in the country? Perhaps such a paradise exists? Perhaps it doesnt? I might be able to start a life elsewhere and live in a Norman Rockwell painting ignoring the reality around me though I could attempt to raise awareness outside of this prison of unreachable fools. I pass out from exhaustion and dream about a dark future.


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