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Any Confederacy alternate history novels?

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  • alabamian93
    • Oct 2019
    • 32

    Any Confederacy alternate history novels?

    Do you know of any Confederacy alternate history books in which the ending resulted in the emigration/deportation of blacks(ending slavery), Confederacy survives as a independent country as a white nationalist country that lived happily ever after?.

    The 2001-2007 ,"American Empire" books by Harry Turtledove sucks because it's anti-white and the last book resulted in the Union defeating the Confederates.
    The Great War: American Front - Wikipedia

    I just find it interesting to see what could have happened if the Confederates won the Civil War.

    Like this video all the way up to 9:00 before it turns SJW.

    (I think that segregation is not slavery and segregation/apartheid is not horrific)

  • Nikola Bijeliti
    ***: Male
    • Mar 2019
    • 105

    Look Away by Billy Roper is an excellent alternate history of the War Between the States. In the novel, the CSA wins, and Negroes are expelled. A part that I found interesting is that the CSA captures Washington, DC, Lincoln evacuates, and New York City becomes the capital of the USA once again.
    All these ideas, which have nothing to do with cold logic as such, but represent only pure expressions of feeling, ethical conceptions, etc., are chained to the existence of men, to whose intellectual imagination and creative power they owe their existence. Precisely in this case the preservation of these definite races and men is the precondition for the existence of these ideas. --Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Chapter XI: Nation and Race


    • Rev.Cambeul
      Chief Administrator & Web Designer
      • Jul 2013
      • 511

      You don't like the alternative War versions by Turtledove - and who could blame you?
      Even his alien invasion by talking lizards from another planet series finds a way to be anti-White, pro-Jewish and pro-Black.

      Have you tried his first one of that type that is unrelated to the above? Guns of the South?

      South Afrikaners build a time machine and give AK's to Lee's troops and supply him, or President Davis, with drugs to prevent a heart attack and early death. I haven't read it in decades, but it's good for the most part, although it's still anti-White towards the end. ... On the other hand, I may hate it from page one if I read it today. If I'm right about the two-thirds being OK, then read that and throw the book away once the South has won. Treat the rest as an expected and needless anti-White denouement.

      Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.E., C.A.
      Box 420 Oaklands Park, SA 5046 Australia


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