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Have the Elite chosen Mexico to replace America? -Jim Stone

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  • John Ferguson
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    • May 2013
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    Have the Elite chosen Mexico to replace America? -Jim Stone

    Jim Stone, 6/24/2013

    Mexico is on itīs way up. The Peso is buying more and more, and Mexicans at the same time are receiving more and more pesos. Standard of living in Mexico is now approaching par with the U.S., and on top of that the Mexicans do not have a giant government gorilla on their backs. The key indicator which shows that Mexico may have been selected by the elite to replace America is in the fact that prices on durable goods are dropping, which means the powerful people who purchase those goods for resale know that in the future, it will take fewer pesos to buy those products. This can mean only one thing - there is a long term plan to bring Mexico up.

    Everyone in America with any sense knows that the crash is imminent and that outside of the very useful war machine, the "elite" hate America. They hate America because at one time it dared to have and enforce real freedom. They hate America because it had its roots in Christianity. And most of all, they absolutely hate the fact that Americans have refused to disarm and show every intention of fighting tyranny. In their book, America has GOT TO go.

    I donīt think Americans realize how bad they have it. Every aspect of American government appears to be destructive, from the building codes, which force the use of second and third rate materials to be assembled to first world standards, only to be so poor in overall quality that homes fall apart quickly, to the divorce courts which rape and evicerate the men, to the tax codes which make life a living hell for any business owner, you name it, if it can provide life to the country it is under attack and there has GOT TO be a reason.

    Forget the American hype, Mexicans have it a whole lot better

    In Mexico, ALL homes, even the old ones, are concrete brick and rebar, and the Mexican people are allowed to build them in ways that make them virtual fortresses no government could penetrate absent heavy weaponry. The finish work is not usually as nice as in America, but the homes are built to last forever without maintenance and are absolutely secure and THAT is how a free society lives. Once the home is built, it costs you ZERO forever because the materials do not degrade with time and they really will keep the bad guys out.

    Many people have seen the images of Pedro with his donkey, or tin shacks on a hillside, but reality in Mexico plays out differently. Mexico is in fact rapidly becoming a first world country, and even the old construction is built to a far higher durability standard than anything that would ever be permitted in America. Americans are forced to build easily penetrable homes to allow police invasion in the name of "fire codes" all the while they forget that if they were allowed to build their homes properly, fire would never be an issue - proper construction cannot be burned to the ground and Mexicans cannot relate to the thought of that ever happening..

    Unlike what you have been told, Mexico has virtually zero crime

    When I got down to Mexico, I was paranoid, and thought I would be robbed at every turn. But in reality, Mexico has a far lower crime rate than America. Since being in Mexico, I have seen a lot of the large cities, and have NEVER seen an ounce of crime anywhere. There is no fear factor here, where you are afraid to go out at night. Though there are many places in America that are still safe, what Mexico seems to lack is the areas where it is too dangerous to enter. There are plenty of locations in America that are completely unsafe to enter, and perhaps they exist in Mexico as well but quite frankly I have not seen it. From my perspective, I have had plenty of hair raising experiences in medium sized city America, and zero in big city Mexico. The bottom line is that if you think Mexico is a crime ridden hell hole, you have a lot to learn.

    Mexico has a compliant population that is easy to control

    And THAT is the big reason why the elite have chosen Mexico to replace America. The people are relatively hard working, fairly intelligent, and educated well enough to do the job. And most of all, the Mexican people pretty much do as they are told. Granted, the government here is not a giant monkey on everyoneīs backs so there is a whole lot less of a reason for push back, but in addition to this, Mexicans are pretty easy going when it comes to compliance. They forfeited their guns without a second thought.

    The Mexican peso is stable, and buying more

    The most obvious indicator that shows Mexico may be selected by the elite to replace America is the explosion in living standards. Unlike the so-called banana republics, the Mexican peso has remained stable and is buying more. Prices seem to be dropping here. More and more people are becoming able to buy cars, many people have big screens, and when it comes to the basics such as blenders and microwaves, even the poorest Mexicans have everything. There is no talk about economic recession, it is all about improvement and building things new. Some of the new sections of the cities are simply amazing to see.

    The disadvantaged are not destroyed in Mexico

    In America, if for one reason or another you end up in the streets, you are pretty much finished. In Mexico, if for any reason you lose everything, you can set up temporary shelter that is secure enough to put a lock on and you will be left alone. Try doing that in America. What a laugh. American streets are absolutely filled with destitute people who have been destroyed. It may be true that a fair number of those are crack heads, but there are many more that are ordinary people who lost it all, and once they do, the police will NEVER leave them alone, they will be hunted and hounded and if they even THINK about putting up temporary shelter that can be secured, itīs jail time. This makes it very difficult for the most productive people to re-enter society in a productive role, especially if they are white and male, which the state will provide zero help to

    Pemex provides most of the national funding

    In Mexico there is a 30 percent VAT on luxury items, and a 15 percent flat tax on all income over $15,000 USD a year. And that is pretty much it. The rest comes from state owned enterprises such as PEMEX, which pumps the oil out of the ground for virtually free, and then charges American prices for gas. This excess money then goes into the state system, which provides medical care and even better - subsidizes residential electrical and water bills almost entirely. In Mexico your utility bill will say something like "Cost of production - $110, subsidy $85, you pay $25. And that subsidy money comes from PEMEX. So in Mexico, natural resources are used to benefit the people, and it makes life possible for the very poor because critical services are virtually free. Interesting it is that when Mexico refused to sell Pemex to the Rothchilds a few months ago, the Pemex headquarters got bombed by "terrorists". But the government here did not roll over.

    Mexico has as many police as America, but in Mexico they leave you alone

    Despite having no criminal record whatsoever, I hated the police in America. I hated them because they often make life hell for perfectly law abiding people. In America, you have to worry about the police constantly while driving, even when trying to be good. You have to worry about the tax man coming to rob you, the city enforcement finding something wrong on your property, the state taking your children, or if your vehicle is going to pass an arbitrary test to be allowed registration. There are so many things you can be bothered for in America that it is pointless to try to say them all, and any one of them could equal the end of life as you knew it. That is not the case in Mexico.

    In mexico, the police look fearsome yet do nothing to harass the public. You cannot call the Mexican police, accuse someone of something, and have them haul anyone off without hard physical proof there is a reason. In America, the police will grab anyone and say "you will get your day in court". But a day in court is not good enough when in America, failure to pay a bill can result in losing everything, many people in America bite the dust over B.S. jailings with roots in nothing simply because going to jail equals loss of job, even if the jailing is only for a few days, and if you end up in jail for a week or more you can FORGET IT. In that case, a "right to a speedy trial" is absolutely meaningless. False accusation in America can lead to catastrophe very easily, and that is NOT how a free society functions.

    The bottom line is that it really looks like in America the government is actively seeking to destroy the people. With our journalists getting murderd, the NSA stealing all personal secrets which are no doubt sold to the highest bidder if they have any value, with the ridiculous productivity destroying regulations that really do nothing but destroy and countless other things, such as denying Americans the right to buy a 60 plus MPG non hybrid car the size of a Cadillac, Delta 88 or Taurus for no reason at all other than to screw the American public with ridiculous fuel bills, it is obvious that America is scheduled to be smashed and when it is, Mexico will be going no where but UP.

    Mexicans may want to come to America to get a higher cash flow, but the bottom line is that in Mexico things are so much cheaper simply because the government has not corrupted everything that it takes a whole lot less to get by. And with a GDP per capita over $15,000 U.S. dollars a year in Mexico now, the far lower cost of living means that if there are any differences in living standards remaining between America and Mexico, that line is getting pretty blurry and will soon vanish. Mexico is on the way up, and will soon kick America in the behind. If you are in America, that border fence is NOT for Mexicans, it is for YOU and unlike what you have been told, you CANNOT GET ACROSS IT.

    As good a place as Mexico is becoming, itīs amazing the American press says Mexico is bad, or is it?

    Iīd say it is not amazing at all. If you were a first rate tyranny that wanted to keep a willfully captive population, the first thing you would do is try to convince people that where they are is the best place on earth and other freer nations are hell holes. In America, you hear all about the oppressive regime in Iran, the beheadings and kidnappings in Mexico, the horrible conditions in China, and many other so-called "atrocities" in other nations, but the reality is itīs all a bag of lies, America is by far the most oppressive nation on earth, with the most executions, the most prison laborers, the most people in jail, and not only per capita, it is the highest number PERIOD.

    So regardless of what you hear about a prison sweat shop in China, America tops it easily, all the while America steals everything you thought was private, including your inventions and creative works via the NSA. Think you have it good in America? THINK AGAIN, the future is NOT for you and any tyrannical regime, as America has now become, will do what it takes to hide that reality at any expense. And while the American propaganda whips the American people into a self aggrandized nationalistic fantasy, Mexico will happily claim Americaīs place at the front of the line.
  • Fred O'Malley
    • Apr 2013
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    In case you haven't noticed, for the past 45 years, the US economy has been brought to heel, so as to compare with the rest of the world. This has not been "fate" or "an accident" it has been systematic marxism in full swing.

    45 years ago, America was the unchallenged economic powerhouse of the world.
    Government is a DISEASE - FREEDOM is the CURE
    Integrity is doing the right thing when no one else is watching.
    “Men fear thought as they fear nothing else on earth — more than ruin, more even than death. Thought is subversive and revolutionary, destructive and terrible, thought is merciless to privilege, established institutions, and comfortable habits; thought is anarchic and lawless, indifferent to authority, careless of the well-tried wisdom of the ages. Thought looks into the pit of hell and is not afraid … Thought is great and swift and free, the light of the world, and the chief glory of man.”Bertrand Russell, Why Men Fight


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