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Bin Laden's Death

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  • Clinton Adolph Seeber
    Senior Member
    • Jun 2013
    • 690

    Bin Laden's Death

    On May 2nd 2011 in the Pakistani city of
    Abbottabad Osama Bin Laden died. The
    story that was officially released by The
    Obama Administration is that he was shot
    dead in a mission conducted by American
    navy seals, and that, after facial
    recognition techniques were used to
    establish his identity, the body of Osama
    Bin Laden was given a burial at sea, in
    accordance with American understanding of
    Islamic rites.
    Of course, already there are those who are
    saying that this is a big hoax. Some people
    believe that Osama Bin Laden has been
    dead for many years. The range and the
    longevity of the conspiracies that will arise
    covering the events of May 2nd 2011 can
    only be stopped one way. That way is for
    The American Government to be as
    absolutely truthful as it is possible to be,
    (something unlikely); and for them to
    release the photographs that were taken of
    the dead Bin Laden.
    This latter is something that will never
    happen, and not for the reasons given out
    by Barack Obama. If you want to find out
    the real reason why the photos must be
    kept hidden, and the truth of what really
    happened in Abbottabad that night read on.
    The truth is definitely stranger than fiction
    in the story of the death of Osama Bin
    To establish the reality of what happened
    that night, I have first to remind you that I
    am The President of The Ancient Society of
    Secret Historians, and that my knowledge
    of the secrets of the statesmen/women
    knows no bounds.
    I then need to draw your attention to a
    Hub I published in August of last year, in
    which I stated that Bin Laden was living in
    a town in Pakistan; and my account then of
    the assassination attempt that was made
    on him in 2002.
    Page Not Found
    Because of certain failings in intelligence,
    this operation was aborted. But it was
    decided to try again in 2011.
    The leader of the mission to eliminate Bin
    Laden this year was the same intrepid hero
    who was involved in 2002. I speak, of
    course, of The Cheshire Cat.
    The Cheshire Cat has given great service to
    The United States over a period of many
    years. He is a shape shifting alien, who was
    originally captured in the bedroom of the
    late Director of The FBI, J Edgar Hoover. He
    is currently resident in a rather plush
    prison in Area 51 in Nevada. He has given
    his parole to the US government, and will
    not try to escape as long as his many
    kittens are looked after by the state.
    As well as the earlier attempt on the life of
    Osama Bin Laden, he has given other
    services to America. He almost succeeded in
    killing Fidel Castro during the nineteen
    sixties, and he also succeeded in
    assassinating Lenin in the nineteen
    He is also the maternal grandfather of the
    current President of The United States,
    Barack Obama.
    For details of his interesting life read.
    Page Not Found
    More information about the mystery of the secret of Area 51. Curious facts from history | HubPages
    Page Not Found
    The cat who set out to kill Osama Bin
    See all
    The killing of Osama Bin Laden, and what
    went wrong.
    Much of what you have been told about
    what happened the night Bin Laden met his
    end is not true. The fact that the
    government had to change the story is
    enough to raise suspicions. Something so
    unexpected did happen that all
    arrangements were thrown into chaos, and
    it is only due to some quick thinking on the
    part of The Cheshire Cat, that great
    embarrassment wasn’t caused to the
    Obama administration.
    What you were told about a raid by navy
    seals is only partially correct. When they
    told you that Osama Bin Laden got shot
    dead, you were being lied to. He was
    actually killed by cyanide poisoning. It was
    administered by The Cheshire Cat.
    There was a raid on the compound by the
    navy seals. They were not there, however,
    either to kill or capture Osama.
    They were only there to clear the way for
    the entrance of The Cheshire Cat. They
    were further directed to search the
    compound for any useful intelligence. But
    that was only after the brave feline had
    done the dirty deed.
    Everything went really smoothly at first.
    The crash landing of one of the helicopters
    was a slight hitch. The navy seals engaged
    in a diversionary gunfight with Bin Laden's
    courier, who lived in a small guesthouse
    close to the main house. The courier and
    his wife got killed.
    This gave a chance for The Cheshire Cat to
    sneak upstairs in the main house to where
    Osama Bin Laden was watching
    an old "St Trinians" movie on a battered
    television set.
    The truth is in here
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  • Clinton Adolph Seeber
    Senior Member
    • Jun 2013
    • 690

    Yeah, it's a joke, but it's damn funny!


    • John52
      Senior Member
      • May 2013
      • 567

      'The Daily Funnies" would be the section to post jokes.

      The Daily Funnies - White Nations Forum


      • Gargoyle
        Angel Of Doom
        • Aug 2014
        • 573

        Re: Bin Laden's Death

        Bin Landen's actor did a great job performing in the clip.
        There is no doubt in my mind that Bin Landed was a fictional creation from the Jews in our government wanting to start a new war in the middle east.


        • HeadHunter23
          88/23 C.A.
          • Nov 2014
          • 2504

          Re: Bin Laden's Death

          Bin ladens living the high life in london with the rest of the dirty filthy rich arabs.
          23 Words
          What is good for the White Race is of the Highest Virtue;
          What is bad for the White Race is the Ultimate Sin.


          • HeadHunter23
            88/23 C.A.
            • Nov 2014
            • 2504

            Re: Bin Laden's Death

            video link below is GRAPHIC!

            El Estado Islámico difundió la decapitación de 21 rehenes egipcios en Libia - Infobae
            Last edited by HeadHunter23; 02-15-2015, 20:37. Reason: added video
            23 Words
            What is good for the White Race is of the Highest Virtue;
            What is bad for the White Race is the Ultimate Sin.


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