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The Iron Tablet of Odin

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    The Iron Tablet of Odin

    "The IRON Tablet of WOTAN-
    the book of White/Right Life": TOPICAL INDEX
    White Survival Equation
    Essential intro to The Luciferian Conspiracy
    Jews-Who Are They?
    Anti-Racism=Jewish Propaganda
    Real Christianity[?]
    Strategy 1: Spiritual
    Strategy 2: Propaganda/Activist
    Morning Routine
    A Declaration of Independance from Jewish Tyranny
    Expansions Routine
    Strategy 3: Sexual
    Traditionalist Philosophy: Doctrinal Synopsis
    Strategy 4: Financial
    4 Enemy Ideologies
    Strategy 5: Social
    Racial/ Sexual and typology table
    Strategy 6: Topological
    Poem: "When WE must live THEY must die"
    the IRON TABLET OF WOTAN:the book of white/right life "All Life is struggle"-Peace is Death
    "Nature and nature's laws are the work of the creator. Therefore nature's laws are God's laws and the*first and highest law of nature is the preservation of one's own kind."
    -David Lane see other LOKI documents for amplification; be read chronologically; for symbols=see[KEY]ff. "Delenda Est Judaica"[Judaism must be destroyed]-Judaism is a HATE crime--RAHOWA- ‘racial holy war’ upon the jewish money power & their witless slaves('Shabbez Goyim')
    WHITE SURVIVAL EQUATION:A [Identify Problem] + B [Formulate/Implement Solution]A=
    no reality denial+cultural awareness+proper understanding of history+common sense+pragmatic mentality('by all means necessary')*(above)
    B= i) Racial Loyalty(in-group altruism/inclusion)+ii) Target Enemies(out-group hostility/exclusion)
    i)=educate/help others+pool resources+exclusive territory+group activities+self-development to fulfill the 14 WORDS:
    "We Must Secure the Existence of Our People and a Future for White Children"-David Lane
    ii)Prepare for RAHOWA: "Racial Holy War" and overcome the Enemy[JEWS]. Become AWARE of the
    A [Systemic Jewish White Homicide]+B [White Racial Suicide]=
    C [White Genocide]= D [Jewish Supremacism]
    J.O.G('Jewish Occupation Government')handouts to non-whites+discrimination in hiring+non-white immigration+forced assimilation+anti-white hate propaganda/falsified history
    B= I) universalist/out-group altruism(towards non-whites via Judeo-Christianity/Liberalism-both Jewish psy-ops creating internal racism, ie.'white self-hate')+ii) faggotism/femi-nut-ism(pysops created by Jews to create internal sex war and destroy the white nuclear family/decrease the birth-rate)+iii) possessive individualism/egotism(solipsism-leading to white tribal fragmentation)+iv) internationalist communism/socialism/democracy (redistribution of fruits of ancestral labour to non-whites under the guise of 'equality'-an absurdity)
    1st: Education to become aware of the problem(see below and reference sections)....
    ESSENTIAL the JEWISH CONSPIRACY [Jews;Masons;Judeo-Christians;Liberals,etc].
    ---> wake-up: "88 Precepts"(solution to the conspiracy); "White Genocide Manifesto"(proof), David Lane; "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion"(more proof);"Judaism Discovered", Michael Hoffman 2nd; "The Talmud Unmasked", reverend I.B.Pranaitis(both being analyses of Jewry's religion); "The New Babylon: Those Who Reign Supreme – Inside the Rothschild Empire",Michael Collins Piper ; "Synagogue of Satan", Andrew Carrington Hitchcock (both being historical overviews of the conspiracy and proof it derives from the Babylonian Talmud);"What the Talmud Teaches", daat emet; "Jewish Ritual Murder - A Historical Investigation",Dr. Hellmut Schramm; "The International Jew - The World’s Foremost Problem", Henry Ford; all Creativity Movement books; "1,001 quotes by and about the Jews", Willie Martin;"The Morgenthau Plan:1944-1945", David Irving --->In the Jews' own words: "The Jewish Utopia",Rabbi Michael Higger('32); Maurice Samuel, "You Gentiles" ('24); Samuel Roth, "Jews Must Live"('34); Max Dimont, "The Indestructible Jews"('71); --->Racial Integration='Diversity'=code word for 'white genocide'via racial miscegenation (plans formulated by Jews/Zionists before non-white immigration to all white nations): Israel Zangwill, "The Melting Pot"(play about 'integration'-1910); Richard Coudenhove von Kalergi('Kalergi's plan for white genocide)"Practical Idealism"(1925); Israel Cohen, "A Racial Program for he Twentieth Century", 1912., in the Congressional Record, Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957 ;"Germany Must Perish!", Theodore N Kaufman; Harold Rosenthal, "The Hidden Tyranny"
    Jews' 'Religious' documents: Kitzur Shulchan Aruch(condensed babylonian Talmud)
    Revisionist/real history:"Communism by the Backdoor"; "Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told",(Dennis Wise); "Under the Sign of the Scorpion"(Masonic jewish connection)Yuri Lina;"Hellstorm"(Dresden fire bombing), Tom Goodrich;
    holyhoax refutation: "Dr.Death"(Fred Leuchter),‘holocaust examination’, Dr.Frederick Toben;Ernst Zundel documentaries, eg."genocide by propaganda"
    WW2 era:"Occult Forces"(jews & Masonry);"Jew Suss"(Jewish Social Influence);"The Eternal Jew"(documentary footage of Jews);"Triumph of the Will"
    audio files: see youtube; blogtalk radio; talkshoe radio (keywords: talmud; white nationalism; anti-white; white genocide; jewish supremacism,cultural marxism, etc.)
    BOOKS: (racialism; historical revisionism; politics; bio-anthropology; esoterica etc.) sources: (free pdf doc.s): (printed material): (historical revisionism, a.k.a real history) (esoteric; bioanthropology[race];history) reich original documents reprinted)
    ----------WHO ARE THEY?
    JEWS are a RACE(a matrilineal inbred ethnicity) ;JEWS are a RELIGION (based on RACIAL SUPREMACISM); JEWS FUNCTION as a RACE (they self-organize around the concept of `chosen people`);
    JEWS are ALL of the above ...and below (traits):
    HEAD: hair: widow's peak hairline; often dark, curly(could be any colour); often receding or bald[ing]; sparse ears: attached earlobes; low set ears; often protruding; 'rat/rodent-like'; larger, especially upper ear chin: weak; receding; low/slanting jaw: heavy; broad cheekbones/maxillae forehead: narrow; receding(acute angle when viewed in profile); abnormally low skull: brachycephalic eyebrows: arched; bushy eyes: almond/asiatic/'squinty' shaped nose: convex; 'hooked'; noticeable 'hump' in top portion; resembles a '6' in profile view; long and narrow; ancient 'Hittite'-style nose not 'semitic' face: long; thin; 'pinched'(narrow) eyes: 'lizard-like'; thick/fleshy eyelids; 'sleepy'; laterally drooping; 'pop' eyes(protruding laterally) eyelids(lower):'puffy' skull: occiput(back of head): flattened/high mouth: gaping; frog(slim/wide/pronounced); mouth opening larger than normal skin tone: 'corpse-like'; pasty; sallow; yellow
    BODY: torso: elongated; 'reptilian' limbs: short relative to torso length
    PSYCHO-SOCIAL BEHAVIORAL TRAITS: gaze: wary/piercing voice: high-pitched; often nasal; sometimes husky gait: shifty/uncertain; flighty gestures: moves hands when talking speech/tone: jabbering; nervous; aggressive; whiney odour: unpleasant; sweetish vibrations: 'dark'; negative; vampiric psychology: psychopathy; mendacity; surreptitious; obsessive-compulsive; neurotic
    SOURCES: "How to recognize & Identify a Jew", John Doe Goy "The Racial Biology of the JEW", Baron Otmar von Vershuer, M.D `Race`, Dr.John.R.Baker(`74) `On the Physical Characteristics of the Jews`, John Beddoe Transactions of the Ethnological Society of London ,Vol. 1 (1861), pp. 222-237 "The Biological Jew", Eustace Mullins
    "ANTI-RACISM=JEWISH propaganda"
    "POWER and JUSTICE are synonyms"
    "MIGHT is incarnated RIGHT and RIGHTs are metamorphosed MIGHTs"
    LIBTARD-O-LOGY / LIBTARD-ISM (the religion of libtards, aka. 'liberals'...descendants of the christ-tards, a.k.a Judeo-Christians)
    biological kin-group relations race-mixing/'race-less'ism'
    gender/sex normality(biological basis) gender electivity
    natural biological differences egalitarianism
    objectivitysubjectivity: "perception; 'truth'(lower case)
    "fact/actuality established through belief; opinion; distorted
    reason/intuition/lucid perceptionperception
    egotism egotism(boundless/hedonism/passion) (will power under self-control)
    reason/logicemotion law/order(logos)lawlessness/chaos
    inhibition(even normal sexual expression)exhibitionism
    self-discipline(‘greater jihad’)other discipline/punishment(‘lesser jihad’)
    healthy expression of instinctspolyamory/sodomy/BDSM
    (eg.breeding/eugenics/nuclear family)
    supermundane mundane
    autonomyexternal authority
    tenets: -"the
    sanctification of miscegenation"(eg. Ethnocide/ethnosuicide)
    -sexual liberation/pornographic sexualization
    -rejection of 'monochrome' society
    -suspicion of/hostility towards white natality
    -barbarisation=adoption of "the behaviour, the gestures, and the talk of foreigners"(eg. ebonics; wigger culture)
    -devirilization="the loss of qualities proper to virility: "physical courage; individual & collective pride; a sense of protecting women"
    "Liberal Religion=secularized Judeo-Christianity/Christ-Insanity"=Luciferianism=Judaism for Gentiles/non-Jews
    Holy Trinity:"pleasure principle'= 'Mother Mary'/'Holy Ghost' White Liberal = 'Jesus', the saviour 'Mother Gaia=Jehovah/God'
    white liberal= tru believing Saviours of 'Humanitas,' the colored mass from the turd world
    borrowings: "turn the other cheek"<--->non-violence/non-aggression principle
    "all men are brothers"/"love thy neighbour as thyself"<--->"we are all one"
    xenophilia="the immoderate & systematic love of the foreigner or the 'Other'"
    ethnomasochism= "a hatred & shame of [self /own kin group] which gives...some sort of neurotic pleasure"*
    verdict: liberalism=libtard-o-logy=secularized Christianity
    Liberalism’s objective/ultima ratio: totalitarian globalism under the jew-controlled U.N; stifling all real individual liberty and creating an entropic control system leading to ‘peace’, eg. Stagnation and death; therefore peace=death [no life exists in a closed(control) system] as "all life[/vitality] is struggle"
    References: Guillaume Faye "Sex and Deviance"*; O.T Gunnarrson "Hear the Cradle Song"
    Libtard-ism/ Libtard-o-logy is the JEWISH PSYOP/Mind Control program for the lemming dumb[m]-asses; eg.communist party members and devolved race-mixed proletarians ref; "Protocols of the Elders of Zion"; Kalergi plan
    AWAKE to the reality of this world historical epoch! DELENDA EST JUDAICA!"
    Christian Identity, a.k.a ‘Identity’ or ‘the Identity message’= Real Christianity[?]
    (HBW=hebrew-spoken language of the ancient Adamic Egyptians); bio-spiritual [race}self-proclaimed ‘jews’ of today=biblical Edomites who derive from Esau & Cain, whose destiny is to be destroyed according to scripture(
    Obadiah 17-20); Hereafter referred to as Esau or the father of the Edomites’/’Edom’(where this biospiritual tribe existed during Christ’s time): Genesis 36:1 "Esau which is Edom"
    The Jewish Encyclopedia states: "Edom[ESAU] is in modern Jewry."-therefore Jews are a mixed race therefore not Israelites who are "perfect in [their] generations", genesis 6:9
    Adamic Man’;Adam’: (from HBW ‘Adom: to show blood in the face; to blush; to be ‘red’; [to be of] ruddy [complexion]-characteristics of the improperly called ‘white’/Adamic man people of Adam; children of Yahweh God, descendant of Noah via Jacob the man otherwise known as ‘Israel’; heretofore ‘Adam’ or ‘Adamic people’; ‘Israel’; ‘Israelite(s)’(Israel in HWB: Ish-Ra-El "ruling with God", the name Yahweh conferred upon Jacob and his seedline the Israelites ISRAEL=’God is with us’/’ruling with God’; To be an ‘Israelite’/[of] Israel: 1) be an Adamite who 2) is a believer,ie. Who adheres to the laws of God and "...studies to show [him]self approved"2:Timothy 2:15 KJV;. Biblically Israel is not a nation state(the state of Israel, ‘Its-a-Lie’;’Its-a-Real-Hell’, etc.) but the ancestor of a group of 12 tribes who are the Real Israelites of the Bible correspondent with the following contemporary bio-spiritual[racial] nation states that are now in Bondage to Esau and his Babylonian Beast system(aka the Luciferian UN global government/central banking system): 1-Judah(Germany)-the true Jews; 2-Ephraim(British Commonwealth);3-Manasseh(USA); 4-Dan(Denmark); 5-Isachaar(Finland);6-Gad(Italy); 7-Simeon(Spain); 8-Zebulun(France); 9-Naphtali(Norway); 10-Asher(Sweden); 11-Reuben(Holland); 12-Benjamin(Iceland) Deuteronomy 7:6:"for thou art an holy people unto Yahweh thy God...above all people that are upon the face of the earth"-Isrealites exists in eternity (by virtue of his potential WOTAN/KRISNA/CHRIST conciousness) Enowsh’: pre-Adamic bipedal mammals; existing on earth 1.7+millions B.C; no bio-spiritual[racial] relationship to Adam except as subordinates, a.k.a , mud people; skraelings( in old norse); non-whites-part of Yahweh's creation not of Yahweh himself - enowsh exists in illusion /maya (by virtue of his beast conciousness)Judaism’: is not the Old Testament(Pentateuch) religion but gnostic luciferian syncretism based on the Babylonian Talmud; the Anti-Christ religion which advocates supremacy of Esau(the Edomites/Jews) over the earth & genocide of all who are of no use as slaves
    "The Esau-Edomite nation ["Idumea"] ceased to exist as a separate nation at this point in history. And yet the Bible is clear that Edom[jews] would be the enemy of Israel[whites] in the latter days. How could these prophecies be fulfilled, if there are no Edomites left in the world? There is only one nation in the world that can prove ancestral ties with Edom, and the Jews themselves claim that dubious distinction. The Jews have thus adopted the materialistic and anti-Christ attitude that characterized the father of the Edomites, Esau.The children of the promise are of the righteous line extending from Adam through Isaac and Jacob, while the children of the flesh are those of the Satanic line who trace their ancestry from Cain." -Willie Martin "Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated." -Romans 9:13Obadiah 17-20 17  But upon mount Zion shall be deliverance, and there shall be holiness; and the house of Jacob shall possess their possessions. 18  And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for stubble, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them; and there shall not be any remaining of the house of Esau; for YAHWEH hath spoken it.2 Esdras 6:9 "Esau is the END OF THE WORLD and Jacob is the BEGINNING of it that followeth"[compare with the Edda and Lif and Lifthrasir post Ragnarok- the eternal return; time as cyclical] Antidote to [false] Christianity: (see references section at end of document): Julius Evola("Ride the Tiger"; "Revolt against the modern world", etc.); Nietzsche("Beyond Good and Evil"; "The Antichrist", etc.); Ragnar Redbeard, "Might is Right"; David Lane, "Wotansvolk"; A.Rud.Mills, "Odinism"; Creativity Movement books("Nature’s Eternal Religion", etc.); "Cosmotheism", W.L.Pierce
    cultivate--->WOTAN/Krishna/Christ CONCIOUSNESS
    no 'LOVE'---> just 'LAW(SURVIVAL/the LIFE PRINCIPLE) (will to power//karma/dharma-cause and effect)

    Ride the Tiger
    (suffering/endurance)/Theurgy(godhood)/Kaivalya(autonomy)-- not
    Ahimsa(absorption in 'God')

    "self-discipline is a mark of a higher man"(Lane) MOTIVE
    14 WORDS: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children"
    creativity: a) creedo: the "survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race"
    b) golden rule: "what is good for the White Race is the highest virtue; what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin" MEANS:
    a) "love and hate are two sides of the same coin"(hate enemies=militant activism)
    b) a sound mind in a sound body
    (mens sana in corpere sano)
    in a sound society in a sound environment
    [living in accordance with <your White> Nature and the sum total-tribe/earth/cosmos]
    sound mind:
    no T.V[;(m)asses' media]; think/read/write/speak profoundly-concentrate->meditate->contemplate->create->repeat the cycle ad infinitum
    "thought without action is sterile"('geistes korporlich'/'spiritual corporeal' praxis/action, eg. wise thought+prudent action)
    sound body:
    exercise/rest/detox=yes; intox=no; lethargy/drudgery=no(work smarter)
    sound society
    : white nationalist government based on eugenics
    sound environment:
    ancestral living at a higher octave (‘archaefuturism’,Faye;' Radical Traditionalism', Evola, 'Blood and Soi'l, Darre)
    c) "racial loyalty is the greatest of all honors"---> friends: white racists; ariosophists; white nationalists; Identity Christians; segregationists
    d) "racial treason is the worst of all crimes"---> enemies: 'universalists' (unreachable lib-tards/christ-tards); jews; mudz
    e)eugenics: "good breeding"<--->’malgenics’(bad breeding)
    f) racial seperatism: keep away from racial aliens through avoidance behaviors/ potent threat of force when necessary
    WOTANIST Existentialism:
    ='was'[who you were]
    ='is'[who you are]
    "become who you are"-Nietzsche
    1)"creed of Iron"; "14 Words"; "88 Precepts", David Lane
    2)"2083: a European Declaration of Independance", Anders Breivik
    3)Creativity books "Little White Book";"White Man's Bible"; "Nature's Eternal Religion"
    "Revolt against the Modern World";"Ride the Tiger", Evola

    many activists have done the following acts. The writer does not necessarily condone such activity:
    -(cf.Anders Breivik category list in his manifesto* for appropriate targets): maxims:
    -all attention is good attention(P.T.Barnum) -maximum impact minimal words(slogans) -K.I.S.S(keep it simple simpleton) "the elements of sucessful propaganda are: simplicity, emotion, repetition, and brevity"- a picture says a thousand words -shock value is premium -covert ops(do it in the dark in disguise) niche marketing: ("the art of propaganda: from ivory tower to privy wall"-high brow to low brow) -target the proper demographic(match propaganda to the people group)
    Purpose: poke the masonic beehive; pull the earlocks of shylocks: ordo ab chao Forms: -cyber terra-rism: mass emails/faxes (eg.computr v*ruses to mass print leaflets from offices/crash computer networks) -mail outs(to key people; possibly with chem/biological material, eg. 'rice-in'/'bot-u-lism') -stickers/leafletting(shock/impact value image+text+references-inside newspapers/books on bright colored adhesive/normal paper) -v*n-dalism(spray pa*nting slogans or with thick permanent marker) - arse-on/b*mb(offices :liberal political; immigration; social services; city hall; private homes of enemies -ass*sin-at-ion(mass or individual targets) -destr*ct-ion of infrastructure(power plants/grids; strategic economic targets) ;audience: quality over quantity(key people receptive to the message: enemies: those who must be treat-n'd/fram'd/expos'd/d*stroy'd in reputation or... friends: those who must be alerted to facts)* place: (leaflets/posters/stickers/paint) affluent white collar neighbourhoods(most influence; housing developments(notoriety)-usually unfriendly(eg. "kill whitey"; "white devil"graffiti); blue collar white worker areas-usually friendly (eg. "Jewish white genocide"leaflets; anti-immigration data, etc.)washrooms; elevators(inside doors) ;bumper of cars;stop/other signs (busiest/high publicity times in concealed areas vice versa unconcealed areas are best-guaranteed privacy; all low security facilities-markers/stickers to website sources/QR codes/memes); newspaper boxes/papers/poster boards; fine marker on money bills('debt notes') time of day/night: minimize exposure: depends on purpose; night=best if no security/police means:leaflets/flyers: drive through drops/no stops/end of driveways; /all forms:concealed areas /use nitrile/rubber gloves always assume YOU ARE ON CAMERA(surveillance); grey man strategy: disguise yourself (different times/different places/different appearance) Topics(from most to least significant): Jews(expose the #1 enemy-bankers/media/government influence
    for the potentially receptive "(quasi/anti-liberal) bourgeois white collar" office slaves/blue collars Liberals(#2nd fiddle to the jews-their useful 'shabbez goyim'-femi-nuts; mudz; fagz; manginas; race traitors; white jesus’) White Survival(immigrants//mud on white crime stats/cases expose threats-muds and the above; statistics; positive propaganda focus) slogan examples:
    WHITE NATIONALIST LEAFLETS/STICKERS/slogans---feel free to copy/paste/post use appropriate website or statistical data to give sources/proof 1)99% of the 1% is JEWISH [target: Jews] 2)PIONEERS not PARASITES! [issue: immigration]3)who are THEY?[target: Jews: draw 6-pointed star of david around]4)Abolish the EMPLOYMENT EQUITY ACT [quote stats] 5) "The Liberal Mind: The psychological consequences of political madness"Lyle.H.Rossiter, Jr., M.D(psychiatry)6)SHHH! ....No Free Speech...[issue: hate speech/censorship, etc.]7)WHITE PEOPLE=The Next Palestinians [issue: white genocide] 8)Canada's Future: South Africa [white genocide; show South African data of Boer Genocide under black rule] 9)EMPLOYMENT EQUITY ACT=WHITE HOMELESSNESS 10)WHITES=ENDANGERED SPECIES<6% world population>---SAVE THE WHITE RACE11)RAPE-FUGEES or REFUGEES?[issue:false refugee crises] 12)HOLYHOAX DENIAL is a thought crime[issue: so-called holocaust] 13)IMMIGRATION=POPULATION REPLACEMENT[issue: immigration] 14)HATE SPEECH=TRUTH THE 1% HATES 15)THE BOYS IN BLUE SERVE THE JEW16)WITH JEWS YOU LOSE
    17)AROUND BLACKS NEVER RELAX18)Anti-Semitism=anything the Jews hate 19) race-mixing=white genocide 20)Jews behind race-mixing 21) quotations from the talmud, eg. "Even the Best of the Gentiles Must be Killed" 22) Anti-Semitism= Everything the Jews don't like/ antisemites= anyone the Jews don't like
    put them inside newspapers or magazines on colored paper or sticking them on prominent locations(bus shacks; signs; elevator doors; bathroom stalls,etc.) from sticker paper.copy and paste in multiple strip format using Microsoft word ->print->cut and distribute/place/stick up. Add website references and possibly QRcodes to the leaflets to appropriate contemporary/working sources and issues.Use testor's model paint or black permanent markers in clandestine areas(eg.bathrooms/cubicles, etc.). sources: *Anders Behring Breivik, "2083 - A European Declaration of Independance" ,strategy and tactics section, pp.938ff. For ‘traitor categories’; 940-975;1000-1030;1033-1055;1168-1175(tactics);his logsequence of events)1414-1470
    MORNING V Evening(depending on convenience or schedule):~3hrs.wake:04/0500 pray:"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for WHITE children" --->tongue scrape->swish ‘u’; drink:a) ‘u’(250 ml.); b)ozonated H2O(carbon filtered well V dew water(300+ml) environsopen windows iff.~toxic);fan(s);~ion/O3(30min.plasma/15min.O3)+light meditation:7 min.meditation(near infrared light/nude/face-sun+ yoga: corpse<--->zen-pose+specific mantra/mudra)-> sanitas/kriya:cold water:submerge face/head/arms/hands;+tongue/eye-kriya#1-charge toothbrush;warm ‘u’ in jar:preps:A)food(on alternate days);’u’#1: i)neti pot 'u'(4x250ml./1 side)-> ii)rub in eyes->eye kriya-> Workout#1see workout routine for details)zaryadka(~24min.)->trampoline(~5 1/2min.)->walk/cardio(25-35min.)+star/sun/moon ray exposure+earthing;*[workout below...]-> break-fast-M-0700-0900(conditions): audio(lectures/radio//politics:T/Th;philVhealth+ epsom footbath(non bathdays)+near infrared light brain entrainment(sound/ECS):Alpha/Theta-hz.+ (eg.5.0, 7.8, etc.) magnet chair+face sun(indirect eye exposure)->eat w/L-hand/sterling silver cutlery prayer::."We must secure the existence of our people and a future for WHITE children."----> read-passage(Φ, etc.)->eucharist: (eg."matter into spirit") oral sanitas:a)'u' rinse;b)baking soda+ brushV/& tooth sticks+rinse(1+min.)+c) oil pull(1+min)-> rinse MID-DAY:~8-9hrs.:~0800-1600[alter movement/anti-emf)M2-1200-1400 (see schedule) work/study+brain entrainment(Alpha)+kneel(from bookstand eye level/face Sun):stand[barefoot on spike sandals+pinhole glasses+yoga poses(see yoga routine)]->drink(2.5hrs. Post M1):H3O+'u'(250ml.ea.)
    EVENING:~1.5-2.5hrs.1700-1930 sanitas:1)’u’#2:body massage; 2)exfoliate/wash:epsom-salt-bath(M/W/F)V(other)loofaperiphery->heart+scalp-brush+massager)+3)massage(oil/abangya:1xhand: post bath,2x+vibration machine.1x/week+coronal discharge violet-ray)->4)(M/W/F):gum-stimulator;5)reflexology 6)nea-infrared heat lamp <>last-M3-17/1800(omit ifpossible)NIGHT:~1.5-2hrs.1930-21/2200 "options"(random order): daily: meditation:specific+entrainment(theta)+indigo/violet/+AVI write(30 min.):writings draw:diagrams,propaganda,etc;music:bongo/panpipe (workings) sleep:21/2200head magnetic North+magnetic mat+crystals+emf shielding+~ion+<>vaporizer WEEKEND:kaya-kulpa/quietism/reflexion/experiment/detox(nano silver/rf sweep/other);review notes *WORKOUT ROUTINE:zaryadka(a Ukranian term derived from Nicolai Amasov): 30 reps per ea. joint in natural plane of motion from head to feet: neck->spine->scapula/shoulders->elbows->hands/hip->knee->feet; rapid pace continuous throughout all joints: 7x/week; walk: 2x30min V 1x45min.-1hr./day; 5x/week: 2on1off3on1off V 5on2off pattern; brisk handsqueezers->trampoline(5+min.)->BWR: (med./wide)pull-ups<->pushups:3x20;15;10->broomstick twists/side rotations->2x20-30->pushups<->pull-ups(alt.)->hang/side-to-side(for time)->spinal twist->neck:supine/flexion->prone/extension:1x100->side/rotations(2x20;10)-><>weightless static squats at 90° or other angle for as long as necessary YOGA routine(+read V meditate): stand: arms behind back(
    on spike sandals)<->hands over head(diamond pose)+mudras; sit/kneel: zen;folded;lying: supine: lotus(legs crossed); corpse(legs straight);prone: cat stretch(back arch)/superman Martial Arts: ad libitum
    =possibility(/'possibly');->:sequencene-direction; '&'=conjunction/'and';~=approximationVnegation('negative';'not');= necessity; <->(temporal/circumstantial)sequence:alternation;!=imperative/desired;iff:'if-and-only-if';03'='ozone';V=disjunction;pemf=pulsed electromagnetic field; subscript=reference to'expansions'doc; ECS=electro-cranial stimulation(devices);rf sweep=radio frequency sweep; PWO=post work-out; AVI=audio-visual entrainment;bwr=bodyweight-resistance(below);’u’=urine;BWO:bodyweight resistance*=emphasize;M/T/W/Th/F/Sat./Sun.=days of week; &=conjunction;M=meal/food; min.=minimum; O.E.D=Oxford English Dictionary; ‘7LS’(7 layers of security); ‘STC’(sapphire tablets of Ceres); ‘E’(equipment section of this document);’LS’(Loki Survival); ‘LHB’(Loki’s health book)
    A Declaration of Independence from Jewish Tyranny(Ben Klassen, founder of the religion 'Creativity')

    Since a penetrating study of both contemporary and Ancient history has conclusively revealed the following situation:
    1. The jewish race by choice has waged deadly, unrelenting warfare against us, the White Race, in order to destroy us.
    2. The jewish people are banded together in a various racial, religious and political conspiracy to gain control of all the money, all the economic and financial resources, all the land and territory and real estate of the world, in short, its total wealth.
    3. The jews have made it their primary goal to mongrelize, kill, decimate and otherwise destroy the White Race.
    4. The jews are determined to enslave all the races of the world, including the final mongrelized product of the White Race that they intend bringing about.
    5. The jews have in the past successfully and successively destroyed our White Racial ancestors, to name a few: the White Egyptians; the highly creative and gifted Greeks of Classical History; the great and noble Romans of ancient times.
    6. The jewish conspiracy now owns, monopolizes, and/or controls the majority of the White Man’s industry, finances, educational facilities, news media, television networks, government, religion, and monopolizes all or nearly all instruments of thought control.
    7. The White Race is now an occupied and enslaved people under the cruel heel of the jewish tyranny. Now, therefore, we CREATORS, in the name of all our White Racial Comrades throughout the world, proclaim this, our own Declaration of Independence. We hereby resolve that it is our sacred duty and holy obligation, not only to ourselves, but also to out noble ancestors that produced us, and our precious progeny who will follow us, to bring about a world situation in which we are determined:
    1. To throw off the yoke of jewish tyranny and control.
    2. To wrest control of the White Man’s destiny into the loyal and capable hands of our own people.
    3. To eternally fight for the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race.
    4. To shrink our enemies, namely the jews and the other mud races, and expand the territory, the power and the number of our own White Racial Comrades.
    5. To make it impossible for the jews and other mud races to ever again threaten the existence and well-being of the White Race. To this, our Declaration of Independence, we forever pledge our Lives, our Sacred Honor and our Religious Zeal.[LWB]

    Expansions... (of previous routine-corresponds with sequence of actions)
    [for further explanations see 'STC';’LHB’; ‘E’;’7LS’;’LS’-available upon request]
    'wake:04/0500' optimal time according to natural biorythms-’living in accordance with nature’
    'pray': select suitable prayer for time/place/situation/purpose, etc.;
    'drink': H20[structured/shungite/magnetized/distilled](500ml.)=way in which water should be prepared; structured via/magnetized(cf 'walter last') opposite polarity in opposition around circumference of vessel held via copper/metal wire; vessel placed on top in center of magnetized ferrous metal surface(eg. Frying pan/plate etc.) amidst geometrical array of N35-N52 neodymium magnets(oct/hexagonal, etc.)/shungite stones: ~ion generating stone(s) placed in vessel preferably polished pyramidal structures with giza pyramid proportions(STC)/silver: silver bullion(.999 purity) placed in water to lend nanoparticles of silver for purification(pathogen/bacteria destruction)/carbon filtered well V dew= purest form of water;tolerable quantity post waking given subsequent quantity throughout morning routine
    'environs': 'open all windows'-max.O2[detox/cellular function/vitality]; 'iff~toxic'='iff not toxic', eg. no chemicals, chemical spraying/chemtrails, insect ‘foggin’,etc.; lung cleansing/dilation time(traditional chinese medicine); 'fans'-circulate air';'~ion/O3-negative ion/plasma gas/ozone generator; run all simultaneously to destroy internal/external pathogens;negative ions neutralize positive; kills dust mites/pathogens/viruses;coronal discharge plasma gas destroys pathogens('STC');'STC'; timings for both ensure adequate effect; 'colored light'-induces certain mood states/vibrational frequencies in accordance with chromotherapy principles(see 'STC' 'color' section); green=balancing; red=stimulating
    'meditation'-'7 min[utes]=# of completion; 'face-sun'(East)-boosts energy/harmonic resonance 'corpse<->zen'-alternate corpse&zen yoga poses; corpse pose increases magnetism via folding in on oneself; 'specific mantra/mudra'-self-explanatory(season/purpose/day/time); w/ tongue pressed to roof of mouth +nostril breathing as always=pineal activation; close and cross eyes focusing on point between/just above eyes(pineal);draws out toxins/facilitates liver detox/calms&relaxes;air bath/sweat/detox/minimizes external sensation(clothing);sympathetic correspondence w/Sol
    'Sanitas'-'cold-water-hands/arms/face=wakeup/activate right hemisphere of brain/cold thermogenesis;'tongue scrape('E'&'STC')-eliminate mucous discharge & facilitate digestion through exposure of tastebuds to food for proper enzyme secretion;'tongue/eye kriya'-protrude tongue maximally while staring into colored light;kriya#1-eyes wide stare in light; kriya#2-balls of hands in eye sockets: push in<->suction(circulates lymph & blood) '/swish-u'-amaroli/shivambu; /'charge toothbrush'(if solar toothbrush)-activate titanium oxide rod in toothbrush=increase ions('E'); f)neti-u'neti pot amaroli/shivambu: purify mucous membranes via uric acid ;condition/strengthen teeth & squamous epithelium[skin] via amino acids/vitamins/minerals:fill neti pot+small cup;4x250ml. Per one side(alternate; fill eye dropper; tilt head: 'u' in;ears w/dropper in L[eft]x2<->R[ight]x2;drops in eyes->swirl eyes counter-clockwise/blink rapidly;'->' 'e' jar-fill jar w/ 'u' for 'e'(from nose via neti pot hanging head over jar); 'prep 'e'repare coffee iff 2x 'e'/day or morning 'e'(STC-'basti');'Food'-prep all foods to finish by end of morning period(;
    ;morning-best for lighter/cardiovascular exercise; iff convenient;'zaryadka'/joint mobilization(STC-for specific sequence);trampoline='lymphasizing'exercise: moves lymph fluid around vessels for detox+blood circulation/muscle electrical activation via gravitational 'g' forces of bouncing; star/sun/moon gaze/ray exposure=expose eyes/skull/skin of body to stellar/lunar/solar radiation to maximum extent(eg.nude); ; expose eyes/skin/fontanels/temples/body to rays of celestial bodies to increase vitality/harmonize self w/ surounding environment;'dress'-all jewellery/clothing/accoutrements/paraphrenalia to correspond w/sum total/purpose[dates/times/alignments-cf.(esoteric astrology; chromotherapy; gems; stones; metals; magic correspondence table(s), etc.];'0700-0900'-break-fast optimal time; ;'conditions'-conditions under which to break-fast[M1] undergone(constant); no drinking w/meals(STC); 'audio(lectures/radio//politics:T/Th.;phil./healthther)-audio to accompany M1=information/learning:'politics'-minimal b/c stressor; 'philosophy./health'-other days as greater utility; 'epsom foothbath'(STC/'E')-'non-bath days' as epsom salt bath on these days; also keep feet clean/detoxed daily(nail beds/soles,etc.);'green-light'-creates balance/harmony; improve mood; induces relaxation/inner sight;far infrared light(STC;'E');'brain entrainment'-use of desired device in Beta hz.frequency(STC);'magnet chair'-(STC/'E');'face sun(indirect eye exposure)'-solar gaze=increased prana/vitality;'prayer'-appropriate to conditions/preferences;' passage'of spiritual/philosophical work; :'eucharist'-"matter into spirit"=spiritualization of the material;
    SANITAS-alkalizes mouth;;swish for 1 min. Post; swish oil->(STC); post M30min.ideal min.) relax; keep torso upright; stomach cleansing time(TCM-at this time of day)
    approximately 8-9 hrs.('work' period by O.E.D definition);alter postures/move randomly according to purpose&general health(circulation of blood, etc.);anti-emf:minimize electromagnetic field exposure via special clothing/air exposure etc.('E';STC)
    read(technical/practical works at this time)+brain entrainment(as during M1 adjusted to proper frequency/protocols, eg.7-8hz., for periods of 15 min. on, 10 min. off;35min., etc -depending on purpose.);'+kneel'(zen pose): bookstand elevated such that proper spinal alignment maintained(neutral spine);see previous
    standing increases metabolic rate&bone mineral density via gravitational force&resistance thereto;self-discipline/control entrainment; hands/arms extended over head enable blood to flow/lymph to drain;don't drink until min. 2 hrs. post completion of meal; amaroli(STC);
    exfoliation period; alternating loofa/scalp brush/massage w/ bath+exfoliating cloth days(STC);oil massage(abangya)=i)periphery->center w/hands->ii)vib.machine highest->iii)lowest setting->wipe off(1-2x/week);stimulate gums inside and out; toe twisting; guasha stone/ruby implement(reflexology); near infrared sauna dilates blood vessels & enables off-gasing of wastes via heat and activation of parasympathetic nervous system which relaxes the body
    time dependant on hemispheric lateralization(90 min.max. activity)(left<->right brain))
    as in morning conditions; theta w/ violet/indigo light V near infrared heat lamp on viscera
    write:this doc./relata;philosophical letters;diary;draw: diagrams, blue prints,music:etc.;specific rthymns dependant on purpose;ibid.
    sleep: head directed to magnetic North(use compass to arrange bed); use magnetic mat/tress('E'); (STC for blueprints); crystals[shungite; black tourmaline=~ions; others=metaphysical properties(STC)]
    voluntary reclusion(STC);STC/;self-analysis(cheiromancy; astropsychology, etc.)/expansion/modification; detox; rf sweep; colloidal silver+other procedures
    Martial Arts: striking(eg.ninjutsu/hung gar,etc.)+ throwing(eg.hapkido/aikido,etc.)+weaponseg.knife/baton/stick fighting)<-most appropriate for real life situations
    Do not let the JEW KNOW that YOU KNOW-or even SUSPECT that YOU SUSPECT-WHO THEY ARE(ie.racial supremacist globalists[zionists] who wish to enslave all non-jews they PERMIT to live): BABYLONIAN TALMUD: "When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2800 slaves. Babylonian Talmud, section: Simeon Haddarsen, fol. 56-D
    FOOD Rulessee the book "Salubrious Living", "What to Eat and When",, reference section) macronutrient ratio:Carbohydrates(~50-60%);Protein(12-15%); Fat(25-35%) of kcal.; most nutritional density per kcal./volume;some raw(minimal cellulose/starch) some cooked(other);in season;non-GMO;vary items to prevent allergies/cover nutritional requirements;energy expenditure/caloric requirements: carbohydrates=prefered energy source; beyond comfortable volume/digestability=+meal frequency& +fats Sourcesurvival):1)hunt/fish/forage;2)garden;3)conventional(eg.local farmers;grocery stores); List: Animal Productsif necessary/ minimize)::1)eggs(free range poultry (soft boil V poach;fish eggs/roe;2)Meat(sear in pan/place in boiling water to destroy potentially harmful bacteria->grind raw in meat grinder; ie. Cook as little as possible); a)fish(small cold water fatty: sardines; sprats; mackerel; herring);b)offal(organ meat)liver(watch vitamin A toxicity); thymus;kidneys;heart c)ruminant:lamb/mutton; cow; game, etc).; );3) raw cheese(aged high milk fat(MF); preferably pasture/grass fed, no hormones, etc.);Vegetables(cook until soft to break up cellulose/dextrinize starch/facilitates digestion): 1)greens:*beet tops; *dandelions; *spinach;kale;flowers; 2)cruciferous:*broccoli;*cabbage;brussels sprouts, etc.; 4)roots: carrots;beets; squash;turnips; radishes; sweet potatoes 5)fatty:(non-essential)olive(minimize); 6)spice: turmeric;ginger; 7)herbs:*oregano; parsely;*rosemary Supplements:chelators/methylators(especially for emergencies such as radiation poisoning): *chlorella(10 gr./x powdered); edible clay(calcium montmorillonite-'terramin'; *zeolite-(1tsp./x); *activated charcoal(1tbsp./x); borax(1/8th tsp.);testosterone boosting herbsguggul;tribulus;shilajit);MSM(sulphur crystals)(1 tbsp./day max.); B12;zinc;beet powder; rosehip powder(vit.C); magnesium oxide; kelp Fruit: [boiled/soaked]dried(dates; apricots; figs); raw+fresh(mangos;bananas, etc.); citrus(lemon/lime in water;drink via glass straw/silicontube) --Starchhydrolyzed/caramelized/dextrinized=converted to sugar);~75-90 minutes@ 350 degrees@50 grams:1 cup ratio(dry grain:H20 depending on grain density);a)grass(*millet;*buckwheat;wild rice); b)roots:sweet potato;turnips c)grains[wheat(any variety);barley;rye;oats;rice(brown;black;red yeast); d)legume[red/yellow/brown split lentils/peas- smaller legumes=easier to digest;larger:turtle;navy;garbanzo=+more oligosaccharides as harder to digest] --Nuts/nut butter/’nutter’in shell; freeze to prevent rancidity)walnuts;almonds; peanuts Seedsstore as above->grind)flax; hemp; chia; sesame;pumpkin food growing:chicken coup(eggs-:>meat); ruminant animals(if access to grassland=milk&meat); dandelion gardens; hydroponic gardening; sprouting seeds; conventional gardening(greenhouse preferred as minimal chemtrails/insecticides, etc.) principle of selection: most nutrients/calorie max volume(optimal): as little as possible while meeting all nutritional requirements Meal Plan examples: 3+M/day every 4-6 hours (3-4 hours post starch V protein meals 2 hrs. post fruit minimum)-within 6-10 hr. Window /24 hrs.max.variety /as vegan as possible; vegan meal plan example: 0700-0900(M1): a)dried fruit(300 gr.);V/& b)starch(100 gr.)+ veg(iff~fruit). 1100-1300(M2): repeat a) V b) above +ɸ-seed(1-2 oz.-remainder of cal.) /nut/nut butter(iff~fruit) 1600-1800(M3):a)legumes(100 gr.)+herb/spice+veg.&V b)+ ɸ-seed /nut/nut butter (2oz.-reminder of cal.): M3=optional(only if necessary for added calories)
    no vegan meal plan example: M1=see above a) V b)M1; M2=repeat; M3=fatty animal protein source(eg. eggs V sardines, etc.(~20-30 gr.)+ greens; <>M4=fruit 4M/day every 3-4 hours(btw.); follow above/below rules and food combining and preparation rules minimum calories maximum nutrients-'caloro-nutrient dense foods'; space out calories evenly & when & to the extent energy needed adhere to ideal food combining rules: 1) with starchless vegtables: starch V animal products V nuts/oil seed; 2) fruit (by itself); 3)starch+fruit=barely tolerable; 4)starch/fruit+protein/fat=worst
    recommended items(min.): 1x animal protein; 1xnut/seed; 1x1-2fruit; <>1xstarchVlegumes
    water fasts (in cases of sickness, etc.)
    preparation techniques: starch: 50gr./100gr. dry weight:1/2x250ml. H20: @ 350°x 80-90 minutes; in tightly sealed glass bakeware or enamel cookware dried fruit: submerge in H20--->bring to boil--->drain H20(save all water for plants, cooking, etc.)
    long-term storage: 1)pickling(submerge cooked food in salt+water; store in airtight buckets in cool area) lasts 6 months minimum
    a)eggs: boil->place in vinegar/water(peel)- b) vegetables: grate/chop finely->add 1 tbsp salt: 5 lbs.-> kneed w/ hands squeezing juice out->pack tightly/seal in airtight glass lidded/rubber sealed mason jars for minimum 3 weeks in cool area before consumption; lasts 1/2year minimum 2)waxing cheese: dip hard cheeses completely in wax V brush; let harden->store in cool area; 3)solar/sun drying/salting meat 4)grain preservation: air tight, mylar bags stored in plastic buckets(prevents mold aggragation/growth)
    : how to get a decent woman...
    target: receptive women(those who display receptive behavioral traits/body language) avoid: the '4C's: complain; criticize; control; compete-avoid feminutsfunction: companion(soulmate); serve you/your goals(helpmate); children(mother) and home(housewife)'kinder, kirchen, kochen'(children, the church, and the kitchen) -Hitler your function: guide/protector/provider good female traits: trust/modesty/grace/innocence[?]/serenity/tenderness/patience/love 'matronly virtues' reference: Andelin,・Men of Steel and Velvet・; poem: woman is a battle voluntarily waged/a beast who shares one's bed/a curse and a blessing/a necessary evil/a survival machine-an incubator of posterity/a black widow who ensnares the hearts of men/a praying mantis who castrates her accomplice/ a lover-fighter a fighter-lover/ a cruel millstone around one's neck-she weighs upon the mind/ the motivation of heros/ A mystery whose unconcealment often begets-disappointment/A fools' quest/ the folly of youth/ a vanity mirror/ the mother of war/"a bridge to the superman"
    -celibacy over profligacy; sex magick over beastial coupling; no ejaculation outside of conception: "inseminate the cerebrum, cerebrate the semen"-->malkuth to keter; references: Mantak Chia books; "Eros and the Mysteries of Love"; "The Yoga of Power", Julius Evola
    RADITIONALIST PHILOSOPHY DOCTRINAL SYNOPSIS: "Serving a higher purpose as a link in the chain of ancestry"---> "Without heritage no posterity" n o posterity=no progress/evolution; no evolution-no dynaism/vitality; no dynamism/vitality=stasis/peace=death/entropy no borders=no identity; no identity=no liberty/no self-determination; no identity/self-determination=slavery; no borders=universalist imperialism=global prison borders=Identitarian Dominionism=global liberation artificial MULTI-CULT('integration')=MONO-CULT via transmutation of the Real into the Ideal/fake organic MULTI-CULT('seperation')=MULTI-CULT via preservation of the Real in the Ideal— as above so below dynaism/struggle=life; MULTI-CULT=life; MONO-CULT (rainbow reality)=death valueless values: all that glitters is gold[mammon-ism]; turning the genetic gold of ancestry into the lead of liberal democracy
    false MULTI-CULT=MONO-CULT=raceless-ism=no diversity/dynamism but unity/static state= entropy=death= closed system tomb=LIBTARD-O-OGY/false idealism/'MODERNITY' coward/false conciousness/hypocrisy=ignorance of reality/causality=karma
    RADICAL TRADITIONALISM/ARCHAEO-FUTURISM=Truth/honest conciousness=cognition/facing reality=Dharma
    INEQUALITY DOCTRINE: "The might of the lion supercedes the right of the lamb" "shear the sheep with the lion's paw-slaughter with the maw"
    EQUALITY= to lie in a clover patch with only lambs-leads to mass starvation through over-population if everyone has a crumb of the loaf then everyone starves
    "the pig philosophy of libtard-democracy" "living in a sheep's pen leaves one rather penned-in-a fetid pit of shit-such is the mass man"(dumb-o-cracy) "the happy sheep love to bleat-democracy, equality, community" "the happy wolf loves to bolt-mutton, blood and bone" "Rousseau's dream: a clover patch of mattoids wrapped inthte lily-white linen of a mental institution-call it society's prole uniform-the garb of the contented pasture animal" "If everyone is one then everyone is dumb- no discourse exists in an echo chamber; the clamber falls on deaf ears"
    merchant class pig philosophy/formula of bourgeois contentment/egotism="I do/be/have/this/that"-possession and position, status; money and pleasures of the flesh
    formula of Aristocrats of the Soul=Self-sacrifice/Heroism('ego-transcedning ego by ego'/imminent transcendance)= Aristocratic Idealism
    Always rent never pay off principal of mortgages as amortization reduces value of property over time and this wastes liquid assets(ie. ‘money’) that could be used to generate more of the same via sounder investments. Only buy property without mortgages when all necessaries in multiple are obtained - Pay minimal down payment/interest.
    -No ‘citizen’ owns realty[ attached to the land(‘fixtures’)] only the Crown does. Property tax nullifies ownership. Therefore you always rent never own real estate.
    Investment Principles: -Chattels(tangible/negotiable/material goods/assets) trump intangible assets always barter over bonds stockpiles over stock markets fish don’t swim with sharks and survive -pool resources(the Amish principle, principle of collectives, etc.) -necessity(;water;shelter;chattels-tools,etc.) over vanity(shiny things)
    (wealth is always that which builds the soul----eg. status=ego boost=self-reflexive empowerment=positing of oneself as a self; material goods=means for expression of the self and binding oneself to others for self-recognition and further ego-boost, etc.)
    Race is everything. In order to survive and prosper, the White Race must overcome its main enemies: 1)judeo-Christianity, 2)Communism, 3)Liberalism and 4)[civic]Nationalism; WHY?: answer: all of the above are jewish psyops to mind control the gentiles(non-jews), encouraging them to uphold interests counter to non-jewish survival: TALMUD:"On the house of the non-Jew one looks as on the fold of cattle." - Tosefta,Erebin,1 ...and eventually to exterminate the gentiles....: TALMUD: Minor Tractates. Soferim 15, Rule 10.(Rabbi Simeon ben Yohai): ob shebe goyyim harog ("Even the best of the gentiles should all be killed"). The above 4 religious ideologies purport to be inclusive("we the people") but they are exclusive("we the [jewish] peope"- as the jew's religion teaches them they are the only humans on earth and all others are 'GOYIM', ie.'animals'). All of these psyops(judeo-Christ-Insanity; Common-ism; Libtard-ism; civic[raceless]nationalism) constitute "universalist imperialism", hegemonic discourses, dominionist globalist religious creeds.: 1)Christ-Insanity=suicide religion('turn the other cheek'; 'judge thee not', etc.)+universalism; 'judeos'(Judeo-Christians) think they are in power but->JEWS rule them via mind control; judeos worship the JEWS as the master race(Jesus the JEW; the chosen people of god, etc.); JEWS are 'victims'-'enslaved' in Egypt and 'captive; in babylon, Rome, etc. by the 'evil' white people...they are 'saviours' of 'humanity'... 2)Libtard-ism=ibid.(see 'Libtard-o-logy document for proof that liberalism=neo-Christ-Insanity & leads to the same result); libtards think they rule but->JEWS rule them via mind control; libtards worship the JEWS as the intellectual/moral elite(Einstein;Freud;Marx;Freidan); JEWS are 'victims' persecuted in Europe and burnt up in the 'holyhoax' by the 'evil' White people...they are 'saviours' of 'humanity'... 3)Common-ism=another universalist lowest common denominator ideology; 'proletarianism'; proles worship the JEWS as the intellectual/moral elite(Marx;lenin;trotsky;Luxembourg,etc.); JEWS are 'victims' of 'evil' White Capitalists...they are 'saviours' of 'humanity' 4)[civic/raceless] Nationalism="the state is everything and everything in the state"=statism; all within the state('citizens') are 'equal' by virtue of their citizenship. 'citizens' worship the JEWS as intellectual leaders/statesmen(NEOcons/Libtards(chomsky/klein/alinsky)/green party activists/cuckservatives, etc.). JEWS are victims as above in whatever way suits the situation(pragmatically). The White people are of course 'evil' and the 'enemy as in the above cases. "Left[wing]-Right[wing]-Left-Right"two legs of the hiddden tyranny marching through parliamentarianism/sectarian nationalism. Another Jewish illusion disseminated in their Masses' Media/ack-a-dumb-ik/indoctrination system. SOLUTION: Ethno-Nationalism(BLOOD and SOIL; a given race in a given place exclusively!)ultimately under WHITE dominion MEANS: the threat of potent force which implies a willingness and ability to carry it out.

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