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South Africa is the future of America unless we act…

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  • KennewickMan
    Senior Member
    • Aug 2013
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    South Africa is the future of America unless we act…

    Actually it would be in our best interest to take the healthy segment of SA’s population and transplant them to America. Of course the fags and liberals can stay where they are; they will make good stew for their nigger friends. Maybe we could just help a few individuals who had enough of living in camps and being chased around by their more than equal black neighbors there. How about a collection drive for unemployed White people, like clothing and stuff easy to transport….

    South Africa World Cup 2010... and the shooting's already started | Daily Mail Online

  • james von brunn
    Dirlewanger Brigade
    • Sep 2013
    • 335

    dead-set tragedy but WTF can youse do, eh?

    if some of these BS artist so-called White Nationalists in the 'Kwa got off their lazy fckn arses, then, they could ship a few container loads of guns 'n' ammo to the white people in Sth Afreaka and, then, they could 'cut loose' on the fckn nogz there, eh?

    (most government/bureaucrat jobs in SA are now being done by niggz....and....we know how corrupt and incompetent those apes!!...wouldn't be too hard to get a few container loads of 'gear' there....maybe even from Russia.....a big heap of AK-47s, few million rounds of ammo and a shite-load of RPGs oughta 'even up' the score there, eh?)

    just came across this pic' of brutally butchered Sth Afreakan whites (including kids!! ) from "incogman" ......fckn HELL!!....if this shite doesn't make some white 'Kwan WNs "arm up" and parachute into Sth Afreaka on a fckn nog-killin' and burnin' rampage.....then......youse ain't worth a CUNTFUL of cold water IMHO!!

    fckn UGH!!....that's all TF i can say, eh?

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    fortuna favet fortibus

    i couldn't give a "XXXX"....have a coldie on me!!



    • Maxfield Parrish
      Senior Graphics Designer
      • May 2013
      • 431

      A .50 Caliber To The Brain Makes A Nigger Understand Better Than Anything Else...


      ✔ Ten American men, preferably with military backgrounds.

      ✔ Age range: Between 55 and 65.

      ✔ Health: preferably with terminal illness, albeit with at least a year left of mobility.

      ✔ A desire to help the white race, even at the cost of their lives.

      ✔ Passports and airfare into Namibia or Botswana, where they will pick up their equipment, foremost among it 10 of THESE:

      Once properly equipped, all the men, with the aid of Afrikaners bearing similar backgrounds and equipment, will then proceed into South Africa proper. Their mission: key government offices in Pretoria.

      For only by men willing to give their very lives will white freedom be won.



      • KennewickMan
        Senior Member
        • Aug 2013
        • 418

        White South Africans bracing for full blown mass killings