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Violence In The Face Of Tyranny Is Often Necessary

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  • Holston
    • Dec 2014
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    Re: Violence In The Face Of Tyranny Is Often Necessary

    I have been called to task to explain and defend my posts on the topic of "Violence is Sometimes Necessary".

    This is a very sensitive subject which SHOULD BE taken VERY SERIOUSLY.

    The statement "Violence In The Face Of Tyranny Is Often Necessary" in and of itself is TRUE, I believe.

    The validity of that statement should be a reasonable proposition which most any one but perhaps a strictly literal pacifist should agree with.

    Therefore to make that statement alone seems almost pointless without further elaboration because it is simply stating a truism which should go without saying.

    Law enforcement routinely uses force of violence. Therefore no one in that field of employment would dispute the point. However criminals also employ violence to get their way. Obviously THEY have no objections to it either.

    So the question is not really whether violence is sometimes necessary, but when. That is to say, before one can rightly apply the use of force in order to achieve some objective, a principled person must ask himself at least a couple of questions.

    Number one on my list would be, "Is it a moral imperative (in the specified case)?
    Number two, "Would the application of force (as it may be proposed) be either expedient or stand a reasonably good chance of succeeding in achieving the desired result?

    We can discuss the pros and cons of various tools that are employed in the commission of violence, such as for example, whether bows and arrows are more versatile or dependable in a worst case scenario.

    From there we could further reduce the question to one such as whether Smith and Wesson makes a superior fire arm to say, Ruger.
    Anyone who has taken even a cursory look into the plethora of weapons available knows that such a discussion could go on forever.

    However, these kind of details are extraneous to the question as to when and how they should be applied in order to be in accord with acceptable standards of decency and so that no reasonable person could offer a legitimate objection to their use.

    We might delve a little into the History of the American Revolution for clues which could help us make this determination.

    For I ASSUME, that in THIS case, what we are considering is whether the time is ripe and the cause sufficient to begin the process of preparing for an imminent insurgency within the US.

    The word "tyranny" was used in the title of this thread. That word IMPLIES the use of governmental control over people which is not permitted by it's standing LEGAL system.

    In other words, the implied suggestion is that the government in question is no longer enforcing the law as prescribed by the legal system, (we the people), but is usurping power which has not been legally granted to it.

    Am I correct in these assumptions?


    • Holston
      • Dec 2014
      • 62

      Re: Violence In The Face Of Tyranny Is Often Necessary

      To Fight, Or Pretend To Fight?
      Fast forward about seven decades or so, and you will discover multiple countries around the globe, including the U.S., on the verge of the same centralized and collectivized socialist occupation that the Finnish faced in 1939. The only difference is that while their invasion came from without, our invasion arose from within. The specific methods may have changed, but the underlying face of tyranny remains the same.
      Agreed. However it should be remembered that the US is NOT Finland, and this is NOT 1939.
      Any plans or actions would have to take what difference do exist into consideration.
      In America, the only existing organization of people with the slightest chance of disrupting and defeating the march towards totalitarianism is what we often refer to as the “Liberty Movement”; a large collection of activist and survival groups tied together by the inexorable principles of freedom, natural law, and constitutionalism.
      I am not acquainted with the "Liberty Movement".

      But I would like to think that there are still true Patriots within the ranks of the military who have an awareness of the Jewish infrastructure who would be willing to oppose the use of the US military to execute the kind of "crack down" that the Chinese experienced in Tiananmen Square in 1989.

      The size of this movement is difficult to gauge, but its social and political presence is now too large to be ignored.
      With all the surveillance going on in the US and the Jews controlling the electronics communication infrastructure, I doubt very much that we are being ignored.

      No doubt they are looking for talk and signs of potential violence on the net so that they know exactly where to go and who to arrest!

      We are prevalent enough to present a threat, and prevalent enough to be attacked, and that is all that matters. That said, though we are beginning to understand the truly vital nature of our role in America's path, and find solidarity in the inherent values of liberty that support our core, when it comes to solutions to the dilemma of globalization and elitism, we are sharply divided.
      As long as the crypto Jews (Ashkenazim half breeds) remain among us, there will be division.

      Most "White Nationalists" are more absorbed in some sort of fantasy about reviving the splendor of the third Reich than they are concerned about whether white men in the US have any economic or political clout, or even balls and brains enough left to do anything about it.

      Did anyone see my post revealing who it is that is profiting most from the televised blood fest called Mixed Martial Arts?
      Who would you say is dumber, the guy who is getting sprains, and concussions, or the one who is pocketing all the proceeds from the spectacle?

      The rich fat cats don't have to be able to "kick your a$$" to dispose of their opposition. If that's ever necessary they can just pay someone else to do the job.

      No amount of mixed martial arts training, skill with small arms, or bravura can stand against ORGANIZED CRIME.

      While most activist movements suffer from a complete lack of solutions to the problems they claim to recognize, constitutional conservatives tend to have TOO MANY conceptual solutions to the ailments of the world.
      I've already alluded to a couple. As usual they've been ignored.

      I did point out that the JEWS , who DO control this country by proxy, came into power without any wholesale bloodshed.

      They acquired this power through NETWORKING and SOCIAL and POLITICAL cohesion even of a RELIGIOUS nature.

      They've done so through banking institutions, academia, control of the media, and a RELENTLESS unswerving attendance to a common goal.

      They push the envelope of change as they will it, only to the extent that it doesn't raise alarms or cause backsets to their plans.

      Another poster has already touched on those institutions as SOURCES of this alleged TYRANNY. So I don't think that addressing them is irrelevant.

      What kind of army would it take to overthrow the Federal Reserve and Wall Street?

      You have a rather nebulous and diffuse target.

      Your enemies don't dwell in barracks or hold up in forts. They don't wear uniforms either. So exactly who is it that you are proposing to shoot at?

      Many of these solutions rely upon unrealistic assumptions and methods that avoid certain inevitable outcomes.
      No, I believe that white guys LEARNING TO SPOT THE ENEMY, and white guys HIRING WHITE GUYS, and appointing other LIKE MINDED PEOPLE to positions of authority COULD BE a very realistic goal..... IF............."white guys" actually cared that much about one another enough to want to give the other a boost whenever possible.

      Now, is that the case, or are there too many cutthroats, backstabbers, and self promoters among us to make such an effort even feasible?

      Such strategies center mostly on the concepts of “non-aggression” or pacifism idealized and romanticized by proponents of Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, and the anti-war movements of the 1960's and 1970's.
      Well, did they work?
      If so, why?

      Why not for us?

      The post-baby boomer generations in particular have grown up with an incessant bombardment of the “higher nature” of non-violence as a cure-all for every conceivable cultural ailment.
      Not exactly. If someone attacks me or someone in my family or under my care, I most CERTAINLY WILL RESPOND with all the force I can muster. And I won't feel the least bit guilty for it, nor will my conscience suffer at all.

      We have been taught since childhood that fighting solves nothing, but is this really true?
      Yes, I remember that boloney. I learned better.

      I can understand the allure of the philosophy. After all, physical confrontation is mentally and emotionally terrifying to anyone who is not used to experiencing it

      I would say that the prospects of death or injury are always a little disconcerting. I would be a liar if I said my adrenalin doesn't start pumping.

      But I feel a little like this even when I have to do certain things where there is no chance of either happening to me personally.

      The average “reasonable” person goes far out of their way on every occasion to avoid it.
      How far?

      Most of the activists that I have met personally who deride the use of force against tyrannical government have never actually been in an outright confrontation of any kind in their lives, or if they have, it ended in a failure that scarred them.
      I suffered a fractured zygomatic after being teamed up on and sucker punched by a horse once in a bar. That's a long story.

      It had exactly the opposite effect. I determined I would never give thugs like that another opportunity to do so with impunity.

      As a matter of fact, I praise God that I couldn't see the guy the night it happened or ever found him afterwards. Otherwise I might still be in prison.

      They have never trained for the eventuality. Many of them have never owned a firearm. The focus of their existence has been to hide from pain, rather than overcome their fears to achieve something greater.
      Anyone who has known me, knows I used to be a glutton for it.

      Looking back on it, I would say that anyone who would subject himself to as much suffering as I endured on account of my own ignorance would be a fool.

      There is nothing necessarily wrong with becoming an “intellectual warrior”, unless that person lives under the fantasy that this alone will be enough to defeat the kind of evil we face today.
      So tell me. What kind of weapons did "Lord Rothschild" use to build his financial empire?
      Jews pride themselves on their "intellect". Hell no, they BRAG on it!

      Non-aggression methods rely on very specific circumstances in order to be effective. Most of all, they rely on a system of government that is forced to at least PRETEND as if it cares what the masses think of it. Gandhi's Indian Independence Movement, for example, only witnessed noticeable success because the British government at that time was required to present a semblance of dignity and rule of law.
      Don't know anything about it.

      But what happens if a particular tyranny reaches a point where the facade of benevolence disappears? What happens when the establishment turns to the use of the purge as a tool for consolidation? What happens when the mask comes completely off?
      You mean, as occurred during the American Revolution?

      How many logical arguments or digital stashes of ethereal Bitcoins will it take to save one's life or one's freedom then?
      I don't place any stock in them, and probably never will. Who knows? Maybe THAT'S a mistake.

      I'm just not much of a gambler.

      I like to be as sure about a thing as possible.

      Therefore, sometimes I have to restrain myself from jumping, even when I feel froggy.

      Allowing common sense and practicality to prevail over passion is a part of self control. Wouldn't you say?

      Arguments For And Against Violent Action
      The position against the use of “violence” (or self defense) to obstruct corrupt systems depends on three basic debate points:
      1) Violence only feeds the system and makes it stronger.
      2) We need a “majority” movement in order to be successful.
      3) The system is too technologically powerful – to fight it through force of arms is “futile”, and our chances are slim to none.
      How many members of this phantom army have been recruited so far?
      Where does one go to enlist?

      First, violence does indeed feed the system, if it is driven by mindless retribution rather than strategic self defense. This is why despotic governments often resort to false flag events; the engineering of terrorist actions blamed on scapegoats creates fear within the unaware portions of the population, which generates public support for further erosion of freedoms. However, there is such a thing as diminishing returns when it comes to the “reach, teach, and inspire” method.
      RIGHT! Such was the case with 9/11. You see what happens when Jews gain entrance to movements and start controlling the PR as happened there.

      The Tea Party fizzled out for the same reason.

      ANY movement which shows the potential for gaining steam, they will be sure to be there.

      The escalation of totalitarianism will eventually overtake the speed at which the movement can awaken the masses, if it has not done so already. There will come a time, probably sooner rather than later, when outreach will no longer be effective, and self defense will have to take precedence, even if that means subsections of the public will be shocked and disturbed by it. The sad fact is, the faster we wake people up, the faster the establishment will degrade social stability and destroy constitutional liberties. A physical fight is inevitable exactly because they MAKE it inevitable.
      I've been thinking the same thing myself.

      I do believe that the Jews would like nothing more than to see blacks and whites go at it. Then after they have killed sufficient numbers of one another off, the Jew DHS could step in and mop up what's left over, with the help of the Federalized Police and the National Guard of every state in the Union of course.

      Worrying about staying in the good graces of the general populace or getting honest representatives elected is, at a certain point, meaningless.
      Amen to that. It adds new meaning to the legend of Diogenes.

      I find it rather foolish to presume that Americans over the next decade or two or three have the time needed to somehow inoculate the system from within. In fact, I'm starting to doubt that strategy has any merit whatsoever.
      Don't worry. When they start having to pinch pennies 'til they scream, then they will take notice.

      Then if they could only have the knowledge to realize the factions behind their demise they might have sense enough to put a stop to it. They did in Germany at one time. If only Hitler had not tried to make himself a military strategist as well, they might have succeeded. As it were, he bit off more than he could chew (listened to too much Wagner and took too much speed). He could have profited more if he had humbled himself enough to heed the advice of his military advisers. He betrayed an equal deficiency in the area of logistics as well. He would have made a lousy Quarter Master.

      Second, the idea that a movement needs a “majority” of public backing to shift the path of a society is an old wives tale. Ultimately, most people throughout history are nothing more than spectators in life, watching from the sidelines while smaller, ideologically dedicated groups battle for superiority. Global developments are decided by true believers; never by ineffectual gawkers.
      Agreed. I may not be a fire brand like ol' Adolf or have the nuts of a a Michael Wittmann, but I am a true believer.
      My, he does make a dashing figure sitting atop that Panzer. Too bad we don't have any tanks.
      Even so, for all his courage, good instincts, and skill, I doubt if he could last a round with most of those mixed martial arts guys you see on TV. Then again, he'd probably have better sense than to mix it up with them.

      Some of these groups are honorable, and some of them are not so honorable. Almost all of them have been in the minority, yet they wield the power to change the destiny of the whole of the nation because most people do not participate in their own futures. They merely place their heads between their legs and wait for the storm to pass.
      All revolutions begin in the minds and hearts of so-called “outsiders”. To expect any different is to deny the past, and to assume that a majority is needed to achieve change is to deny reality.
      The reality is that Hitler achieved his goals through political channels, even if he did have to employ the services of a few bruisers along the way.
      The political reality of the circumstances were substantially different then. Time and chance are always factors in shaping history.

      Third, I'm not sure why non-aggression champions see the argument of statistical chance as relevant. When all is said and done, the “odds” of success in any fight against oligarchy DO NOT MATTER. Either you fight, or you are enslaved. The question of victory is an afterthought.
      I can't argue with that. All I can do is repeat the sage advice of Davy Crockett, "Be sure you are right, then go ahead."

      You will excuse me if I say I only pray to God that I have the courage to "DO THE RIGHT THING" when the time comes, whatever that may be.

      Technological advantage, superior numbers, advanced training, all of these things pale in comparison to force of will, as the Finnish proved during the Winter War.
      You've seen "Triumph of the Will?"

      You've also seen the films of all those German prisoners being marched to their deaths on the way out of Stalingrad. I wouldn't question their will any more than I would their courage.

      Some battles during that conflict consisted of less than a hundred Finns versus tens-of-thousands of soviets. Yet, at the end of the war, the Russians lost 3500 tanks, 500 aircraft, and had sustained over 125,000 dead (official numbers). The Finns lost 25,000 men. For every dead Finn, the soviets lost at least five. This is the cold hard reality behind guerrilla and attrition warfare, and such tactics are not to be taken lightly.
      Those Finns were tough no doubt. I would be willing to wager that they fought smart too.

      Do we go to the Finnish and tell them that standing against a larger, more well armed foe is “futile”? Do we tell them that their knives and bolt action rifles are no match for tanks and fighter planes? And by extension, do we go to East Asia today and tell the Taliban that their 30 year old AK-47's are no match for predator drones and cruise missiles? Obviously, victory in war is not as simple as having the biggest gun and only the uneducated believe otherwise.
      No. We point out that Germany lost the war and Russia subsumed the satellite nations into the USSR.

      Which, incidentally points out one of the most overlooked ironies of US history; that we helped to defeat the one nation which was about to smash all the future hopes of the Bolsheviks with whom we were to enter into a protracted cold war with immediately following the conquest of their foes, and then over the years do everything possible to open the door to the Neo-Bolsheviks who subsequently took over the very government who opposed them but destroyed their enemies!

      The Virtues Of Violence
      The word “violence” comes with numerous negative connotations. I believe this is due to the fact that in most cases violence is used by the worst of men to get what they want from the weak. Meeting violence with violence, though, is often the only way to stop such abuses from continuing.
      How many people of a right mind are going to say that violence (and all the bodily damage that accompanies it) is a GOOD thing??

      Never mind all the sadists and sociopaths out there who get off on it.
      A lot of them are white too, but I'm not one of them.
      Anyone expecting that of me can count me out.

      At Alt-Market, we tend to discuss measures of non-participation (not non-aggression) because all resistance requires self-sustainability. Americans cannot fight the criminal establishment if they rely on the criminal establishment.
      The answer to that is DON'T BECOME A CRIMINAL in the process of resisting it!

      Independence is more about providing one's own necessities than it is about pulling a trigger. But, we have no illusions about what it will take to keep the independence that we build. This is where many conceptual solutions are severely lacking.
      If the system refuses to let you walk away, what do you do?
      It may turn out that they won't.

      I'm not saying that the Jewish establishment and all their Shabbos Goy helpers won't eventually succeed in instigating the kind of trouble that will lead to martial law and some small reduction in the population.
      They ARE all for reducing our "carbon footprint". What better way than to kill as many of us as possible?

      You wouldn't think by listening to her that someone like Nancy Palosi would be for this kind of thing. Maybe she isn't. Maybe she's just a ding bat.

      If the tyrants would rather make the public suffer than admit that your social or economic methodology is better for all, how do you remove them? When faced with a cabal of psychopaths with deluded aspirations of godhood, what amount of reason will convince them to step down from their thrones?
      I'm glad you mentioned that. Jewish eschatology calls for a New World Order to be headed by a New Sanhedrin with their headquarters in Jerusalem.

      Not many people are hep to that fact because they don't know beans about Judaism.

      I'm sorry to say, but these questions are only answered with violence.
      Why not just empower more white non-Jewish guys with moral principles in tune with the teachings of Christ and educate the public to all the underhanded double dealings that the Jewish mob engages in so that the informed public will no longer allow them to get away with all their lies and thefts?

      The Liberty Movement doesn't need to agree on the “usefulness” of physical action because it is coming regardless. The only things left to discern are when and how. Make no mistake, one day each and every one of us will be faced with a choice – to fight, or to throw our hands in the air and pray they don't shoot us anyway.
      There are some things on this earth that are worse than death.

      My greatest fear is standing before the judgement throne of God with no excuse for myself.

      I certainly can't speak for the rest of the movement, but in my opinion only those who truly believe in liberty will stand with rifle in hand when that time comes.
      HOW CAN I?
      I've never even met you.

      I don't even know where you live.
      We at least ought to have a proper cup of tea before we go out to martyr ourselves.

      And I won't to make damned sure the press is there so that news of my untimely end reaches as many folks as possible and that they know why I was killed.

      A freedom fighter is measured by how much of himself he is willing to sacrifice, and how much of his humanity he holds onto in the process. Fear, death, discomfort; none of this matters. There is no conundrum. There is no uncertainty. There are only the chains of self-defeat, or the determination of the gun. The sooner we all embrace this simple fact, the sooner we can move on and deal with the dark problem before us.
      Fear, death, and discomfort DO matter.

      They are major obstacles to overcome.

      You can't ask a person who has trouble getting out of bed or who can't even hold a steady job to be able to preform these Herculean tasks.

      On second thought, I've heard testimonies of WWII vets that being on the front lines was in ways easier than being home and having to worry about paying bills and dealing with all the stress that goes with thankless drudgery.

      Some people thrive on adrenalin pumping risky business.

      Others of us don't see the point in getting our bodies trashed by obviously stronger opponents when it would serve no more use than a day loafing around the fishing hole.


      • Holston
        • Dec 2014
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        Re: Violence In The Face Of Tyranny Is Often Necessary

        You guys will like this:

        Flag for the Finnish Air Force


        • Holston
          • Dec 2014
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          Re: Violence In The Face Of Tyranny Is Often Necessary

          I believe I have amply stated my case as per request as to the relevance of my posts on the previous pages.

          So, to avoid any possible misunderstanding, I will now summarize my viewpoint.

          The Jews did not achieve hegemony through violence in the US.
          (I am not including the isolated incidence of organized crime related activity here or all the possible "suicides" and "accident" associated with politics. Nor am I including all the deaths which resulted INDIRECTLY at the hands of non-Jews under the direction of Jews working behind the scene, such as those of 9/11 and all the subsequent war related deaths preformed by their US Golem.)

          Briefly, the Jews have achieved hegemony through the networks which their quasi religious socio-political UNION provides.
          They have operated virtually incognito through the channels of government by proxies, by promoting themselves above others into positions of power from which they may act as "gatekeepers", through propaganda by virtue of owning the media, including entertainment and news platforms, in academia from where they may indoctrinate college students, by numerous political lobbies and social activism, and through the banking and financial industries.

          They understand the fundamental principle that he who controls the purse controls everything else.

          Furthermore their concept of "Warfare" is not limited to fisticuffs and firearms as seems to be the case with the glory seeking non-Jewish white males.

          I pointed to the case of televised mixed martial arts as a case in point where the Jews collect the proceeds while the gentile combatants acquire brain damage.

          As well meaning and sincere as SOME "white nationalists" may be, as long as they continue to believe that the answer to Jewish domination in those areas stated above lies in some form of literally violent reprisal, all their efforts will be doomed to fail.

          Furthermore, the attempt to project the image of "Nazi" succeeds in nothing but for people to either not take you seriously, or if they do, to mark you for closer scrutiny and the types of reprisals and penalties which Jews are very adept at, namely, the social and economic damage they can inflict upon an individual even without knowledge or proof of who is responsible for it.

          Violence is only necessary when the threat of violence is imminent.
          In that case, the target makes itself known.

          In the case of SOCIAL, ECONOMIC, and PSYCHOLOGICAL ........WARFARE.......the attacker does not necessarily make himself apparent.

          In Jewish propaganda, they always present themselves as "angels of light", ie They come in the name of the "humanitarian". They present themselves as the purveyors of "social justice" and egalitarianism.

          But behind it all they are always promoting themselves and serving themselves. Their words and gestures of altruism mask the fact that they have been conducting WARFARE against all things non-Jewish from time immemorial.
          They always have and they always will.

          You cannot prevent them from doing this by dropping bombs on them, seeking them out to shoot them, or even grabbing them by the shirt collar.

          The defense against Jewish treachery consists of IDENTIFYING him, and COUNTERING him on the same turf upon which he wages war against you and through the same vehicles using the same tactics, with the same PROTRACTED objective.

          Staving off the "ETERNAL JEW" requires waging an ETERNAL WAR, specifically on the grounds just stated.

          You cannot exterminate the Jew for the same reason that you cannot exterminate JUDAISM. That can only be accomplished doctrinally. The only weapon I am aware of that is capable of doing that is the TRUTH. That TRUTH in particular exists nowhere else but in the doctrines of Christ.
          Presently the so called "Christian" churches of the US have been mostly transformed into Synagogues which only bear the outward appearance of Christian denominations because despite their apparent differences they ALL share the common denominator of worshiping and serving the well heeled Jews.

          Those of you who wish to resurrect the Third Reich for the sake of sharing in her old glory are not only wasting your time; you are also providing the JDL, the AIPAC, the ADL, and other such organizations the material support they require to maintain a viable existence.

          Wishing to make the appearance of and identify oneself as being among the caliber of the type of individuals who died for their country and countrymen during WWII is only a worthy ambition if it is accompanied by the same motives here as were present there, namely the desire to save the US as a predominantly white Anglo Saxon culture where Christian ethics rule social conduct. This also implies a desire to advocate for other whites. White men, in particular must develop the desire and inclination to help themselves to the extent that they are willing to work through their differences in cooperation with one another for the sake of their mutual benefit.

          We are at a disadvantage against the Jew in that no majority culture foreign to our own exists from which we may drain their energy for our own sustenance as the minority Jews are able to do. Therefore we require a higher motivation. Only Christian teachings can supply the needed motive to generate that ambition.

          Contrary to Jewish and Zionist propaganda, Judaism presents the antithesis of Christianity.


          • Holston
            • Dec 2014
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            Re: Violence In The Face Of Tyranny Is Often Necessary



            • GhostDivision
              • Dec 2014
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              Re: Violence In The Face Of Tyranny Is Often Necessary

              Originally posted by Holston View Post
              and through the banking and financial industries
              I would say, mainly through the banking system - I would even go so far as to state - "only through the banking and financial industries". When you control the money supply you can do as you want, all the rest will fall into place because of this. They sure know the art of brainwashing - how in hell did they brainwash early Whites into handing them their gold for safe-keeping ?

              The only way to stop the Jew is through the banking and financial industries. The question is how ? If we can do that we are free. Various people in various countries around the globe have tried pushing the Jew out of the banking and financial industries and paid with their lives. So, the Jew does engage in violence, only where it matters, in the banking and financial industries, and that is why they have the control they do. These violent incidents against the goyim might look immaterial, but it changed history in a great way.

              Furthermore, the attempt to project the image of "Nazi" succeeds in nothing but for people to either not take you seriously, or if they do, to mark you for closer scrutiny and the types of reprisals and penalties which Jews are very adept at, namely, the social and economic damage they can inflict upon an individual even without knowledge or proof of who is responsible for it
              Hitler had the right idea - get them out of the country and from the banking and financial industries - problem solved

              The defense against Jewish treachery consists of IDENTIFYING him, and COUNTERING him on the same turf upon which he wages war against you and through the same vehicles using the same tactics, with the same PROTRACTED objective.
              Because they control the media this might be more difficult then you think. Imagine if White Racialists had the funds

              That TRUTH in particular exists nowhere else but in the doctrines of Christ.
              Although I`m not a Christian and don`t agree with your statement, I`m willing to work with everybody that makes a stand for the White Race. We can argue about which religion is correct later - this is a Racial War, not a Religious one. They are killing Whites because they are White, not because they belong to a certain religion


              • HeadHunter23
                88/23 C.A.
                • Nov 2014
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                Re: Violence In The Face Of Tyranny Is Often Necessary

                Until Fred gave me the heads up on some reading material i didnt fully understand how deep jews and money go hand in hand.With all that money whats available to them they can surely do what the fuck they want with the world.It seems to be what the jew do best..
                23 Words
                What is good for the White Race is of the Highest Virtue;
                What is bad for the White Race is the Ultimate Sin.


                • bornintheusa
                  Senior Member
                  • Jan 2015
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                  Re: Violence In The Face Of Tyranny Is Often Necessary

                  Originally posted by Fred O'Malley View Post
                  Become proficient with a bow, learn how to make effective traps & deadfalls. Be aware of spaces/things around you that might be used to best advantage. Keep a Louisville Slugger handy. Learn about Molotov Cocktails and Greek Fire. Get some throwing knives & stars. Get some circular saw blades for throwing. Get a machete. Make a harpoon. Get a spear-gun. Mix some gasoline & tide (napalm).

                  Thanks. Those are all good tips. Sorry I didn't reply to this thread sooner, I forgot that I posted that question in here. I appreciate the response though!


                  • DaneBlack
                    Senior Member
                    • May 2014
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                    Re: Violence In The Face Of Tyranny Is Often Necessary

                    Jews are the fecal matter of humanity's waste. Nasty vile rodents!
                    My goal is simple: Promote a white nationalist platform and government. Put an end to multi culturalism and to reduce the footprints of the parasitic rodents who infect our world and communities!


                    • HeadHunter23
                      88/23 C.A.
                      • Nov 2014
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                      Re: Violence In The Face Of Tyranny Is Often Necessary

                      worst of the worst. lowest of the low.
                      The world will hear their cry's of shame right up until the last one repents before they are sentenced for their crimes.The hunter will become the hunted..

                      Adolf Eichmann,
                      he was captured in Argentina by the Mossad jew, Israel's intelligence service. Following a widely publicized trial in Israel, he was found guilty of war crimes and hanged in 1962.

                      23 Words
                      What is good for the White Race is of the Highest Virtue;
                      What is bad for the White Race is the Ultimate Sin.


                      • Archangel
                        • Feb 2015
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                        Re: Violence In The Face Of Tyranny Is Often Necessary

                        Not much tyranny falls on it's own. It usually takes a lot of pushing and oft times violence for it to end.

                        Credit Unions, if Jews are not running them, seem to be a way to separate our money from Jewish banks. State owned banks, such as the Bank of N. Dakota seem to be doing well.

                        It depends on what the banks are doing with the money we've 'loaned' them, which is what we're doing when we have money in their banks. They then use 'our money' for 'their purposes'.

                        For instance, many of the Wall Street Banks have offices in Israel, to furnish the money needed for Israeli investors. It's really American money, but Jews then get to use it for their purposes.

                        One example of tyranny falling without violence, is alleged to be Gandhi's defeat of the Brits in India.

                        A thing with Jews however, is they know they're Caananites, Edomites, the same as all other humans, they just use the lie they're a different species to benefit themselves.


                        • HeadHunter23
                          88/23 C.A.
                          • Nov 2014
                          • 2504

                          Re: Violence In The Face Of Tyranny Is Often Necessary

                          THE JEW PUPPETEER.

                          23 Words
                          What is good for the White Race is of the Highest Virtue;
                          What is bad for the White Race is the Ultimate Sin.


                          • Holston
                            • Dec 2014
                            • 62

                            Re: Violence In The Face Of Tyranny Is Often Necessary


                            Emergency Alert! — My YouTube Videos Taken Down!

                            This is “one of those times that try men’s souls.” I knew that this big Zio push to silence my powerful and convincing videos was inevitable. Now we must fight!
                            They want to wipe out my YouTube channel with its millions of views and tens of thousands of subscribers.
                            They have already removed my Youtube preview video of my upcoming book The Illustrated Protocols of Zion —- just a few short weeks before its release… along with 7 other videos, and they sent notice to me that all the rest of my videos and my channel will be taken down within 10 days or sooner!

                            The Zionist Jews and their minions are controlling things because they have all the money.

                            Even literal armies need funding.


                            • Holston
                              • Dec 2014
                              • 62

                              Re: Violence In The Face Of Tyranny Is Often Necessary


                              A little history lesson is in order.

                              How Jewish International Finance Functions
                              “Such has been the development of international bankers that they can no longer be regarded in their professional capacity as the nationals of any country, entitled to do business under their own government’s supervision exclusively. They are really world citizens, with world-wide interests, and as such ought to be made amenable to some form of supernational control.”—George Pattullo, in Saturday Evening Post.
                              Not only did the Jewish financial firm of Kuhn, Loeb & Company use far-sighted prudence in splitting its political support—one Warburg supporting Wilson, another Warburg supporting Taft and an unnamed member of the firm supporting Roosevelt, all at one time, as Paul M. Warburg testified—but it split its activities in several other ways also.

                              The Japanese war with Russia, however, enabled Mr. Schiff to advance his plan to undermine the Russian Empire, as it has now been accomplished by Jewish Bolshevism. With funds provided by him, the basic principles of what is now known as Bolshevism, were sown among the Russian prisoners of war in Japan, who were sent back as apostles of destruction. Then followed the horrible murder of Nicholas Romanoff, Czar of Russia, with his wife, his crippled son, and his young daughters, the full tale of which has now been told by the Jew who managed the crime.
                              For the part he played in destroying Russia, Mr. Schiff was wildly hailed in New York the night the news came that the Emperor had abdicated.

                              Speaking of the far-sighted manner in which the house of Kuhn, Loeb & Company disposes itself over world affairs, there is also the curious fact that in this Jewish firm is one who goes to a Christian church—a most heinous thing for a Jew to do. Split three ways in American politics and as many ways as international matters require, we find this firm split two ways with regard to religion. Mr. Kahn professes—at least he attends—a Christian church and is accounted an adherent of it. Yet he is not ostracized. His name is not taboo. The Jews do not curse him. He is not denounced as a renegade. The Jews have not buried him out of mind, as they do others who desert the faith.

                              Without going further into this ingenious system of covering all vital points from one center, enough has been said to show one busy Jewish financial firm with which political matters, national and international, is almost a profession. The family of Warburg high in the controlling group of two countries, and enemy countries at that. The family of Warburg high in the negotiations of world peace and the discussions of a League of Nations. The family of Warburg now advising the world from both sides of the earth, what to do next. It was probably with more reason than the general public surmised that a New York paper printed during the Peace Conference an article headed, “Watch the Warburgs!”
                              Max Warburg represents the family in its native land. Max Warburg had as much to do with the German war government as his family and financial colleagues in America had to do with the United States war government. As has been recounted in the press the world over, the brother from America and the brother from Germany both met at Paris as government representatives in determining the peace. There were so many Jews in the German delegation that it was known by the term “kosher,” also as “the Warburg delegation,” and there were so many Jews in the American delegation that the delegates from the minor countries of Europe looked upon the United States as a Jewish country which through unheard-of generosity had elected a non-Jew as its President.
                              Max Warburg is an interesting character also as regards the establishment of Bolshevism in Russia. The Jews had several objectives in the war, and one of them was “get Russia.” To this end the German Jews worked very assiduously.
                              In this work Max Warburg was a factor. His bank is noted in a dispatch published by the United States Government as being one whence funds were forwarded to Trotzky for use in destroying Russia. Always against Russia, not for German reasons, but for Jewish reasons, which in this particular instance coincided. Warburg and Trotzky—against Russia!
                              The crushing fact is that Bolshevism is not only Jewish in Russia, and in America, but it is Jewish in the higher regions of Jewry where better things ought to exist. Take Walter Rathenau, a German Jew on the plane of the Warburgs. Rathenau was the inventor of the Bolshevik system of centralization of industry, material and money. The Soviet Government asked Rathenau directly for the plans, and received them directly from him. Max Warburg’s bank held the money; Walter Rathenau’s mind held the plans—which makes it a pertinent question: If Bolshevism can be so Jewish outside of Russia, what hinders it being Jewish inside Russia?
                              It is a most significant fact that, as in Washington, the most constant and privileged visitors to the White House were Jews, so in Berlin the only private telephone wire to the Kaiser was owned by Walter Rathenau. Not even the Crown Prince could reach the Kaiser except through the ordinary telephone connections. It was the same in London. It was the same in Paris. It was the same in Petrograd—in Russia which so “persecuted” the race that controlled it then and controls it now.

                              Revealing this information then was denounced as "anti-Semitic".
                              It's even worse now.

                              Speaking of the far-sighted manner in which the house of Kuhn, Loeb & Company disposes itself over world affairs, there is also the curious fact that in this Jewish firm is one who goes to a Christian church—a most heinous thing for a Jew to do. Split three ways in American politics and as many ways as international matters require, we find this firm split two ways with regard to religion. Mr. Kahn professes—at least he attends—a Christian church and is accounted an adherent of it. Yet he is not ostracized. His name is not taboo. The Jews do not curse him. He is not denounced as a renegade. The Jews have not buried him out of mind, as they do others who desert the faith.

                              The Jews have infiltrated the "Christian" churches.

                              Notice how prominent people always refer to our JUDEO -Christian heritage as though the two were peas in the same pod, despite the FACT that Judaism is vehemently opposed to Christ!

                              You can read the article yourself to get an idea of how the Jew control things internationally through finance. Studying where we have been helps to shed light on why we are where we are now.

                              Without this background knowledge it is much harder to realize the scope of their control and how it is exercised.


                              • Holston
                                • Dec 2014
                                • 62

                                Re: Violence In The Face Of Tyranny Is Often Necessary

                                Although I am NEITHER a member of the "Creativity Church" nor a creationist, there are still points on which I may agree with either of them.

                                Facts remain facts regardless of who states them.

                                It is YOUR personal responsibility to determine what those facts actually are.



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