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Oskar Groening and the Erect Penises of Auschwitz: Trial Dissolves into Farce

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  • bob_denard
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    • Apr 2015
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    Oskar Groening and the Erect Penises of Auschwitz: Trial Dissolves into Farce

    Just a moment...

    The “Bookkeeper of Auschwitz” trial has dissolved into a farce after Oskar Groening accused “eyewitnesses” of exaggerating, while an analysis of his own account of a “gassing at Auschwitz” has shown it to be completely inconsistent with all established “evidence”—and includes a patently bogus claim that dead male corpses achieved erections while they were being cremated.

    According to a new article published by Holocaust historian Peter Winter, author of the best-selling The Six Million: Fact or Fiction, the “outrageous—and even laughable—details of Groening’s wild delusions are apparent from a close reading of his original statement, and a comparison with all the established claims from the Holocaust Storytellers over the location of the “gas chambers” at the camp.

    Apart from rejecting many of the “eyewitness” claims as “exaggerations,” the following has also emerged from Groening’s testimony:

    Groening said the Red Cross visited Auschwitz and were shown around Camp 1—despite the Holocaust Storytellers claiming that there was a “gas chamber” at the entrance gates to that camp (the one still shown to tourists today);

    That there was a brothel for prisoner use in Auschwitz Camp 1.

    That Groening freely admitted that what he knew about Auschwitz was limited to what “other people had told him.” This included his claim that the camp could “dispose” of 5000 people every 24 hours, which he specifically said other people had told him.

    Groening said he never saw or experienced any of the “5000 per day death process” himself, despite spending about two years at the camp.

    That he contracted typhus from the prisoners and nearly died from the disease.

    That he is reading from a script prepared for him, and cannot remember questions asked of him only a few minutes before.

    This prepared script is particularly relevant when it came to his account of witnessing a “gassing” at the camp, and the fact that his account is completely different to the “gassing in crematoria bunkers” told by the Holocaust Storytellers.

    Groening has, contrary to the English-speaking media’s reporting, said so little of significance that one of the plaintiffs in the case, alleged “survivor” Eva Kor, told the German media that “He did not really say much. I’m a little disappointed.”

  • Fred O'Malley
    • Apr 2013
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    Re: Oskar Groening and the Erect Penises of Auschwitz: Trial Dissolves into Farce

    Torturing old folks for sexual pleasure and profit.
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