A Greek parliamentarian who tore up a Turkish flag during a debate in the European Parliament says, ‘We do not hear anybody talking about the status of Greek citizens there. Everyone talks about migrants, but what about the rights of Greek citizens?

The spirited politician goes on to say that no one listens to the Greek people and was condemned by the regimes responsible for the migrant invasion. Described by pro-government media as a ‘far-right firebrand, who leads an offshoot of the infamous neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn’, the representative of the people’s will tore up a paper Turkish flag and blamed Ankara for Europe’s migrant crisis while addressing the European Parliament on Wednesday. He spoke as media reports said that Athens plans to install a floating barrier to prevent migrants from reaching the Greek islands from Turkey following an influx of arrivals in the past year.

ABC News cited unnamed sources as saying that the Greek Defence Ministry had urged private contractors to bid on supplying the 2.7-kilometre-long (1.7 mile) barrier within three months. The cost of defending Europe will be borne by the peoples of Greece, already one of the European Union’s most impoverished peoples. Accusing Turkey of ’getting away with whatever it likes,’ he says that the migrant crisis in Greece is ’dire’ and it is depriving Greeks of their homeland. ‘Here we have the Turkish flag. What can you do with this flag? Well, you can tear it up,’ Lagos said during his remarks before the chamber.