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White Schoolgirl Raped by 60 Pakis Before She was Even 16-Years-Old

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    White Schoolgirl Raped by 60 Pakis Before She was Even 16-Years-Old

    White Schoolgirl Raped by 60 Pakis Before She was Even 16-Years-Old

    May 20, 2015
    Vikram Singh,Sajid Ali, and Harmohan Nangpal have all denied raping the schoolgirls. One of the greatest things about multiculturalism in the British Isles is that it provides a diverse experience for the youth, ensuring that they will grow up free of hatred due to exposure to various unique and vibrant foreign cultures.
    A schoolgirl who fell prey to a child sex gang was allegedly abused by 60 men by the time she was 16, the Old Bailey heard yesterday.

    The girl and a friend were repeatedly raped on an almost daily basis from the age of 12 or 13, the jury was told.

    The alleged victims, who came from disturbed backgrounds, were befriended and then groomed for sex, it was alleged.
    One of them was even approached as she browsed the toy section of a Woolworths store just before her 13th birthday and taken to a Santa Claus movie, the court heard.
    Lured back to private houses, the girls were given food, alcohol, drugs and gifts such as DVDs, the jury was told.
    Oliver Saxby, QC, prosecuting, said: “They were easy prey for a group of men wanting casual sexual gratification that was easy, regular and readily available.

    “They were being conditioned, exploited. Their trust was being established. And then they were sexually abused.”

    The alleged child sex gang of mostly Asian men was based in the market town of Aylesbury, Bucks.

    A total of 11 men deny 49 charges including rape, sexual activity with a child and arranging child prostitution.

    Each of the 11 sexually abused one of the girls while two of the defendants preyed on her friend, it was alleged.

    “Each acted with a total disregard of the law and the legal prohibition on the sexual abuse of children,” Mr Saxby said.
    “They lived in Aylesbury, which is where this abuse occurred. Some were friends. Others acquaintances.

    “Some were married. Some had children. Some were in work – a few were taxi drivers.

    “Some worked on the market in Aylesbury. Some just hung out there.”

    During police interviews, one of the girls estimated 60 mainly Asian men had sex with her before she was 16, the court heard.

    The alleged victim told officers: “You get passed round. It wasn’t particularly me looking for them.

    “It was them looking for me. It’s just that they pass your number around.

    “Or you’re with then and they invite three or four of their friends round and then you have to sleep with them.”
    Please note that there were Sikhs involved in this, meaning that this is not a Muslim issue necessarily, but a Paki racial issue. Obviously the Muslim tend to be a bit worse, but only a bit.

    Maybe they should make a reality TV show where a Pakis, Negroes and Arabs all compete to see how many girls they can rape. I am sure it would be extremely popular in the UK, where absolutely no one appears to be offended by this ongoing industrial-scale rape program to colorfuls are involved in.
    23 Words
    What is good for the White Race is of the Highest Virtue;
    What is bad for the White Race is the Ultimate Sin.

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