Feb 3rd, 2020
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The first thing every government tries to do is quarantine the truth and deny reality.

With the first confirmed coronavirus death now recorded outside of China, and with confirmed infections rapidly accelerating across 18 nations, it is becoming increasingly obvious to intelligent observers that the coronavirus pandemic cannot be contained. The total number of confirmed infections has now skyrocketed past 14,000, with over 300 confirmed deaths and likely thousands more deaths being covered up by the communist Chinese government. The World Health Organization today issued an urgent warning that this pandemic looks set to go global ... Once the virus manages to achieve self-replication outbreaks in a place like Thailand or India, it’s almost certain to be impossible to contain on a global scale.

Can North America isolate itself from the rest of the world? Probably not… In the United States, the lying left-wing media is also downplaying the pandemic, hoping to “prevent panic,” even at the cost of keeping people so ignorant that they will fail to protect themselves from infected carriers. The left-wing media, after all, really is the “enemy of the People” and now, they’re proving they are the enemy of humanity on a global scale. It’s the same left-wing media and left-wing operatives who demand open borders between the USA and Mexico, resulting in a wide open vector for coronavirus outbreaks once Mexico is infected. If this virus spreads across any Central or South American nation, it will eventually end up in Mexico, and subsequently the United States.

A nation that cannot control its borders cannot control an outbreak, either. Watch for the coronavirus to spread in sanctuary cities first. Once the coronavirus is in Mexico, its spread to the continental United States is an inevitability. The virus will spread rapidly in sanctuary cities due to the fact that many of those cities also happen to be overrun with filth, feces, used needles and homelessness — all factors that multiply the spread of infectious disease. That means it will very easily spread in cities like San Fran****sco, where infected feces will be washed down the storm drains and into the Pacific Ocean, contaminating all the beaches along the West Coast with coronavirus. Read more ...