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White Revolution is the ONLY solution...

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  • Spook Haunter
    National Socialist
    • Jul 2013
    • 592

    White Revolution is the ONLY solution...

    Reminds me of the stupid liberal christ-insane mother who moved her daughter to the Bronx NY for her diversity improvement. The daughter was raped and murdered by ..... niggers.


    Living the dream of a rainbow nation | The Storytellers | DW | 11.06.2014

    The Brankens left their six-bedroom house and pool to move into Johannesburg's notoriously dangerous urban slum Hillbrow. They did it because they believe in the rainbow nation. They are the only white family there.

    Rubbish piles and sewage litter the streets of Hillbrow, a notorious crime hot spot and urban slum in downtown Johannesburg. Hawkers harass passersby, trying to sell watches, sunglasses and cell phone covers. They could just as well be muggers who pull a knife or a gun. Life is cheap in South Africa - and especially so in Hillbrow. People have been killed for their cell phones. That's why Trish Branken, now accompanied by 11-year-old daughter Rachel, comes to meet anxious visitors on the street close to their apartment block.

    The Brankens, the only white family in the neighborhood, walk the streets confidently. "I used to feel nervous," 42-year-old Trish, a small white woman with flowing blond hair, admits. But now this is home.

    The family is deeply rooted in their Christian beliefs, which play a large part in their motivation to reach out and move to Hillbrow.

    They're suicidal, they may as well just jump off a cliff, because the death will be less painful than being brutalized by niggers.

    But I gotta give them credit for one thing, they're living what they preach. They traded their 6 bedroom house in White suburbia for a nigger ghetto.

    When its all said and done though, it will be another White family that gets sacrificed to the multi-kult alter in the name of jeboo.
  • Fred O'Malley
    • Apr 2013
    • 171471

    Revolution is being forced upon whites. Look at all the exposure of the rank corruption in government, do you honestly think they couldn't control that exposure if they really wanted to? We are being prepped.

    The niggers are being prepared to commit suicide by throwing themselves against the granite wall of white society, while whites are being prepared to save themselves in the face of no food & services while being assaulted by mud race gangs.

    The tug-of-war is being foisted on all of us, like it or not.

    Who do you think will survive and prosper?
    Government is a DISEASE - FREEDOM is the CURE
    Integrity is doing the right thing when no one else is watching.
    “Men fear thought as they fear nothing else on earth — more than ruin, more even than death. Thought is subversive and revolutionary, destructive and terrible, thought is merciless to privilege, established institutions, and comfortable habits; thought is anarchic and lawless, indifferent to authority, careless of the well-tried wisdom of the ages. Thought looks into the pit of hell and is not afraid … Thought is great and swift and free, the light of the world, and the chief glory of man.”Bertrand Russell, Why Men Fight


    • Paul Bunyan
      Senior Member
      • Jun 2014
      • 559

      Eleven is too young to lose life or virginity. Blacks have an acute tribalized sense of racial competition and encroachments. They particularly intuitively, genetically recognize White females as breeders of their competition.

      Like Dian Fossey, chimp researcher
      I saw her face had been split, diagonally, with one machete blow."
      Dian Fossey - Wikipedia



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      • Elliot Richards
        • Dec 2013
        • 78

        All this thread shows is that some whites are absolutely retarded. If they get killed by the niggers then it's probably best for even the white race because those sort of people are the types that support niggers coming to our countries in the first place and support us sending aid the niggers in Africa.
        Those white are simply destructive to the white race as a whole and should be personally sent to the middle of Africa if they love them so much.


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