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Subcommittee holds hearing on KKK, New Black Panther Party rallies

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  • Subcommittee holds hearing on KKK, New Black Panther Party rallies

    COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) -Lawmakers held a hearing Tuesday afternoon to question why members of opposing groups were allowed to hold rallies on State House grounds at the same time.

    The Ku Klux Klan and members of the New Black Panther Party held dueling rallies two weekends ago. Those rallies required a large police presence with nearly a dozen law enforcement agencies.

    Leaders asked why the Department of Administration went through with the permits. A director at the agency said it came down to people's free speech and assembly rights under the First Amendment.

    Nolan Wiggins says the agency wanted to avoid a lawsuit.

    "They're subject to some degree of regulation, and I commend you for what you did," Rep. Walt McLeod said. "The first amendment rights are not absolute! They're subject to some regulation, and that

    tends to be forgotten, so thank you for what you did."

    The request to hold the rally to protest the removal of the Confederate flag came from the North Carolina based Loyal White Knights of the Klan in late June. Although the flag had already been removed, the

    Klan and the neo-Nazis were met by black power groups including the New Black Panthers.

    A heavy law enforcement presence was on hand in an attempt to keep the peace, but there were still some shoving matches, thefts, and vandalism along with some very dangerous behavior.
    Subcommittee holds hearing on KKK, New Black Panther Party ralli - WTOC-TV: Savannah, Beaufort, SC, News, Weather & Sports

    PAULDING COUNTY, GA (CBS46) -Someone has been distributing KKK flyers around neighborhoods in west Paulding County. The flyer appears to be a recruitment effort by the Ku Klux Klan.

    It features a drawing of a Klansman wearing a hood with the words “The KKK wants you.” The flyers were left on front lawns this week in neighborhoods along Buchanan Highway.

    "It’s very shocking and it’s not something you’re happy to see, but we just threw it away and kind of ignored it,” said Brandon Keykendall, who found one of the pamphlets near his mailbox.

    “I thought it was just something like a sales deal like normal people throw out. So I just picked it up and tossed it in the trash,” said Scott Harrell.

    The Paulding County Sheriff has notified the FBI, but it doesn’t appear the flyers are illegal, no matter offensive some people may find them.
    KKK flyers left in Paulding County neighborhoods - WTOC-TV: Savannah, Beaufort, SC, News, Weather & Sports

    Courthouse mural depicts KKK

    Group launches petition at to remove mural

    A giant mural with the k-k-k on it is displayed in a Florida courthouse. Some want it taken down but the same number of people don't want it touched.
    Courthouse mural depicts KKK | Local News - WPTZ Home

    A North Carolina business owner arrived at work Wednesday to find a noose and the words, “We are here! KKK” spray-painted on his property, local Fox8 reports.

    Todd Hale, the owner of Clarence Hale Auto Parts near Eden, a town that borders Virginia to the north, reported the incident to police.

    “This needs to stop,” Hale said. “Nobody… you shouldn’t have to come in and see this.”

    While the Klan message was spray-painted on a motor home parked on his property, other obscene messages were painted on the road, according to Fox8. The noose was tied to the fence that surrounds

    his business.“People that’s doing this, stop it,” Hale said.

    The incident is the latest in a series of racially-charged incidents in the South since a white supremacist massacred unarmed black church goers in Charleston last month.

    Over the weekend, white men in pickup trucks with Confederate flags flying from the back were caught on video driving by a black child’s birthday party and shouting racial epithets. The woman who posted

    the video said they threatened to “kill y’all n***ers.”

    A black Tennessee Army veteran was outside her Tennessee home recently when two white men in a Confederate flag-decorated pickup truck drove by and called her and her family “motherf*cking

    n***ers.” The veteran, identified only as “Sergeant Briscoe,” has been dealing with harassment by racists for 10 years.
    ?We are here': NC business owner finds ominous message from KKK spray-painted on property

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    Re: Subcommittee holds hearing on KKK, New Black Panther Party rallies

    We need to flyer more neighborhoods, hold more rallies and start organizing on local, state and national levels!
    My goal is simple: Promote a white nationalist platform and government. Put an end to multi culturalism and to reduce the footprints of the parasitic rodents who infect our world and communities!