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Masters of Deceit A Short History of the Jews

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  • Randolph Dilloway
    • Jun 2013
    • 1849

    Masters of Deceit A Short History of the Jews

    Masters of Deceit A Short History of the Jews

    Ben Klassen

    Nature in her infinite wisdom has put the highest premium on
    survival of the species. In her profuse variety Nature has brought
    forth creatures of all kinds, fish and fowl, animal and vegetable,
    insect and bacteria. Some creatures like the cardinal and bluebird
    are beautiful to behold. Others like the scorpion fish and the lizard
    are not. Some creatures are flesh eating. Others are herbivorous.
    Some animals, like cows, forage on the grass of the meadows.
    Others like the coyote, the wolf and the tiger are predatory. Other
    creatures like cockroaches, mosquitoes and maggots are parasitic.
    Each creature has its means of existence and survival and its means
    of perpetuating its species. In all, the will to live and perpetuate its
    own kind is intensely strong. If it were not, the species would soon
    have died out.

    In the human species there is one race that stands out above all
    others in the intensity and fierceness in its will to survive that is
    the Jewish race. How this one race has survived and stayed intact
    through all the convulsions and upheavals of history for 5,000
    years is something remarkable to behold.

    Whereas some of the ancient races of recorded history such as the
    Babylonians, the Romans, the Phoenicians, the Egyptians, as a
    race, have all gone down the sinkhole of history the Jew has
    survived. Not only has he survived, but he has become the slave-
    master of all the other races of the world, although he only
    numbers a small percentage of the world's population.

    Whereas the glorious White Race has been a builder, explorer and
    creator of civilizations, of governments and nations, the Jew has
    been none of these. On the contrary, he has been the very
    antithesis of the noble White Man. Throughout his history, which
    goes back more than 5,000 years, during which he has remained
    united as a race, the Jew has been the parasite and predator on the
    backs of those nations who have been his unwilling hosts. The
    Jew has never been a creator, nor a builder, nor a producer, like the
    members of the White Race. On the contrary, he has been a
    destroyer of civilizations, a plunderer of nations, and a killer who
    invented the very idea of genocide in the earliest stages of his own
    history. All we have to do is read their own Old Testament to find
    that in page after page after page they slew, killed and plundered
    one tribe after another. One nation after another was put to the
    sword, man, woman and child.

    Yes, indeed, the Jews are a blood-thirsty race. They have survived
    over a long period of time, although they have been scattered
    throughout the other nations of the world. They have been a
    plague on the body of mankind from the earliest dawn of recorded
    history. Nor has that plague abated in modern times. In fact, today
    it is more deadly than ever, and since we, the White Race, are the
    chief target and the chief victims marked for destruction, it
    behooves us to take a close look, and study our destroyer.

    It is a fascinating and horror-filled history. It is an ugly story. But
    study it we must, and understand it we must, if we are to extricate
    ourselves from our plight and fulfill the obligation that Nature has
    placed upon us: namely, the survival of our very own species, the
    noblest creation on the face of the earth: the White Race.

    The history of mankind is filled with wars and conflict, but of all
    the conflicts that have ensued between the different nations and the
    different races, there is only one race that has aroused the most
    violent antagonisms no matter where they settled that race is the
    Jewish race.

    Throughout all the turmoil of history and all the wars, conflicts and
    massacres, sooner or later the two conflicting parties settled down
    and either reconciled their differences, and lived peacefully
    together, or they went elsewhere to live. Not so with the Jews,
    however. The Jew has never been reconciled with the host nation
    upon whose back he feeds. Nor have the Jews peacefully migrated
    to other countries. The history of the Jews demonstrates two
    things: first, that there has never been a reconciliation between
    them and their hosts, and second, that no nation has ever succeeded
    in barring them permanently. Furthermore, as the Jews bored into
    their host nations and became more and more reprehensible and
    intolerable, the host nation generally has turned on them and tried
    to expel them from their national body. However, in no case has a
    victimized nation been successful in expelling them permanently.
    In fact, it is surprising that in every case where Jews were expelled
    from a nation, often under conditions of humiliation and suffering,
    within a few years the Jews have returned. Not only have they
    usually returned, but they then set about with increased viciousness
    to destroy the host nation upon whom they had previously fed like
    a parasite. The Jews have since time immemorial been culture
    destroyers and civilization destroyers. The Jewish problem has
    been on the back of all nations for at least the past 5,000 years.

    Whereas the White Race, with its creativity and restless energy,
    has moved to the various areas of the world and created
    civilizations, the Jew invariably followed, bored into their very
    vitals and sooner or later destroyed those civilizations. They
    helped to destroy the Egyptian civilization, the Greek civilization,
    and were the prime cause in the destruction of the great Roman
    civilization. When Europe slowly again picked up the threads of
    civilization from Rome, the Jew was already there and has lain like
    a cancer upon the body of Europe from the time of the Romans.

    However, the main center of power of the Jewish world-wide
    conspiracy now resides in the New World. In fact, in New York is
    the largest center of Jewish population in the world, and New York
    is the central financial powerhouse, not only of the United States,
    but also the rest of the world. Since the United States is now also
    the last great stronghold of the White Race, it is the untiring and
    current goal of the Jew to not only destroy the United States as a
    country, but to destroy White America, mongrelize it, and pump
    the black blood of Africa into the veins of White America.

    Why is it that the Jewish Race has survived through all the
    upheavals of over 5,000 years of history, whereas more powerful
    races like the Romans have perished? Is it because the Jew is
    tough? We find that the Jew is tough, but other races, such as the
    Romans, have been even tougher and they have not survived. Is it
    because he is a good fighter? No, he is, in fact, a physical coward
    and in open combat he is certainly one of the lesser and more
    cowardly warriors. Is it because he is more treacherous and
    deceitful? Perhaps, since in this characteristic he undoubtedly
    excels all other peoples. But this is not the sole reason why he has
    survived either. The reason for his survival lies in his unique

    Early in their history the Jews realized the tremendous potency of
    religion as a weapon a weapon to either unite their own race, or
    a weapon to disintegrate and destroy their enemies. For thousands
    of years they have capitalized upon this knowledge to the hilt. In a
    masterful fashion, they have manipulated religion to their
    advantage with a devilish cunning that no other people seems to
    have even suspected least of all the White Race.

    If we could briefly look at the wars between Rome and Carthage,
    and the brief siege and destruction of Jerusalem during the rise and
    expansion of the Roman Empire, I think we can find the answer to
    the Jews' survival.

    As Roman power increased and expanded, it was inevitable that it
    should soon come into conflict with the increasing power of
    Carthage. For over 100 years these two great rival powers fought
    battles of attrition and annihilation. Finally Rome emerged the
    victor, and when they had Carthage at its mercy, they leveled the
    city, killed all the male population and sold the women and
    children into slavery. Carthage was no more. It was gone forever.

    Now let us contrast this with what happened to Jerusalem in the
    year 70 A.D.

    During the rule of Emperor Vespasian, the Jews in Judea became
    rebellious. Emperor Vespasian sent General Titus down there and
    after a 139-day siege of Jerusalem, the city was sacked, leveled to
    the ground, and the Jews were either killed or dispersed. It would
    seem that in a fate similar to that of Carthage, this would be the
    end of the Jews, But not so.

    The Jews had one extraordinary thing going for them: and that was
    the unique religion that bound their race together. Far from being
    destroyed, the Jews in their cunning and resourcefulness, with their
    religion uniting and binding them together, planned revenge on the
    Romans. And revenge they did get. They inflected on the Romans
    a religion that undermined the will of the Romans to survive as a
    race and as a nation.

    With tremendous zeal the Jews propagated among the Romans a
    new religion with such suicidal ideas as "turn the other cheek, love
    your enemies, resist not evil" and other self- destructive
    philosophies that sapped the strength of the Romans and left them
    naked and defenseless before their enemies. In a few centuries the
    great Roman civilization completely disintegrated and was
    defenseless against the marauding vandals who finally sacked
    Rome in the year 476 A.D. and Rome was no more.

    However, with his tenacity and zeal for preserving the Jewish race
    as embodied in his fanatic religion, the Jew did not go down with
    Rome. No, on the contrary, he fed on the corpse and went from
    the Roman corpse to scatter and infect the incipient and growing
    new cultures that were emerging in Western Europe, cultures and
    civilizations that were blighted from the very beginning with the
    handicap of the new religion with which the Jew had destroyed

    It is true that the Jew is tough. He is cunning and he is
    treacherous. He is also tenacious and he is persistent. All these
    qualities fit him well to be the foremost predator and parasite on
    the body of mankind. But even with all these qualities he would
    not have survived had it not been for his Mosaic religion. It is the
    basic ingredients of his religion that bind him together in a holy
    brotherhood hostile to all mankind, striving, pushing, clawing,
    always and forever for the good of his race, for the survival of his
    race, and exhibiting in its raw form one of the strongest laws of
    Nature: the propagation and survival of its own species.

    The Jews learned one other significant fact early in their history:
    There is nothing as powerful in uniting a group (any group) as
    having a common enemy. Based on this premise, they have seen
    to it that they have always been at war with other races. In fact, all
    other peoples are their enemies at all times. It is only a matter of
    strategy as to who is the prime enemy at any given time.

    This theory has worked wonders. It has kept the Jews united and
    fighting. Their solidarity has destroyed all enemies before them.
    It is destroying the White Race today.

    The central theme of the Jewish religion is hatred, hatred for the
    Gentiles, that is all other races. The other overwhelmingly
    powerful facet of the Jewish religion is racial loyalty, loyalty to its
    own kind. Whereas to the average White Gentile, sadly enough, it
    matters very little with whom he does business, whether it is
    another White Man or not. Nor is the average White Gentile too
    interested in whether the person next door or the person he meets is
    one of his own kind. But to a Jew, whether he is doing business
    with a Jew, living next door to a Jew, or meets a Jew, this means
    everything. Let us keep this in mind, this factor of racial loyalty,
    as we go about searching for a better religion for the White Race.

    That the Judaic religion has been the rock of strength around which
    the Jewish race has rallied for the last 5,000 years is without
    question. The Jews do not believe in God nor are they foolish
    enough to put their efforts or beliefs centered in a hereafter. Golda
    Meir, the present Prime Minister of Israel, stated succinctly when
    she said in her speech from the Knesset, the Israel Parliament in
    Yiddish, "I am a non-believer, yet no one will be able to root from
    the heart and mind the conviction that without the Jewish religion
    we would have been like all other nations, who once existed and
    disappeared." From the earliest glimmerings of childhood the
    Jewish parents inculcate into their offspring the idea of racial
    loyalty, the idea that the survival of the Jewish race is everything,
    the idea that all other peoples are their enemies to be either
    exploited or destroyed.

    The Jewish Old Testament is crammed full of make-believe of
    Jewish history, very little of it true. But interwoven through all
    this fantasy the idea of racial survival is driven into their brains,
    advice on how to survive. It and the Talmud are full of advice and
    wisdom binding the Jewish race together in an indestructible unit
    of purpose.

    In Prov. 29:18 is spelled out the idea of a long term program,
    "where there is no vision, a people perish." If we contrast this
    with the advice the Jews foisted on the White Race in the New
    Testament, for instance: Matt. 6:34 where it says, "take therefore
    no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for
    the things of itself." Here we see clearly spelled out that it is
    essential for the Jews to have vision for the long term, a long-term
    plan. In reality, their religion is a perpetual conspiracy which is
    essential for their survival as a parasitic race. But in order to
    weaken and soften their victims for aggression, conquest and
    slavery, the White Race has had its brains polluted with all kinds
    of bad Jewish advice of which, "take no thought for tomorrow" is
    one of the many, and that is exactly the position of the white Race
    today. The Jews have laid their long-term plans, going back
    thousands of years, for the mastery and enslavement of the world.

    The White Race, in contrast has no plan, no program for survival.
    It has no religion to rally around or to unite its White Brothers. It
    is just fumbling, bumbling and stumbling along with absolutely no
    defense against the Jew, whose historical mission it has been over
    thousands of years to destroy or enslave the White Race.

    Whereas the noble White Race is creative, productive and self-
    sustaining, the Jews instinctively decided far back in their early
    history that the best means of survival was to choose the role of a
    parasite on the bodies of other productive nations. Over the
    thousands of years this decision has hardened and has become so
    permanently ingrained and inbred into the Jewish character that he
    could not now do otherwise, no more than a maggot could fend for
    itself without devouring the body of its host. This being so, the
    Jew has planned and planned and prepared.

    He has a far-reaching and all-encompassing program for the
    control, domination and exploitation of his host, for whom he
    nurtures a terrible, pathological hatred. The driving force of his
    whole religion is hatred for his host. He has always hated his host
    nation with a terrible passion. How many times have we heard the
    expression ingrained in Jewish controlled books about the "whore
    of Babylon." The fact is that the Babylonian people were a good
    White people, a productive people, a creative people, who were
    finally destroyed by the Jews in their midst. Throughout history
    the Jews have propagated a vicious lying propaganda about
    degeneracy of the Babylonian people; a monstrous lie.

    When the Jews poured into the Roman civilization and finally
    destroyed it with the new suicidal religion they foisted upon the
    Romans, they then pictured the Romans as being cruel, degenerate
    and immoral. Even to this day, the Jewish movies coming out of
    Hollywood depict the Romans as a debauched and degenerate
    people. Even lying Jewish propagandists like Billy Graham
    perpetually denounce the Romans as cruel, debauched and
    tyrannical. Another terrible Jewish lie.

    Having chosen to play the role of a parasite far back in their
    history, the die is now long cast and they can do no other than to
    roam the civilized world seeking any spot where they can settle
    down in the midst of an established community, where they can
    remain and prosper at the expense of others. As a parasitic people
    the Jews can only survive by living on that which others produce.
    When they come into a community they bring nothing with them
    but their cunning and their treachery. The Jew knows when he
    enters the Gentile community that sooner or later he will be
    discovered and there will be violence and retribution. The thing
    the Jew fears more than anything else is open detection and the
    ensuing physical violence. One of his phrases throughout the
    centuries has been "Oy, gewalt!" This old Yiddish phrase
    translates "Oh, violence."

    Knowing that his parasitic activities of fleecing, robbing and
    plundering the Gentile community will eventually result in
    violence against his person, he prepares for it in advance. We go
    back to the quotation from Proverbs in which the Jews are advised
    "where there is no vision, a people perish." So as he sinks his
    tentacles deeply into the body of the community that he is about to
    ravish, he prepares in advance to nullify, neutralize and minimize
    the opposition from the Gentile community that he knows sooner
    or later will develop into hostility against him. In this respect the
    Jew is very similar to other parasitic creatures of Nature. When a
    wood tick crawls up the leg of an individual he does so very
    stealthily and usually completely unnoticed. The wood tick is
    searching for an appropriate place on the body of the host he can
    dig into and suck its blood for its own nourishment. The wood tick
    knows that when he digs in, normally it would be painful to the
    host, therefore attract its attention and result in its being picked off
    and destroyed. But the wood tick has a remedy for this. Before
    digging in he carefully anesthetizes the skin surface of the victim
    host. Having done this, it then carefully begins to chew and suck,
    all this time anesthetizing the area so that the host will feel no pain.
    Meanwhile, the head bores in deeper and deeper and the parasite
    begins to bloat itself on the blood of its victim without the host
    having felt any pain whatsoever, or even being aware of its
    presence. By the time the victim finally discovers the tick, it is
    thoroughly rooted into its flesh. The host is no longer in a position
    to remove it without causing pain and infection to himself and the
    death and destruction of the parasitic tick. Even though the victim
    now tries to remove the parasite, he cannot do so. He can pull off
    the bloated body and destroy part of the tick but the head will
    remain imbedded and cause infection and perhaps blood poisoning.
    At this stage it becomes a major operation to remove the infectious
    tick, which he could have easily flicked off with a finger at the
    beginning, had he realized that the parasite had designs upon his
    blood. The parasitic operation of the Jew upon the body of his
    unfortunate host is very similar.

    Being a non-productive parasite, the Jew has less than nothing to
    offer to the host community or nation which he enters and into
    which forthwith he beings to sink deep his tentacles. Remember
    the title of this chapter that the Jews are masters of deceit. His
    main commodity is deceit and lies on a massive scale. Having
    chosen to be a professional parasite this characteristic is now so
    deeply and instinctively ingrained in his very nature that he knows
    by instinct what he must do to protect himself and what the
    weaknesses of his Gentile host are. He therefore chooses to
    concentrate on all the nerve centers of power in his productive and
    creative host. In short order, he has control of the main functions
    that determine the destiny and welfare of a people and a nation.
    The Jew does not farm, he does not labor in the fields, he does not
    work in the factories. He concentrates on placing himself in
    control of the money of a nation, of the news media of that
    country, of its educational facilities, and of its government. He
    labors diligently and skillfully to manipulate, confuse and
    confound the minds of his victims. Like the wood tick, he
    anesthetizes the brain of the Gentile nation in whose midst he has
    settled. He sinks his tentacles deep and prepares to counter any
    efforts to dislodge him.

    Today, throughout the world in general, and in America in
    particular, we therefore find the Jew in charge of the nation's
    finances. He has complete control of the Federal Reserve System
    about which most Americans understand nothing, but believe that
    it is a department of the Federal Government. Many books have
    been written about Jewish ownership of the Federal Reserve
    System and we do not have space here to treat this subject in detail.
    But suffice it to say here that the Federal Reserve Board is not a
    government function, but a completely private system of banks
    owned, controlled and manipulated by the international Jewish
    bankers and completely beyond the reach and control of the
    Federal Government. Not that this would make much difference in
    any case, because the Federal Government also is controlled by the
    Jews, but it is significant to make this distinction.

    Through manipulation, through the floating of Government bonds,
    the Federal Reserve can have billions printed for its own
    aggrandizement and pay nothing more for the billions of dollars
    that go into its coffers than the cost of the paper and ink involved.
    This usually costs about 7/10 of a cent per paper note, whether that
    note is a $10.00 bill or a $1000.00 bill. The actual printing is done
    by the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, but the notes are
    then transferred to the international Jewish bankers under the guise
    of the Federal Reserve System. The only expense to the bankers is
    the cost of the paper and ink.

    Not only do the Jewish bankers get the money virtually free, but
    the U.S. Government is then obligated to issue U.S. Government
    Bonds as security for the loan involved. The American people are
    then shackled with not only paying off the principal of the
    Government Bonds over a period of years but also the interest
    thereon. These debts are never paid off, but on the contrary, as the
    history of the last 40 years shows, they increase from year to year.
    And so the American taxpayer is increasingly enslaved in debts,
    paying interest in this generation and the next and the next to the
    international Jewish bankers, who, by and large, acquired the loan
    money free of charge from the Government Printing Office itself.

    The Jews have been manipulators of money and usurpers of the
    nation's treasuries of the world from time immemorial. Their
    Bible speaks of the money changers in their temples. They were
    all, of course, Jews. The Jewish monopoly of money goes back as
    far as the history of money itself. The fraud of the Federal Reserve
    System is by no means new and it has evolved over the thousands
    of years from the ancient practice of the goldsmiths being safe
    keepers of the gold of wealthy individuals.

    Gold has had a special and fascinating attraction to the Jews in
    particular from the earliest of times. From the early beginnings of
    money, gold has been used as a means of exchange and from the
    earliest beginnings, the Jews have gravitated around the occupation
    of being safe keepers of other peoples' gold. They soon found that
    as they had a number of clients who kept gold in their vaults, that
    at no time did they all withdraw their gold at the same time. They
    then hit upon the secondary idea of loaning out some of the gold
    that belonged to somebody else at a rate of interest, which means
    they could loan out somebody else's gold and have the borrower
    use it for a limited period of time with an additional amount of
    gold coming back as a premium. As the number of clients
    increased they found out that they could loan out practically 90
    percent of all the gold they held and still have enough reserve on
    hand to cover any withdrawals. This then developed into the
    business of banking and this became a tremendously powerful tool
    for the benefit of the Jew in accumulating the wealth of the
    productive traders and merchants in whose midst they operated.

    From this basic beginning all foundations of banking have evolved.
    Today the Jews have added to this tricky arrangement thousands of
    further embellishments, and through the payments of interest,
    through the Federal Reserve System, through international loans
    and manipulations, they now exclusively control the money of the

    Not only do they control the banking systems but they also control
    the stock markets of the world. Anyone examining the roster of
    those who own seats on the N.Y. Stock Exchange, or the other
    stock exchanges throughout the nation, will find that by and large
    they're all Jews, and a few associates of Jews. By also controlling
    the stock market, which they can manipulate up or down at will,
    they can and do skim all the benefits of the hard working,
    productive and creative White Americans off the top into their own
    coffers. Not only that, but by withholding credit at any time they
    choose, they can throw this nation (or any other nation) or the
    whole world economy, into a depression. Since these are planned
    and the Jews know in advance when they are going to do these
    things, they can, of course, again reap tremendous benefits and
    fleece the unsuspecting goyim forever and endlessly.

    The Jew could never maintain such a stranglehold and such vicious
    control over his victims for any period of time were it not for the
    fact that he is also completely in control of the means of
    communications, the means of information, and the means of
    propaganda. Few people realize how powerful a tool propaganda
    is. Adolf Hitler has said correctly that by the use of propaganda
    the Jews can make heaven look like hell, and hell look like heaven.
    This is only too true, and the Jews have done this skillfully and
    artistically. Because they control the money, they have the means
    wherewith to acquire control of all newspapers, all radio networks,
    all television networks, all television stations, all leading national
    magazines, and moreover, the news wires themselves, such as
    United Press International, the Associated Press, and every other
    news wire network. Thus they can control every piece of news
    that goes nationwide, or worldwide for that matter. They can just
    as easily also suppress and reject any story that comes into their
    news gathering headquarters and withhold it from the world, and
    this is even more important.

    Also in their arsenal of propaganda, and a very important one, is
    the movie industry again completely controlled by the Jews. In
    fact, so thoroughly is Hollywood and the movie industry controlled
    by the Jews that Hollywood has often been referred to as Kosher
    Valley. The movie industry in the last 50 years has undoubtedly
    developed into one of the most powerful means of propaganda and
    brain pollution to the White Race the world has ever seen. It is
    only in recent years that it has been equaled, and perhaps excelled
    by the Jewish controlled television industry. You can be sure that
    the movie industry was not left unexploited in promoting the
    interests of the Jews and in promoting their program for the
    destruction of the White Race.

    During the war years the Jewish movie industry in Hollywood was
    busy cranking out one anti-German, anti-Hitler, anti-Nazi
    propaganda film after another. Being naive and gullible as we are,
    many of our white brothers swallowed this poisonous bait and was
    enlisted in the Jewish snare of having the White Americans join in
    the vicious Jewish program of having White brothers kill White
    brothers in order to save the neck of the perfidious Jew. At the
    same time the communist countries were lauded to the skies. By
    treacherous lying propaganda it was made to seem plausible that
    we, the United States of America, could join forces with Jewish
    controlled communist Russia in waging a suicidal war of
    destruction against the heroic defenders of the White Race, namely
    the German people.

    Not only have the movies been used as instruments for getting us
    involved in suicidal wars, but they have also been used as a means
    of setting the tone of our morals and our mores. Basically they
    have been used to undermine and degenerate the moral climate of
    our youth and of our country as a whole. During the 1920's the
    movies had become debauched and degenerate to the point where
    they were threatening their own survival. Strangely enough,
    during the 30' s the moral tone improved somewhat. Many of the
    best stories that have been put out by Hollywood originated during
    the 1930' s and people were lured back into the movie theatres in
    large numbers. Then the Jew cleverly began to interject the anti-
    German, anti-Nazi propaganda into his revitalized movie industry
    and began to inflame and pollute the minds of the White people of
    America towards hatred and a willingness to accept the idea of war
    against their own White brothers.

    During the war itself the movies went into high gear. Nearly every
    production was viciously slanted to enhance the war effort in
    destroying Germany. At the same time, injected into the theme
    was the idea of racial integration. When the war was over the idea
    of co-existence and collaboration with Russia was promoted along
    with an intensification of the idea of one world, one-world
    government, and the United Nations.

    By the 1950' s the idea of racial tolerance for the Jews broadened
    towards acceptance of the nigger as an equal in our society and as
    being the down-trodden victim of the White Man's greed and
    cruelty. The suicidal idea of the nigger being a permanent and
    vital equal part in our American society has been progressively
    promoted ever since. To find a movie today that doesn't in one
    way or another promote racial mongrelization is hard to come by.
    The Jew today in movies, the press and in television, is driving at a
    vicious and frightening pace for full mongrelization of the
    American people. All opposition has been effectively clobbered
    and destroyed.

    In the 1950' s and the 1960's two new elements were injected into
    the movie propaganda campaign. One is the use of drugs as an
    ever-increasing problem. It is made to seem that the people
    themselves are promoting drugs without any inside or outside
    influence. To the young people it is made to seem like everybody
    is doing it, and why shouldn't they try it, too. The other factor is
    the ever-increasing outright filth and pornography being injected
    into our movies, thereby undermining our morals and polluting the
    thinking of all the people, especially our up- and-coming younger

    The television industry, which went into high gear shortly after the
    end of World War II, now rivals, and undoubtedly excels, the
    effectiveness and the viciousness of the movie industry itself in
    polluting the minds of the American people.

    So thoroughly polluted have the minds of the American viewing
    audience become with the obsession of watching television that in
    many families, if their television set were taken away, they would
    be left absolutely helpless in knowing what to do with their time.
    Some mothers shunt their youngsters off into a room with the
    television set on, full blast, using the Jewish idiot box as a baby
    sitter for their youngsters. Little do they realize that while these
    impressionable young minds sit in front of these Jewish boob-
    tubes, they are absorbing degenerate Jewish ideas. Nor do they
    realize that they are allowing their most precious possessions to
    become polluted with poison that will be hard to eliminate from
    the minds of their offspring for the rest of their lives.

    And so with the Jews in full control of all the propaganda
    networks, the news wires, the newspapers, the radio networks,
    television networks, the movies, magazines and every other form
    of propaganda, America and the world is being deluged with the
    Jewish poison. It is being deluged and overwhelmed with the idea
    of intermarriage with the blacks, with the idea that Jews are sacred,
    immune and untouchable; with the idea that filth and pornography
    are the normal state of things in entertainment; with the idea that
    drugs are the coming thing and that everybody should try to go on
    a trip.

    Above all, the idea of racial loyalty is being portrayed as the most
    heinous crime a person could ever entertain in his thoughts. Not
    one constructive idea comes out of all these hours and days and
    months and years of brain pollution that the Jew is promoting. But
    everything that is destructive for the White Race is being pushed
    and promoted: everything that is good for the niggers, the blacks,
    the coloreds and the Jews is being highlighted and promoted. The
    list of the confusing, destructive and suicidal ideas that are being
    slopped upon the American people, like so much garbage, is
    endless. In another chapter entitled, "False Ideas Disseminated by
    the Jews" we will discuss a few dozen more ideas with which the
    American people's minds are being polluted. However, these are
    only a few dozen out of thousands that are continuously, forever,
    perpetually, and unendingly being rained upon the American

    In their propaganda tactics the Jews are fond of always labeling
    something just the opposite to what it is and one of the labels they
    use for mind contamination is "brain washing." I reject this term,
    and throughout this book I prefer to use the term "brain pollution"
    instead, because I believe it more correctly portrays what is
    actually being done. To wash one's brain would mean to cleanse it
    of all impurities and pollutants. But this is not what the Jews are
    doing. They are actually taking normal healthy brains, that is the
    brains of the Gentiles, and infecting them with a lot of filth,
    pornography and pollutants of wrong ideas. Hence, I believe that
    the term "brain pollution" much more correctly signifies what the
    Jew is doing than does the term "brain washing."

    In aggressive pursuit of his vicious program of brain pollution, the
    minds of our young people are the initial and main target. In order
    to capture the brains of our youth, the field of education is of vital
    importance and the Jews have completely monopolized our
    educational facilities for many, many decades.

    Henry Ford wrote his excellent book The International Jew over 50
    years ago. Here is what he says about the Jewry in schools and
    colleges: "Colleges are being constantly invaded by the Jewish
    idea." "The sons of the Anglo-Saxons are being attacked in their
    very heredity." "The sons of the builders, the makers, are being
    subverted to the philosophy of the destroyers."

    "Young men in the first exhilarating months of intellectual
    freedom are being seized with promissory doctrines, the source and
    consequences of which they do not see...." "The central group of
    Red philosophers in every university is a Jewish group, with often
    enough a 'Gentile front' in the shape of a deluded professor. Some
    of these professors are in the pay of outside Red organizations.
    There are Intercollegiate Socialist Societies, swarming with Jews
    and Jewish influences, and toting Jewish professors around the
    country, addressing fraternities under the patronage of the best
    civic and university auspices."

    In suggesting what to do about it, Henry Ford said, "Simply
    identify the source and nature of the influence which has overrun
    our schools and universities. Let the students know that their
    choice is between the Anglo-Saxon and the Tribe of Judah. ... The
    only absolute antidote to the Jewish influence is to call college
    students back to a pride of race."

    Remember Henry Ford, the great American, wrote these lines back
    in 1921, over 50 years ago. Since then the Jewish avalanche in our
    educational systems, starting with kindergarten, running through
    grade school, high school, and through the colleges, has turned
    these institutions for learning into absolute insane asylums in
    which the young, fertile, creative mind of the White child is
    polluted and perverted into an instrument for its own destruction
    and for the destruction of its country, nation and race. What with
    compulsory laws compelling the parents to send their
    impressionable young children to school through the age of 16
    today, it invariably amounts to becoming the inmate of a
    penitentiary for five days a week during school hours, and, whether
    they like it or not, then having the young brains polluted with
    Jewish trash and garbage for the destruction of their race.

    Henry Ford's idea of merely identifying the source today is no
    longer possible or practical. Much more fundamental and drastic
    measures must be taken. The White Man as a whole needs a
    completely new outlook on life and religion. He needs a
    completely new philosophy and, in fact, he needs a new religion
    that will give him goal and purpose, an identity and ideology that
    are his own. The fact is the White Race needs a new religion
    polarized around the value of his race, the greatest value on the
    face of the earth. This idea and this ideology must be impregnated
    into the minds of our young offspring from the time they begin to

    There is hardly a phase in any sphere of activity that controls the
    destiny of this nation that the Jews don't directly or indirectly
    control. With two powerful segments in their hands, namely
    control of the means of propaganda, and control of the money, the
    government of the United States is a captive puppet going through
    the motions of being a democracy representing all the people. But
    in truth, it is a powerful instrument in the hands of the Jews used to
    exploit, tyrannize and destroy the White Race, whose government
    it only seems to be.

    There is hardly a public official in office of any importance today
    who is a free man. Almost every one of them has been placed in
    office or has obtained his position through Jewish manipulation
    and Jewish design. Having arrived where they are through the
    beneficence of the Jews, they then in turn must answer to the
    Jewish conspiracy. Behind a man like President Nixon is a Jewish
    boss like Henry Kissinger, born in Germany of a Jewish Rabbi.
    Not only does Nixon have one Jewish "advisor," but two. The
    other is the Jew Arthur Burns, born Bernstein, in Austria, also the
    son of a Rabbi. In fact, Nixon's whole political career was
    originally launched back in 1946 by a Jew named Murray
    Chotiner. He has continuously guided Nixon's career and been the
    pimp between the Jewish community and Nixon.

    President Lyndon B. Johnson had the notorious Abe Fortas and
    Walter Rostoff, both Jews. President Kennedy had Walter Rostoff
    and Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. President Roosevelt had as his real
    boss the head of the Kehilla, the tough, no-nonsense Jew, Bernard
    Baruch, as well as several lesser Jewish advisors. And, so it goes.

    The same kind of Jewish control, of Jewish background, of
    advising and controlling, is found all the way down to the local
    municipal level. Many Jews themselves are elected to office, but
    preferably they like to have some White Gentile stooge fronting for
    them with the Jews pulling the strings in the background, directing,
    manipulating, giving orders.

    Should any honest, natural leader of the White Race try to run for
    office and make it on his own, the gigantic propaganda machines
    that the Jews have at their disposal are immediately set in motion.
    Such a man is then smeared and attacked and vilified. Or
    sometimes the reverse tactic is used and he is completely blacked
    out so that the voters hardly know that he is even running. Should
    such a natural White leader make it despite all these handicaps,
    then the full power of the propaganda apparatus is brought into
    play to smear, besmirch and slander him, and downgrade him
    before the gullible public. The full resources of their money power
    is also brought into play and in the next election his opponent is
    well financed, given a tremendous build-up by the news media.

    Usually the Jews like to select as their front stooges, men who
    have a fatal weakness in their character and a shameful episode in
    their past, one not generally known to the public. Because of their
    weakness of character in general and their vulnerability to
    blackmail, such people are easy to manipulate. What with bribery
    and financial assistance, they are easily enticed into becoming
    traitors to their own race and doing the bidding of the Jews. They
    are easily kept in line by threat of exposure of their disgraceful

    I have mentioned the means of communications as being in the
    hands of the Jews. I have mentioned control of money and
    international banking, control of education and control of
    government as all being in the hands of the Jews. By no means
    does this cover the whole territory. In fact, there is hardly an
    activity of any significance in this country that is not directly or
    indirectly controlled by the "chosen" race. This also includes the
    law enforcement agencies, the courts and even the White Man's
    religions. Of the latter we will have more to say in another
    chapter. I do want to mention here, however, the fact that most of
    the businesses, especially the significant big businesses, are all in
    the hands of the Jews.

    Over 50 years ago Henry Ford wrote the following: "To make a list
    of the lines of businesses controlled by the Jews of the United
    States would be to touch most of the vital industries of the
    country those which are really vital, and those which cultivated
    habits have been made to seem vital. The theatrical business is
    exclusively Jewish: play producing, booking, theatre operations are
    all in the hands of the Jews. This accounts for the fact that in
    almost every production today can be detected propaganda,
    sometimes glaringly commercial advertisement, sometimes direct
    political construction."

    "The motion picture industry; the sugar industry; the tobacco
    industry; 50 percent or more of the meat packing industry; over 60
    percent of the shoe making industry; most of the musical
    purveying done in the country; jewelry; grain; cotton, oil; steel;
    magazine authorship; news distribution; liquor business; the loan
    business; these, to name only the industries with national and
    international sweep, are in control of the Jews of the United States,
    either alone or in association with Jews overseas."

    This is what Henry Ford observed over 50 years ago. This great,
    creative and productive genius of the White Race, who built one of
    the world's biggest empires with his bare hands from the ground
    up, should know a little something about who controlled the
    business of the United States during his time.

    Having built the mighty Ford empire he found that some
    mysterious forces were trying to steal it from him through trickery
    and cunning. He suspected that these manipulators were being
    engineered by powerful Jewish financiers. Being an intelligent and
    resourceful man, Mr. Ford set about to find the culprits back of this
    maneuver. He called into his office the most intelligent research
    men within his acquaintance. He commissioned them to make a
    thorough study of the International Jew and published their
    findings in The Dearborn Independent which, at that time, was the
    official organ of the Ford Motor Company. The results of those
    findings, published in 1921, were a bombshell, not only to the
    White Gentiles, but to the Jewish conspiracy itself, because it
    exposed their nefarious tactics in their world-wide conspiracy. The
    information compiled was a valuable contribution to the White
    Gentiles of America and is recommended reading for everyone
    who wishes to learn more about the background of the
    International Jewish Conspiracy.

    Since the Jews have had such a deadly impact upon the White
    civilizations over the last several thousand years, it behooves us to
    study intensely the nature of our Nemesis. It is also fundamental
    to our survival to develop a cure for this plague. This we are
    endeavoring to do throughout this book.

    Who are these strange, peculiar people who have been able to
    survive longer than any other race in recorded history? Who are
    these people that have been destroyers of such great civilizations as
    Rome, Babylon and Egypt? What peculiarities in their make-up is
    it that has enabled them to destroy a highly wealthy country such
    as Russia in modern times and turn it into a Jewish slave labor
    camp? How, in fact, have they been able to capture the wealth of
    the world into their hands and turn the world into a Jewish
    dictatorship? How have they been able to do all this without us,
    the great White Race of America, even being able to discuss the
    question intelligently without fear and trembling?

    It is of utmost importance that we study this creature biologically,
    psychologically, economically and also from a standpoint of race
    and religion.

    Most White people are terribly confused about the Jewish race.
    One of the sorriest notions most Gentiles have fallen for is the
    mistaken idea that Jews are members of the White Race. This is a
    most treacherous deception the Jews themselves have promoted
    among our people, but to their own they have made it abundantly
    clear that they have nothing in common with the White Race.

    The Jews are forever Semitics, originating out of Asia from
    prehistoric times.

    Jewish Professor Leonard J. Fine, makes the racial point crystal
    clear to his own people: "We are not White symbolically, and we
    are not White literally. We should not permit ourselves to be
    lumped together with White America, for that is not where we

    Much time is wasted among the White Gentiles in arguing whether
    the Jews are a race, or whether they are a religion, or whether they
    are a nation. The fact is they are all three, and it matters little in
    what proportion you want to attribute the importance of any of
    these three factors.

    From ancient times, they have constituted a race that has been the
    plague of the civilized world. This they have been able to do
    because of the uniqueness of their religion. It was primarily
    designed to perpetuate and preserve the race by being a parasite on
    the body of productive nations. They are a world-wide nation and
    form a nation within a nation in each country on which they have
    fastened their tentacles. This includes just about every country in
    the world. If there is one factor that has bound the Jews together
    and made them the most tenacious, persistent race in the world it is
    their Mosaic religion, and the resultant racial loyalty that it has
    imbued upon every Jew member. It is this racial-religious unity
    that makes them powerful and it is something that we should take
    heed of in thinking about the preservation of the White Race.

    The early origins of the Jewish race are lost in antiquity. The
    Jewish shibboleths as set forth in the story about Abraham, Isaac
    and Jacob are, of course, so many Jewish lies which make a good
    story around which they can rally their ideology, but it has
    absolutely no basis in fact or history.

    The Jews themselves have never bothered about really tracing their
    origins in history, which origins remain shrouded in mystery.
    They simply come out with a claim that they are the chosen people
    of God, a very special people, and they also claim the longest
    historical record of any people of earth. Whereas the former claim
    about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is a basic tenet in their religion,
    one that has built the Jewish race, the second claim about having
    the longest historical record is hard to dispute.

    The Jews appear and reappear in histories of other nations for
    5,000 years. Being basically a predator and a parasite, they were
    either never able to, nor have they ever been willing to establish a
    nation in their own right. This is rather a sorry record for such a
    strange and virulent race, and incredible when one considers that
    they claim to be the favorite "chosen" of God.

    The word Jew is of fairly modern usage and derives from the word
    Judah and Judaic. In ancient history the Jews were known as
    Hebrews which derives from the Aramaic word "Ebri," which in
    turn derives from the Hebrew word "Ibhri" meaning "one who is
    from across the river." Hebrew in all ancient literature was written
    as "Habiru" and appears as such frequently in the Bible and in
    Egyptian literature. In the Bible, Habiru is used interchangeably
    with "Sagaz" meaning cutthroat. Thus the Egyptians always wrote
    of the Jews as "the cut-throat bandits from across the river."

    Since Palestine was the crossroads of the ancient world, most of
    the wealthy trade routes crossed in this area. This, of course, made
    it a natural habitat for bands of cutthroats and robbers. The fact
    that deserts and mountains were part of the natural landscape
    further attributed to making this area the natural habitat for the
    development of a nation of bandits, cutthroats, robbers and
    parasites. This is exactly what developed, and this is as far as
    historical facts can show the early origin of the Jewish race.

    A German Jew, Kastein, who shortened his name from
    Katzenstein, is recognized as an outstanding scholar of Jewish and
    Biblical history. In his History of the Jews, Kastein identifies
    many of the great names in Jewish history as bandits. He mentions
    Jepthah as one of the saviors of the Jewish people and identifies
    him as the robber chief of Gilead. Of the great Jewish hero David,
    he says, "At the time of Saul's death, we find David the leader of a
    band of free-booters, living in Ziklag... On hearing that the throne
    was vacant, David immediately hastened to Hebron in Judea.
    Nobody had summoned him, but he put forward his claim to the
    kingship, declaring that Samuel had secretly appointed him."
    About the great and wise Solomon, Kastein has this to say,
    "Shelmo, Solomon the Peaceable, inaugurated his rule by
    committing three murders which cleared his path and got rid of his
    only brother, and did so without the slightest qualms of

    The fact that Solomon, David and Jepthah were all blood-thirsty
    bandits is typical of all Jewish leaders. Whereas the Jews have
    been a part of history since the dawn of civilization, theirs has
    always been a history of treachery, of bloodshed, murder, robbery
    and crime.

    Despite the fact that this peculiar race has persisted longer than any
    other on the face of the earth, two rather strange facts stand out.
    One is that over these thousands of years they never tried to form a
    country or nation of their own, and even today's bandit state of
    Israel is no exception to that statement. Israel is intended only to
    become the headquarters for the Jewish dictatorship of the world,
    not a gathering place for all the Jews of the world. The second
    strange fact is that this tough and persistent people has never
    developed a civilization or a culture of their own, all their claims to
    the contrary notwithstanding.

    One of the outstanding fortes of the Jews is the skillful
    manipulation of propaganda. However, the record of the Hebrews
    and their history shows that all the Jewish claims of culture are
    entirely without foundation. The Horizon Book of Christianity, a
    standard reference work, says "The Jews began as an
    agglomeration of small tribes who later attained independence only
    in the interlude between the rise and fall of great empires. They
    have bequeathed no monuments testifying to magnificence. There
    are no tombs of Hebrew kings with chaplets of gold and chariots
    studded with jewels. Palestine archeology has unearthed no statues
    of David or Solomon, but only water pots like the one from which
    Rebecca watered the camels of Abraham's servants."

    The Oriental Institute of Chicago contains one of the world's most
    outstanding collections of the fine arts, specializing in Egyptian,
    Syrian and other cultures of the Near East, in the area which the
    Jews claim as that of their origin. One would expect to find the
    Jewish contribution to civilization well represented there. After
    walking through vast halls filled with great works of art, splendid
    statues, exquisite j ewels, and other artifacts from the tombs of
    Egyptian and Assyrian conquerors, we come to the Jewish exhibit.
    Here we find a glass case filled with broken bits of clay pots,
    crude, undecorated, and unglazed utensils which might have come
    down to us from the Stone Age. This is the great Jewish "culture"
    about which the Jews brag so flagrantly and it is about all they
    have to offer.

    The fact is that the Jews were known throughout ancient history
    only as destroyers. They produced no art, founded no dynasties,
    built no great cities, and, alone of all the ancient peoples, had no
    talent for the finer things of culture or civilized life. Yet today we
    will hear the Jews boast loud and long about how they are the sole
    torchbearers of civilization.

    The noted historian, Arnold Toynbee, defined the Jews for all time
    a few years ago, when he described them as a "fossil" people. By
    this he meant that they were a people who had failed to develop
    since the Stone Age, as their primitive clay pots prove to us. They
    were never able to master agriculture, animal husbandry,
    architecture, or any of the civilized arts. Even as a bandit nation
    the Jews were not too successful, and eked out a precarious living
    in Palestine where they were often on the verge of starvation.

    Kastein says further of the Jews: "Some remained within the
    confines of Canaan, others settled down along the great military
    highway of the East, and in the neighboring deserts and
    wildernesses, where they led a nomadic existence, while a smaller
    section, driven by hunger, finally succeeded in reaching Egypt,
    where the Pharaohs took them under their protection." The
    Egyptians, who built one of the earliest and one of the great
    civilizations of all time, failed to recognize their own greatest
    asset: the innate, inborn value of their racial lines which produced
    the civilization in their midst. We have already discussed how one
    of their greatest mistakes was to allow the entry of the blacks from
    the lower Nile to come into their country and intermingle, defile
    and bastardize their bloodlines. Of all the races in ancient Egypt
    that intermingled, the Jews alone held themselves apart.

    The Pharaohs, having allowed the Jews to come in through sheer
    sympathy for their starved and miserable existence, were soon to
    learn the virulent and destructive nature of the parasite that they
    had allowed to enter. The Jews soon rose to high positions in the
    land of the Pharaohs, and, simultaneously, as was to happen in so
    many other countries, the Empire began to disintegrate. The
    parasites the Egyptians had taken in through sympathy, in short
    order began to manifest their outstanding characteristics, namely
    that of tearing down a civilization from within. Gangs of bandits
    soon sprang up and began to harass and plunder the trade routes.

    They became bolder in the outposts of the Empire. They seemed
    to know just when to strike and which of the towns were poorly

    With the Jews acting as leaders and catalysts, the process of
    trading in black slaves was increased and the mongrelization of the
    White Egyptian nation was hastened. The Empire began to decay
    from within. Its leadership became apathetic, the race became
    more and more tinged with black blood and the morale of the
    people was undermined. Here is what Alan H. Gardiner translates
    from an ancient papyrus in Leiden: "Egypt was in distress, the
    social system had become disorganized; violence filled the land.
    Invaders preyed upon the defenseless population; the rich were
    stripped of everything and slept in the open, and the poor took their
    possessions. It is no merely local disturbance that is here
    described, but a great and overwhelming national disaster. The
    Pharaoh was strangely inactive."

    Here we have a typical description of the Jewish virulence in
    spreading disintegration, and destroying a great nation upon which
    they had fastened their tentacles. We saw the same thing happen
    in the downfall of Babylon. In studying the French Revolution and
    the Russian communist revolution we find a similar and parallel

    By 2,100 B.C. the Egyptian nation was so demoralized and divided
    that they were unable to resist conquest from outside. And as
    usual the Jews paved the way for the conquerors. They paved the
    way for the Hyksos, or Shepherd Kings, who won Egypt without a
    battle and maintained an iron dictatorship over the people for 511
    years. The Hyksos were known as the protectors of the Jews.
    During this period of five centuries the Jews were princes in Egypt,
    taking what they wanted from the enslaved Egyptians, and
    incurring their enmity by their vicious arrogance over the betrayed
    population. Finally, the native leaders of the Egyptians led a
    successful revolt, and expelled the Hyksos forever. After the
    Egyptians regained control of their own country and their own
    destiny they punished the Jews for their treachery, and enslaved
    them for a life of hard labor.

    This brings us to the period of Moses, when the Jews complained
    about their hard lot in Egypt. Before they betrayed the nation to
    the Hyksos, they had enjoyed every freedom in Egypt, and it was
    only natural that they should now be punished for their treason.

    Rather than endure this slavery, they petitioned the Pharaoh to let
    them return to Palestine, and resume their life of nomadic banditry.
    But the outraged Egyptian people demanded that they serve out
    their punishment, and the Pharaoh was forced to agree. Now the
    Jews used every device to obtain their freedom, bringing plagues
    upon the Egyptian people through the use of poisons and
    contaminating the water.

    They were finally allowed to depart from Egypt. It is during this
    period that their religion became more solidified and the bandit
    race began to develop a more distinct character.

    From here on out they scattered into the midsts of other nations
    such as the Babylonian civilization, the Greek civilization, and the
    Persian civilization, there to infect and infest the body of these
    nations and spell their destruction.

    A leading businessman, J. J. Cavanaugh, has compared the
    dispersion of the Jews to the physiological effects of cancer. He
    says, "The Jews can be best understood as a disease of civilization.
    They can be likened to the spread of cancer throughout the human
    system. Just as the Jews spread out through the civilized world,
    following the trade routes, so cancer cells spread through the body,
    traveling along the arteries and veins to every part of the system.
    And just as the Jews gather in critical areas of the world and begin
    to multiply, and strangle and poison whole communities and
    nations, so cancer cells gather and multiply and destroy the organs
    of the body, and finally, the body itself."

    Many historians of the ancient world noted the Jewish
    phenomenon, and commented upon it, but most of these works
    have since been destroyed. When Julius Caesar arrived in
    Alexandria, one of the first acts that he had his soldiers perform
    was to burn the great libraries that the Egyptians had accumulated
    in Alexandria. Since Julius Caesar was a defender of the Jews and
    one of their agents, this is easily understood. If we still had these
    libraries, these books and this information available to us today, we
    would undoubtedly be able to focus a lot more light on the
    influence of Jewish infestation on the ancient civilizations.

    Among the few comments on Jews which have survived the Jewish
    destruction of libraries are those of Philo and Strabo. Philo, an
    important historian, wrote that "Jewish communities have spread
    out over all the continents and islands."

    Strabo' s comments upon the Jews, written in the time of the
    Emperor Augustus of Rome, is even more revealing. He wrote,
    "This people (the Jews) has already made its way into every city,
    and it is not easy to find any place in the habitable world which has
    not received this nation and in which it has not made its power

    So we see that as the Roman civilization developed the Jews were
    there. By the time of Julius Caesar the Jews were a powerful and
    controlling influence on the financial structure of Rome and the
    government of Rome itself. Julius Caesar was one of their agents,
    as in modern times were Roosevelt and Churchill. By this time the
    Romans themselves were becoming well aware of the evil and
    destructive influence that the Jews heaped upon their nation and
    there began a reaction against the Jews. The Romans, like so many
    other peoples who were infested with this parasite, made attempt
    after attempt to get the Jews out of Rome, but they always came
    back. Rome, at the time of Julius Caesar, was operating under a
    republican-democratic form of government made up of many
    opposing political parties and groups, a situation similar to what
    we find in America today. In order to win, a politician needed the
    support of one group which would stick by him without fail and,
    thus, influence other groups to support him. In Roman times, as in
    the present day democracies, the one solidified, unified group who
    knew their purpose in politics were the Jews. They would
    guarantee their support to any politician who, in turn, would
    become their stooge.

    Julius Caesar discovered this simple fact of life. He sought out the
    Jews and won their support. With the Jews behind him, Caesar
    soon became the dictator of Rome and the unchallenged ruler of
    the world. Alarmed by his increasing subservience to the Jews, a
    group of loyal senators, led by Brutus, a former friend of Caesar's
    in his pre-Jewish period, resolved to assassinate him. We have all
    heard of the famous assassination of Julius Caesar, but few have
    heard of the central fact in the case, namely that Julius Caesar was
    assassinated because he was a stooge for the Jews. Emperor
    Augustus, who inherited the Empire after Caesar's generals fell out
    among themselves, again restored special privileges to the Jews.
    This explains why he emerged stronger than the other factions
    which divided Rome after Caesar's death.

    Despite the strong Jewish influence, one factor emerged that
    helped strengthen the Roman position. The democratic-republican
    form of government changed to the Empire form, with an Emperor
    as head of the nation. The Romans had finally found from
    experience that the multi- party system, with the powers split
    among several divisive factions, was a weak and ineffective
    method of government. When they changed over to the leadership
    principle, the Empire for 200 years progressed amidst peace and
    prosperity. In fact, Pax Romana, a period from the time of
    Emperor Augustus to approximately 200 A.D., was the longest
    period of peace in the history of civilized nations of the world and
    in the history of the White Race. We must remember that this was
    accomplished despite the Jewish influence and because some of
    the Emperors had the intestinal fortitude to resist the Jewish power.

    This they could never have done under the democratic-republican
    system of government. We find, therefore, under Emperor
    Vespasian, that when the Jews in Jerusalem and Judea rebelled, he
    sent General Titus down there to lay siege to the city. In short
    order the city was conquered, the inhabitants were either slain or
    sold into captivity and the city itself was leveled to the ground.

    Roman justice was tough and final but the Jews were far from
    finished. It was at this time that Jewish hatred for the Romans
    reached its peak intensity. They hated the Romans with a
    vengeance as they had the Babylonians, whom they had destroyed
    earlier. This is a key characteristic of the Jews: to hate with a
    fierce passion the host upon whom they are feeding and whom
    they have marked for destruction. The fact that the host has been
    their main means of sustenance makes no difference. Like a true
    parasite they will pursue the destruction of their host to the bitter
    end, although this might mean their own destruction.

    Having learned the lesson in the destruction of Jerusalem that they
    were no match for the Romans in open combat, the treacherous and
    cunning mind of the Jews conceived a means of pulling down and
    destroying the Roman Empire. It was during this period, shortly
    after the destruction of Jerusalem that the Jews feverishly began
    propagating the Christian ideology which implanted in the minds
    of the Romans such suicidal ideas as "turn the other cheek", "love
    thine enemy", "sell all thou hast and give it to the poor", "resist not
    evil", "judge not", "think not of the morrow", "lay up treasures in

    The new religion that the Jews foisted upon the Romans promised
    them that if they would do all these suicidal things, they would get
    their reward in the hereafter, eternal salvation, etc. The Romans
    fell for this suicidal advice with the bait of a promised reward in
    the hereafter. Shortly thereupon the Roman Empire went into
    rapid decline.

    When the Roman Empire collapsed, one of the primary reasons for
    its fall was the declining birth rate of White Roman children.
    History records that eventually there was virtually no one left to
    rule Rome but mongrelized minority groups who had bred
    themselves into the majority and formed the mindless mob that
    brought death and destruction to the Roman Empire. Today the
    same thing is happening in America as young people of White
    racial ancestry are being taught and bombarded with the idea that it
    is a sin to bring children into the world and that if they wish to
    have children, they should adopt some poor underprivileged
    children of a minority race (meaning niggers).

    After the death of Emperor Domitian in 96 A.D., the emperors of
    Rome were no longer of Roman birth; from there on they were all
    foreigners influenced by Jewish "advisors" in the background. By
    the year 313 A.D., Emperor Constantine, in the Edict of Milan
    proclaimed Christianity as the official religion of the Roman
    Empire. From there on out, under the influence of the Jewish
    ideology imposed on the Roman people, history shows that Rome
    began to disintegrate rapidly. By the year 476 A.D. the barbarians
    from the West had conquered Rome with hardly any opposition.
    The will of the now mongrelized and Christianized people of
    Rome to defend their nation and homes was gone. Rome was no

    In all our history books, and especially in religious circles, we are
    told that Christianity and the Jews were in opposition; that Christ
    denounced the Jews; that the Jews crucified Christ. Even today we
    are being told in Kosher Konservative circles that the main
    objective of the Jews is to destroy Christianity. This is, of course,
    one of the biggest hoaxes in the history of the world. The facts are
    plainly there for everyone to see. The Jews concocted Christianity
    as their special poison to unhinge the minds of the Romans so that
    they would no longer be able to maintain their civilization. This
    was the Jews' revenge for the destruction of Jerusalem and the
    biological manifestation of the intense Jewish hatred for the host
    nation upon which they prey.

    The Jewish historian, Kastein, frankly admits this extraordinary
    characteristic of the Jews. He says, "To the Jews, Rome constituted
    the quintessence of all that was odious and should be swept away
    from off the face of the earth. They hated Rome and her device,
    arma et leges, with an inhuman hatred." We have seen other
    examples of how the Jew continues to hate the people he has
    destroyed. Centuries after Babylon was no more the Jew
    fulminates again and again about "the whore of Babylon." But of
    all the nations, the Jews hated Rome the most, probably because
    Rome represented one of the finest examples of what a beautiful
    and powerful civilization the creative and productive White Race
    can produce.

    So terrible is the hatred that the parasitic Jew has for the host upon
    whom he feeds, that it is most important for the Jew to mask his
    true feelings. Consequently, he always appears bearing an olive
    branch. His first word is "shalom," or peace. It is this necessity to
    conceal his true feelings which leads the Jew to conduct his affairs
    and his meetings in secret.

    We, the White people of the globe, have much to learn from the
    history of Rome. Roman history probably is the greatest teacher
    mankind will ever have, for all time. They built a wonderful
    civilization, an achievement that has never been equaled. On the
    negative side the lessons we can learn are even stronger.

    Let Us Examine What These Lessons Are, First On the Positive

    1. The civilization the Romans created was a result of
    what the Romans themselves were a blonde, tall,
    blue-eyed White Race, endowed by Nature with beauty,
    creativity and intelligence.

    2. They were during their rise and development a
    pure and unadulterated race. Their rise continued as
    long as they remained a pure race. It halted, declined
    and decayed as they became mongrelized through the
    mixture of races injected in their national bloodstream.

    3. They were manly, brave, courageous and outstanding
    warriors. In a few centuries they conquered most of the
    then known world.

    4. They were systematic, well organized, and had a
    penchant for law, order and organization. They were the
    greatest law-givers that the world has ever seen. Most
    of the laws of the civilized Western world is based
    originally on Roman law. They developed the most expressive and orderly
    language in the history of mankind. Today, 2,000 years
    later, the Latin language has still not been equaled.
    They had an inborn sense of responsibility towards their
    homes, their family and their country.
    They were a creative, culture loving people and
    developed language, literature, art and sculpture to
    heights never before attained and, perhaps, in some
    respects not equaled today.
    They could be hard and decisive when dealing with
    their enemies, as for example the complete destruction
    of Carthage and Jerusalem.

    On the Negative Side We Can Learn the Following:

    1. The Romans failed to realize that their empire, their
    civilization, and their greatness were due to the inherent
    quality of their outstanding racial stock.

    2. They imported blacks and other inferior peoples into
    their Empire, and took no decisive measures to prevent
    the contamination of their precious bloodlines.

    3. The Romans had a useless and pointless religion that
    was a copy of, and a modification of, the Greek
    mythologies and their Gods. The essence of their
    religion consisted of a number of Gods and semi-Gods,
    cavorting and clowning from one mischievous affair to
    another. It did absolutely nothing to give the Romans
    purpose or unity. It contributed nothing toward any
    racial or national goals, nor did it teach them the value
    of their marvelous race. In summation, it failed to
    protect them from racial destruction.

    4. They were completely unable to cope with the
    treacherous and cunning Jew in their midst. Because
    they allowed the mongrelization of their racial stock;
    the infiltration of the Jew into their finances, education
    and government; and because they then succumbed to
    the suicidal "new" Christian religion, they perished

    If they had had a strong sense of racial loyalty, rather
    than "national" loyalty to Rome, and embodied this as
    their national religion, they would neither have been
    mongrelized, nor would they have succumbed to the
    poisonous new religion the Jew injected into their
    thinking, a religion which unhinged their reasoning and
    brought about their destruction.
    Had the Romans had such a religion, instead of the
    silly, superficial religion they copied from the Greeks,
    Roman civilization would undoubtedly have survived to
    this day and for many thousands of years thereafter. In
    fact, civilizations do not die except when their racial
    blood becomes contaminated and the progeny is no
    longer the same as the forefathers who created the
    original civilization and culture.

    If Roman civilization had prevailed, what a blessing for
    this world it would have been! Instead of a Jew-ridden
    world racked by revolution, dissension and anarchy,
    teeming with increasing floods of mongrels and
    coloreds, we would today have a beautiful White world
    in every part of every continent, prosperous, peaceful,
    orderly, and productive. We would have a world minus
    the colored and inferior scum that infests so much of
    the good real estate of the globe today, and undoubtedly
    minus that destroyer of all civilizations the parasitic

    Taken from: Nature's Eternal Religion by Ben Klassen - Chapter 6

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