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Agent Provocateur Says: Greetings, I Am a Psychopath ... Pay Attention to Me

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  • reynolds
    Senior Member
    • Oct 2018
    • 1981

    This guy was angry from the get-go. Anyone could see that. He started out by immediately attacking members here. Why?


    • Rev.Cambeul
      Chief Administrator & Web Designer
      • Jul 2013
      • 471

      Why? Jew, nigger, White libtarded race-traitor or he is what he claims and is a genuine psychopath that once upon a time would have been lobotomised.

      Here's an example: There are a lot of skinheads that refuse to have anything to do with the non-Whites. Makes perfect sense, and I do the same. However, they also go out of their way to avoid any conflict with non-Whites; but when it comes to Whites, they have no fear and attack their so-called White brothers (police use them to create disharmony so whatever they do, it's allowed). Why? Because they are psychopaths. They have to go on the attack no matter what, so they rant and rave about Jews, race-traitors and niggers, but because it's Whites that they are around, it's Whites only that they bully and attack. Those psychopaths are also the first to roll over once police become involved, because that's essentially the attention they crave. They need to feel important. Which is why they may appear the most brutal of thugs, but anti-White groups love them so much and shower attention on them both as the evil White enemy and the traitor they eventually become. BTW That and other related reasons are why we do not recruit skinheads into the Creativity Alliance.

      The problem we genuine WRL's have is that there are just too many psychopathic Whites out there, and it's impossible to tell the difference between a psychopath that claims good intentions but will drag you down with him or her, and a race-traitor or non-White with what essentially is the same agenda, although for different reasons.

      It is the anti-White's job to gain attention to themselves, promote violence and criminal behaviour, and cause dissension within ranks of WRL's.

      The psychopath does the same because he cannot help himself and craves the attention his machinations bring.

      And in case you didn't know, that Wanker returned today, calling itself Brainiac and spouting bullshit about how it's the most intelligent being in any White Forum. Clearly it has an inferiority complex. Anti or Psychopath? It makes no difference.

      FYI I would not have edited its name and this topic title, if it had just buggered off when told to; but it had to come back and start shit-stirring again.
      Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.E., C.A.
      P.O. Box 420 Oaklands Park, SA 5046 Australia


      • Archangel
        • Feb 2015
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        We're not going to murder our way out of the oppression intended for us. Find another path. We will not end killing by killing. Learn to discuss rather than debate. We're a band of brothers and sisters, all basically friends and comrades, so chill or be gone. Thank you very much, or not so much. Which ever you prefer.


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