DOMIZ, Kurdistan Region – Slogans praising Nazis and the Islamic State group (ISIS) were found sprayed on the walls of a youth and sports center in the town of Domiz in Dohuk province, a Rudaw reporter said on Sunday.

“The slogans were pro-ISIS and pro-Nazi, and seemed to have been written by ISIS supporters in the past few days all over the walls of the youth and sports center,” said Suliman Alikhan, Rudaw reporter in Duhok.

He said the slogans have since been cleared.

The center is located in a remote area outside the town and has no surveillance cameras, making it hard to catch the culprits.

“I have talked to the manager of the center and he told me that a team of police and security forces are now investigating the case,” Alikhan said.

There are hundreds of internally displaced people (IDP) from the south and central regions of Iraq as well as Syrian refugees in the town’s refugee camps.

This is not the first time that ISIS supporters spray their messages on buildings in the town.

A few months ago, similar slogans were seen on the walls of a refugee school, which was forced to close termporarily.

Pro-ISIS, Nazi slogans on youth center near Dohuk