I'm ready for my taxes to go towards a real wall. Not a barrier that can be blown down by 37 mph gusts wind. Also, why doesn't anyone mention that this barrier just stops. The camera person easily shows both sides of the "fence" and I don't see anything that proves it went any farther. I've seen the border defense just abruptly stop in a few locations. Unacceptable.


Portion of US border wall in California falls over in high winds and lands on Mexican side

By Andy Rose and Paul LeBlanc, CNN
Updated 8:56 PM ET, Wed January 29, 2020

Sections of Trump’s wall are being blown over along the California border.

By strong winds.

Joshua Potash (@JoshuaPotash) January 30, 2020

(CNN)Newly installed panels from the US border wall fell over in high winds Wednesday, landing on trees on the Mexican side of the border.

The area is part of an ongoing constructi...

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