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"Kate" of Stormfront had not heard of the Solutreans but wonders if they are poorly researched

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  • Paul Bunyan
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    • Jun 2014
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    "Kate" of Stormfront had not heard of the Solutreans but wonders if they are poorly researched

    Kate joined SF Feb 2013. She says she was a homeless child at one time, goes shopping with her mother in Utah and has recently convinced Mom to stop buying sugar for their coffee in the family of ten up in Utah. She says she is not WN, but is pro White. Though she still goes shopping with Mom for the family of ten, she and her other brothers and sisters operate their own businesses.

    She wonders if you think Dr. Mengele was handsome, and sticks up for his GQ- like good looks with her diverging family in Utah. Such a sweetheart.
    I have been able to find agreement with my family members that he is a handsome man and I need the pictures to bolster conversation about WN beliefs with them.

    I have never heard of the Solutreans before. Is there much published works on this group or are they poorly documented?

    (That fuckin' ADL thought committee over at You Tube isn't doing a goddamn thing lately. They must be getting paid)

    Kate terrorizing Whitey?
    Twitter must reveal names behind Anti-Semitic Tweets
    Twitter must reveal names behind anti-Semitic tweets, rules French court | Internet & Media - CNET News


    I'm going to state right off the bat that I am not a White Nationalist but that I am Pro-White.

    It is the responsibility of every White Nationalist to behave in an appropriate fashion.

    We must never forget that we are living, breathing examples for why our cause must succeed.

    UN : "Palestinian Militants Likely Killed Gaza Baby"
    UN: Palestinian militants likely killed Gaza baby - Yahoo! News

    A total flip flop from when the story was first reported last year.

    Kate is pretty sure, but dismayed the Nazis will be taking over in America.
    I am curious about the possibility of a fourth reich rising however, because I do believe it is possible and that I feel it will likely happen here in America, where there doesn't seem to be any force I can think of to stop it.

    Kate checked out the only copy of Mein Kampf from the library, but her mother up in Utah snatched it from her to absorb while not tending to her clan of ten! If only more Moms in the country were like Kate's.
    I'm in the process of reading it but I checked out the only copy remaining from the library and my mother is reading it at the moment.

    Kate the natural archivist want to locate rare copy of Stormfront's old newspaper. Won't you help?
    Stormfront Newspaper?
    I was informed there used to be one, but copies of the editions seem to no longer exist.

    Is there any old time, wisdom keeping member with any copy of any edition?

    It's all I want for Christmas, honest, Santa.

    Pretty, pretty please?

    Even if you do not have a copy, if you remember anything about it, please post.

    I need to shake a bit of wisdom from the knowledge tree.

    Kate on Alex Linder
    It just seems like something White ladies are not supposed to do. We are not supposed to fight and get in trouble. I do not agree with Alex Linder, but there is quote of his where he says that women are supposed to be nice and lovely and make tea and keep things pretty and that I agree with.

    Kate on mythical White America and why white areas are now the areas most likely to be under racial attack.
    The areas you speak of are mythical or only remnants of a once great White nation. They are the most likely to be under attack, because they are so great and have managed to hang on to their awakened White population.

    ...You do not need to worry about finding a place that is majority White, you need to be concerned with finding a land you love, a place where you can happily raise a family, where you yourself feel truly at home.

    Christian Kate on the Good Lord.
    I possess the blue eyed gene and the babies in my family are all really cute, so I will be thankful for what ever the Good Lord sees fit to bless me with.

    Utah Kate masters the Russian language in between fights with her seven siblings and parents, ten total. In another thread, she offers to translate Don and Derek Black's shows. If I were you young guys on SF, I'd start hitting on this beauty!
    I agree with Fortress Europe and I understand the Russian language.

    Russia has a lot going for it.

    I do not smoke, drink or partake in illegal drugs.

    I am an official member of the Mormon Church, but my beliefs are best classified as Non-Denominational Christian, but no religious chat outside of the appropriate forum.

    I am simply mentioning it here, because while others have a distaste for the Mormons, I am content to live among them.

    Instead of one hour of church each Sunday, we attend for three hours and home visiting with fellow Mormons during another scheduled day of the week, plus events.

    In the past, I have been able to get my family to make healthy switches from whole milk to 2% and to swap sugar in our morning coffee with splenda and other tiny things that have made a huge difference.

    Kate types to David Duke on his living longer than Noah!
    You and Don Black are good candidates for going on to become the oldest men on record.

    Neither one of you are anywhere close to dying off anytime soon, thank goodness.

    Do you know why I am so certain of this?

    Because the both of you are just so long suffering.

    If the day ever comes where you succeed in your life's work, then and only then should you worry about taking the permanent vacation.

    Until then, you two just seem like you are too damn stubborn to die. I mean Mr. Black has been shot, suffered a stroke and has recovered from both to otherwise tell the Grim Reaper to quit bothering him and to go pester someone else. I'm not certain of your history, but I am guessing it is similar in respect to your determination to live.

    As for a second marriage and additional children, go for it! The world anxiously awaits a cute baby Duke. Now that would be a baby watch worth following in the news!

    Kate the dork, with an unlikely chick interest in war as unusual as Keith Richard's, types directly to Don Black on N.B. Forrest etc.
    Would this be Stewart and Logwood's consolidated 15th Tennessee Cavalry?

    Call me a dork if you will, but I love pouring over old genealogy records and histories. You should totally show off that wicked cool powder horn, along with that book chapter you have when you get the chance.

    Also, why is it that not a single soul doing an article on you can play nice? It is as if the mere mention of you can draw out the worst venom in others.

    I'm just a benign White lady with a hobby. How threatening could that possibly be?
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  • Paul Bunyan
    Senior Member
    • Jun 2014
    • 559

    I'm a Glenn Beck superfan.

    He went to Israel.

    I refuse to blame any person, White or otherwise that wants to help others and actually puts actions behind the thought.

    Kate uses past tense, even though still on weekly grocery shopping trips with Mom for the clan of ten, and persuading all the said Mormons at home to keep the sugar out of their coffee.
    I grew up in a dysfunctional home without a father and a stepfather who was too busy working to really spend time with me and my half siblings, of whom two out of six of us have the same father.
    Kate has had some gray hair since she was a child.
    No, I've always had dark brown hair, but I've had a few grey strands since I was a child oddly enough.

    Kate gets her mailboxed Stormfront donation and bowling ball stolen by an apartment complex thief (at which complex she lives with her family of ten?) .
    Because I mail in my donations and there is a thief in the complex where I live and I've had not only my mail, but a bowling ball and skateboard deck stolen from me thus far.

    I get the feeling at times around Stormfront, that many simply do not wish to put forth a large effort in real life, because they have a belief that there is some Jew out there that will try and sabotage their efforts. Fear of lawsuits by the SPLC, for example, would be a real threat given what they have done to White groups.

    I think that too much harping on the Jews is counter productive in the sense that it can be discouraging to the membership, while also serving to be off putting to those who initially come here and just want more information

    I do not clip coupons. My family is so large, that we team up to buy our food in such quantity, that we do not need them as we get better deals without them.

    If you were going to find out more about the opposition, which is the beginning position, would you go to a lesser known site or go to Stormfront?

    Live-at-home Kate on Army's Charlie foxtrot and frustratingly begs for SF to do make her research easier by organizing WN sites' beliefs.
    What we have going on here, is what the Army refers to as a Charley Foxtrot... provide a quick run down of which WNist groups are taking what positions and why, with sources.

    With her abiding interest in the movement, and when not caring for her seven siblings or loaning her library copy of Mein Kampf to her busy, history-thirsting Mormon mom, or waiting for the unknown future father of her future children to call her up for a hot date, Kate quotes from a rare tome from her local library.
    Blood In The Face The Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nations, Nazi Skinheads, And The Rise Of A New White Culture, Second Edition, by James Ridgeway, pages 168-169.

    Continuing her broad survey of WN and Nazism (she is neither, as she has repeatedly told us) Kate opines on the unpopular Gliebe.

    Gliebe and his two board members are clearly not looking out for any of you.

    Has anyone even attempted to just buy him out? I mean, if he is going to do it for the money anyway, which from this complete outsiders view appears to be the case, surely he could be compelled to sell it to someone?

    Between cups of coffee, Kate volunteers to help you trace your family from her nifty base in archiving Salt Lake City--just provide full name, cell number, address, father and mother names etc. . SLATT thanks you and so does Kate!
    Also, in terms of relevance, do we have a thread on genealogy somewhere? I know there are many who haven't yet worked on their family tree and would be happy to offer help in my spare time, being so close to the huge family history center in SLC.

    I've often considered getting a Private Investigators license and have multiple language skills that would likely be useful to his efforts, as well as the ability to contribute long term to him financially, but there is essentially no job description of what he is asking for in those lines of work, as it can obviously vary a great deal.
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    • Spook Haunter
      National Socialist
      • Jul 2013
      • 591

      It just doesn't get any funnier than Kate


      • Paul Bunyan
        Senior Member
        • Jun 2014
        • 559

        Kate on the SPLC's finances. She forgets to mention Bernie Madoff's $50 million from the SPLC's investment.
        This is why the Poverty Palace is rich now, not because of incoming dues, but because they have managed their estates well with additional contributions, compounded over decades.

        Kate on how the SPLC found Wade Michael Page when he had just six posts on Stormfront. Kate follows with sage instruction how to infiltrate leftists.
        So they took his pictures, pegged him as a Stormfront member and did a search for the band he was in, which he posted. Takes five minutes to piece that together.

        If I were going to bring someone up for this, it would be simple. Find someone without associations to other groups, someone I know personally who is new, clean cut and willing to work and finance the living daylights out of them.

        I believe it was a book written by Spencer Pratt, that annoying fellow famous for being famous, who wrote that there is no greater pleasure on earth than tweaking those who clearly deserve it.

        I have a decided distaste for the limelight and the personal efforts required to do so successfully, as it generally requires far more savvy than little old me is in possession of and I wouldn't want to tarnish my as yet unblemished name right off the bat, when clean, young women are a minority, indeed a rarity even, in WNist activism.

        Besides, WNist groups have too many Chiefs and not enough Indians so to speak.

        Good. We know the Jewish and others have infiltrated us, did we do anything to stop them? No.

        There is a lot of money to be made in politics and if we can game the system, if only for awhile, to divert that to our cause, all the better.

        That is what our enemies have done and while a tried, true and dirty tactic, it could very well create a base for us to work from.

        I already can and dehydrate food. I love 'old fashioned' skills. I didn't think much of it until I came out here to Utah, became a Mormon and started working on my food storage.

        My step-father works as a manager for a pipeline company. He supported my mother and my siblings. He raised me with love and respect and gave me the authority figure my mother couldn't provide. He is a good man.

        Kate regularly capitalizes the word "country" when it refers to USA.
        I am friends with those of many other races and religions...That is the happy medium that I think my Country could use right now.


        • Paul Bunyan
          Senior Member
          • Jun 2014
          • 559

          Is there a way to lessen the odds of having blond haired children?

          Kate responding to a post that included these statements about Breivik and others having posted on Stormfront (Breivik said to have been banned for posting too pro-jew).

          Originally Posted by BoyHowdy
          SPLC Intelligence Report: Deadly radical-right violence examined

          May 22, 2014

          [NO DIRECT LINK from SF to SPLC provided. SPLC logs all IP addresses and blocks all anonymous IPs]

          Here is the passage from the "Tolerance Taliban" SPLC!

          "....killed nearly 100 people." The SPLC includes Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people, in their calculation -- and he was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic. Let's also include the 10M Ukrainians killed by Jewish Bolsheviks in one year during the Holodomor.

          Kate re-quotes SPLC cover to Bow Howdy and posts twice.
          I like how Mr. Black did not so much as threaten anyone and still managed to land the cover shot.

          That is almost backhanded flattery on the part of the SPLC.

          This should be made a sticky thread with a new title, "SPLC independently verifies Stormfront's no violence policy, Stormfront sees increase in donations."

          The SPLC really botched up this time!


          • Paul Bunyan
            Senior Member
            • Jun 2014
            • 559

            Hoffman1987 warns Cobb not to post.


            • Spook Haunter
              National Socialist
              • Jul 2013
              • 591

              You can trust Stromfront to give us those riveting and thought provoking posts.


              • Paul Bunyan
                Senior Member
                • Jun 2014
                • 559

                I hope Kate and her Mormon mom don't get charged $32 for filching their valuable copy of Mein Kampf, and Kate should file a police report about that apartment complex thief who stole her mail-in donation to Stormfront out of the locked box. Swiped her bowling ball too.

                Does HUD pay for those ten Mormons to sponge and squeeze into that complex? They should be excommunicated.


                • Paul Bunyan
                  Senior Member
                  • Jun 2014
                  • 559

                  Blood Raven- 74 threads started since 2007 join date and not a single one against jews; 19,232 posts total.


                  • Paul Bunyan
                    Senior Member
                    • Jun 2014
                    • 559

                    angry white woman of SF--Gee, even above WN you believe in gawd? That is a problem, hon. Either WN or gawd, one or the other.
                    re: Glenn Miller kills Whites at Jewish Community Center & Jewish assisted living center in KS
                    I am a white nationalist because I love my race.
                    Above all, I believe in God.
                    I am saddened by those who lose their sanity and moral compass and resort to these types of horrible acts in the name of some kind of delirious retribution. Life is horrible, beyond frustrating for me as a white person in California, but I would never stoop so low.

                    angry white woman of Stormfront
                    As Christ says, " I will make you a multitude of nations,( goy). In thy womb there will be two nations, (goy). Buy a concordance and a Strongs Dictionary.

                    Intellect angry white woman, with 8 years of university, thinks V. Stiviano is not a goy, luls.
                    riginally Posted by WhiteTemplar
                    Because he inadvertently allowed himself to be recorded by a goyim being blatantly racist and even pulled Israel into the picture. Basically he inadvertently told the world on them. Now they have to unite against a fellow jew to keep the facade going.
                    She is not a goyim! It is ugly on ugly on ugly. Keep us white people out of this.

                    aww on Glenn Miller. it doesn't occur to her that Glenn was around doing actions a few decades before her.
                    Re: The Glenn Miller Situation
                    I really wish people would be true and honest. I do not know why we can't pick and choose who joins us, try and weed out those who are crazy, no morals. I guess when I chose my screen name, I forgot to say that I am sane, moral, given to grumpy posts, but in real life, I am funny and rather silly too. But, I am very truthful about my white pride. The traitors exhaust me.
                    Re: The Glenn Miller Situation
                    I really wish people would be true and honest. I do not know why we can't pick and choose who joins us, try and weed out those who are crazy, no morals. I guess when I chose my screen name, I forgot to say that I am sane, moral, given to grumpy posts, but in real life, I am funny and rather silly too. But, I am very truthful about my white pride. The traitors exhaust me.

                    aww on the bible again
                    Re: Why Are Prices Going Up on Everything so much so fast?!
                    It is all biblical money changing. We are in bad times. Maybe just try and save

                    Hello, I do not have a shaved head nor do I have tatoos. I am a white female in her 40's. If you think this movement is about backwards hicks, you have got another thing coming . I have eight years of college and I am in no way a hick. And by the way, I know several Jews and they are some of the most racist, jew lovers around. Tell me what? You know it is true.

                    angry white woman
           If you look under the Von Brunn connection, you will see SF mentioned. The ADL has, in addition, a huge section on hate symbols, etc. An Obama site also mentioned SF. I will have to find that link. All in all, we are portrayed in a horrible way.

                    angry white woman with 8 years of college
                    Obama also posted about Stormfront, calling us racist neo-nazis. It seems that we are on a lot of radars. I guess the first ammendment applies only to those who tow the pc Obama loving liberal line. I feel like these folks are jonsesing for us. God forbid you do not parrot the stupid liberal tripe of everyone else, drink the stupid generic coolaid. My eyes are wide open and I do not like what I am seeing and hearing. No need to sic the liberal lynch mob on me. I am peaceful, law abiding citizen of this country.

                    angry white chick, at 47, wiith 8 years of college, still in school
                    True funny college story. They showed a ba chick a ba ba porn at an auditorium at my college, after which there was discussion by feminists about the misogynist nature of porn.

                    One bachelor's degree and a nursing degree, neither of which am I using. I am a blue collar girl. Not fun, but it pays the bills.

                    Hitler, Schmitler. I am here because I am thoroughly disgusted with my country and the anti white crap that is being shoved down my throat daily. DO NOT STOP ME WITH YOUR SILLY, SILLY AGENDA. WPWW. GOT THAT?

                    yep, sure would be nice to have Don Black run for senate. Of course, there are serious PR issues regarding the Klu Klux Klan. But someone needs to stand up for us. Here in the US, we white people do not have a political leader. We are not allowed to stand up for ourselves.


                    • Paul Bunyan
                      Senior Member
                      • Jun 2014
                      • 559

                      angry white woman
                      Who is Hitler? Why do we care?

                      angry white woman tired of Cliven Bundy matter
                      Re: Multiple Reports Of Cell Towers Near Bundy Ranch Being Shut Down
                      I am tired of overblown crap. Is this family in trouble, not alex jones bs, I am sitting here trouble?

                      Excellent historical distillation. I do not believe the jews of today are the israelites of the bible. Great post.

                      Uh, maybe not always aww--see your later posts.
                      Re: How Finicky Are Your Pro-White Views?
                      Any time whites get together for white causes, it's sublime.

                      Uphold Gods laws, love my husband, my family, support my race, start a non profit organization for us, to help us through thick and thin. Take care of my kitties.

                      I do not eat pork, nor shellfish, nor mushrooms, etc, because of the Old Testament food laws. Before I converted, I ate pork and enjoyed it. I miss the salty goodness of pepperoni pizza, extra cheese. But someone is more important then a food fix.

                      I no longer have a job, and unemployment insurance is over one month due.

                      Re: Mark Potok's Propaganda Corner: Have Stormfront founder's son's politics changed?
                      Good luck, Derek! I am sorry you are being scrutinized by this group. As I looked at the picture, I am reminded that that is how I am in this world. I live in a world that does not understand or like me, nor me it. But, no one, in their right mind would sacrifice work, family, a chance for an education or safety for politics. To loose everything for the sake of a philosophy that very few whites share, does no one any good. No one. I have been at many a rally, if you can call it that, that there are only two to three people willing to put themselves out there. I just wish you the very best, Derek. Keep your head up.

                      aww in Tunie squabble
                      Re: Westboro Baptist Church to protest Sandy Hook school funerals
                      By their very nature, the westboro baptist church is evil and not a representation of true Christians. The fact that they are allowed to keep their little dog and pony show going, points to the fact that we are living in a world that has lost its faith , a Godless society. They are a shame and a disgrace to whites and, in particular, white Christians as a whole. Anyone who gloats over the death of innocent children as Gods work, is seriously disturbed.

                      angry white woman not at all happy about "adl exposed" thread being bumped up However, Leo Frank does link to ADL and explicitly suggest clicking.
                      Re: ADL exposed
                      Originally Posted by Leo Frank
                      The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith was founded because Leo Frank the B'nai B'rith president of the 500 member Atlanta Gate City Lodge, was convicted in 1913 for strangling 13-year old Mary Phagan.

                      If you want to read what really happened (not the Jewish pathological lies version), I encourage you to visit: The 1913 Leo Frank Case and Trial Research Library

                      Warning: Graphic Imagery, must be 18 years or older to view the website.

                      angry white woman says: What is with your name. Care to explain why you would name yourself after a jewish, pedophile, child killer, post here only a small number of times and resurrect this topic?


                      • Celtic_Patriot
                        Senior Member
                        • Aug 2013
                        • 288

                        Thanks for the heads up about angry white woman. I sensed her mind was soft before, now I see all the evidence, and know for sure I cannot trust her. Thanks for the info.

                        Kate is clearly an aggressive Anti-White activist, I suspect motivation.


                        • DaneBlack
                          Senior Member
                          • May 2014
                          • 349

                          Re: "Kate" of Stormfront had not heard of the Solutreans but wonders if they are poorly researched

                          She says a few things that are true but for the most she is just a shock value type of poster and not too bright.

                          I do agree that we have no one of importance standing up for us. They have a system where it is easy to destroy anyone who rises high enough to fight for us.
                          My goal is simple: Promote a white nationalist platform and government. Put an end to multi culturalism and to reduce the footprints of the parasitic rodents who infect our world and communities!


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