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Why i am a white supremacist

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  • wyte_wyrd
    • Sep 2019
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    Why i am a white supremacist


    The writer, having grown tired of the perpetual whining and assaultive nature of the jewish media and akadumbia against the very existence of white people, attempting to call it into question and even deny that it exists whilst scizophrenically affirming that White Supremacism is the only problem existent in the world; the author has decided rather than to throw in the towel and allow himself to be mongrelized out of existence and voluntarily support his own destruction like a hypocrite who lives to accumulate money and statues under the guise of humanity, love and peace, would much rather affirm his existence and embrace the labels that are projected upon him by the jewish supremacist anti-white system.

    If they wish us to be supremacists-let us be supremacists! If they wish to call us haters because they hate us then that is just fine! We will be haters! We will be anti-semites! Such is the desire of the slanderous jew and his coterie of henchmen who serve as his bought and paid for sword and shield behind which he conceals his evil, genocidal intent.

    Thus, being White Supremacist as we are vilified, let us convert this term into that of virtue and expose the lie that it is the embodiment of vice. Let us reveal the light of truth to the broad masses-that we may all be White Supremacists and will thereby defeat the jewish supremacist tyranny as a collective of White Supremacists, even those bipedal-biological entities who are not White-they too may be White Supremacists! Towards White World Supremacy!

    In the following the writer intends to expound upon this concept, how it is defined by the jewish cabal and how he himself chooses to define it, giving it a more intelligible meaning than that which is designed to elicit a pure knee jerk reaction amongst the less rational and intelligent of the goyim of the jews.

    White Supremacy-quod? What is it? How defined according to the jew world order? Without having a willingness to synthesize stipulative definitions manufactured by jews in their typical sources publicly available and under their control the writer may assume that it would be defined along the following lines: "the belief that the/an alleged ethnic group called 'white' is better than all of those other ethnicities on earth and that they deserve by virtue of that superiority to rule over others as slaves and colonize the earth". Such a definition seems neither too restrictive nor too broad and sufficiently precise to encapsulate the general slander that jews project upon Whites constructing all of those Whites who advocate for their own interests as per the above definition a 'slaver' and a 'colonialist'.

    The writer must indeed agree wholeheartedly with the definition on all points save three, namely: 1) that such supremacy as above defined is not a 'belief' but a fact; 2) that the claims that Whites are non-existent and merely a 'concept' is false and 3) that the claim that there are other ethnicities on earth, those who could be spoken of as the same species of Whites is false, such that White Supremacist within the context of the above definition do not wish to enslave or colonizing the countries or areas of other ethnicities as there is no such thing as another ethnicity or race which would mean a subspecies of the White species.

    The White supremacist according to the writer's description thereof defines that which is 'White' as a distinct bipedal-biospiritual vertebrate being, separate from all others such that it is a distinct species according to mainstream bioanthropological definition possessing sufficient features or attributes that qualify as such, as a distinct species and thus it admits of no subspecies that possess features that differ organically from its own kind and are not a result of mixture with non-whites.

    Thus it is fair to say that White Supremacy is not 'racist' in a contemporary sense of that emotive term but rather 'species-ist' or some other variant of this slanderous label label the jews are perpetually projecting on Whites.
    The writer affirms that yes! The White species is indeed superior as the definition outlines above and that this is no opinion but fact! They are superior as regards their higher level intuition, reason and creative capacity, their 'mind' taken in an esoteric sense not merely as an epiphenomenon of the brain or its physiological function (chemical secretions; neural networks,etc.) but beyond this in terms of what might be called spiritual anatomy and physiology the structure and function of higher forms of consciousness particular or specific to the White Race as higher vibrational frequency structures quantumly entangled with the anatomy and physiology of the White biospiritual entity called 'human' (hue-man meaning spiritman or man with hue).

    The definition of White Supremacy as outlined above entails the claim that those so described wish to rule over non-whites as slaves. This statement before being affirmed or denied by the writer must be qualified so that the emotive term of 'slavery' is itself defined by the writer and thereby amplified and refined in its meaning such that the dross of emotionalism and false historical associations are cast aside and the remaining product rendered conceptually pure and unalloyed.

    To be a 'slave' means that one is rendered willess and impotent by another who is one's 'master' such that he is determined in his actions from without and not within, having no independent mind and thus no ability to be who he is rendered a de facto automaton, a puppet on strings held in the hand of his slaver. The writer wishes no such fate upon nonwhites nor, so far as he understands, has any White historically who employed what is now known as slavery.

    The book "White Supremacy and Negro Subordination" by Jan van Evrie written during the 1800s when slavery became an issue under the subversive influence of jews who were attempting to undermine the economy of the Southern States in the USA outlines general principles of White Supremacy so far as the writer has heard though he has never read the book. The title itself encapsulates the idea nicely-'subgenation'-that is to say the subordination of non-whites is necessary for Whites to cultivate and develop to the highest height a global dominion of cultural and eugenic excellence. However, neither does he begrudge nonwhites a place though such place would have to be as above in the books title , namely that of 'subgenation' with Whites determining the terms of relations with nonwhites, such that an overall state of harmony may exist between all species or 'kinds' of beings. This he affirms to be the only solution to a harmonious world and the establishment of what can properly be spoken of as 'peace'-only under the aegis of the White Man.

    Thus as per the above definition the writer condemns slavery as contrary to the will of God. However he also denies that his White ancestors or any other Whites have involved themselves in such practice and that the claims of the jewish media and akadumbic system that this occurred are false and largely a distortion save when they apply to jews who have trafficked in slaves throughout their entire history and who advocate slavery in both the Torah and Talmud ("suck the milk of the gentiles", "when the messiah comes every jew will have 2800 slaves"; "Ham was born for slavery"-see professor Tony Martin's presentations on 'Ham', the nigger, in the Talmud).

    Most of the photographs of, for example, niggers treated with violence, etc. are those depicting the conditions in which they were kept and punished by their jewish masters (see the book "The Secret
    Relationship Between Blacks and Jews", by Louis Farakhan, which proves statistically all slave ships were owned and operated by jews such as the Portugese Monsanto family.

    The writer supports subgenation which, according to his construal of the term means merely a subordination of non-whites in terms of power and influence in the world not a subordination of the mind and culture thereof or, as in the case of jewish christianity an annihilation thereof and the enslavement of whatever nonwhites are sufficiently weak to bow before the fictional jewish man god jewsus and not willing to die opposing it in defense of their territory and kind. Hence he is no advocate of slavery and would strike from his definition of 'White Supremacist' that clause which relates to slavery if so defined. If defined in the manner of subgenation according to his construal he would accept it.

    The clause of the definition related to global dominion "colonization of the earth" he would wholeheartedly embrace within the parameters of subgenation. He would elaborate upon it and state plainly that any non-white group who would seek to or actually achieve sufficient power to threaten the dominion of the White Race must be met with reasonable means of subjugation of that threat be it in the form of sanctions, embargo or utter annihilation (by all means necessary). Thus and only thus may the non-whites, governed as they are by lower egoic consciousness, be limited in their willingness to upset the harmony of existence to exceed their natural spiritual limitations and visit chaos upon the earth (the sheer volume of environmental pollution in China and India as well as their subtle strategies to invade and colonize White created countries currently serve as stark examples of that chaos).

    Though undoubtedly nonwhites would find it disagreeable as least initially to have the White Man standing over them as a de facto global disciplinarian it would certainly be in their long term interests and would be infinitely preferable to a global melted pot of mongrelized genetic waste product that is the Kalergi plan (equality under the jew. See Richard Coudenhove von Kalergi's "Practical Idealism"). Thus global dominion by Whites, properly called "White Supremacy" is the only desirable course anything deviating therefrom is undersirable as conducive to an inharmonious state of existence.

    Many would call into question the Truth of the claim that Whites are supreme on the basis of the fact that so many Whites are largely of a degenerate and corrupt nature largely owing to the J.O.G (jewish occupation government) system influence. Thus they would point out those Whites who have been ground beneath the wheel of the system being in some respects tangibly inferior than some nonwhites who have been gifted with every advantage by the system to serve as replacements of the more rebellious, creative and intelligent Whites.

    So the non-white is given the best fare and indoctrination (entailing a memorization and regurgitation of dogma) and given all of the economic and occupational advantages requisite to shine his false light in the firmament of J.O.G. And thus those Whites who have had the worst of everything and been shunted aside by the system are vilified and castrated as inferiors, subhumans when in reality they are the humans (the men with 'hue' or light, Spirit) however degraded they may have become under the malgenic nature of the System. Thus the argument or slanderous claim that Whites aren't biospiritually superior falls flat given that the criteria of superiority the system extolls are merely of a lower octave of consciousness: intellect and cunning, material possessions and an arrogant conceited disposition the exact antithesis of real virtue which acknowledges that which is beyond itself and that there is a beyond and in doing so exceeds itself and evolves to higher states of consciousness as opposed to, like the non-whites, being immersed in the lower ego, a modality of consciousness hardly elevated over that of the brute(fight; flight; fornicate; feed).

    Thus it requires only a little experience to understand the obvious superiority the White Race has in relation to those completely 'Other' to themselves, the beastfolk.

    Further proof if needed beyond mere experience of the supremacy of Whites in the sense of superiority of qualities and attributes would entail their superlative faculty and its higher intuition and reason enabling greater creative capacity at a higher level of consciousness and attuning oneself to God. The veritable cornucopia of cultural wonders, emanations of the White Mind, testify to this fact, that of a concretization of the Divine in plastic (architecture and sculpture), graphic (painting and illustration); sonic (music) and logical (philosophy and literature) form as it were invoking the Gods who crystallize into these particular forms as particularizations of the Absolute, the Great seen in the small.

    Thus biospiritually the White Race has a greater capacity for self-transcendence, or overcoming of the lower ego and a communion with the Divine. This greater capacity is a greater conscious awareness which manifests itself in a manner that might be called justly, ie. harmoniously.
    Thus justice goes hand in hand with Truth, the latter being a recognition based upon a higher consciousness of God and an understanding of right relations between distinct beings, preserving them and thereby preserving Universal Order, 'serving' 'God' or paying homage thereto through attuning himself to Deity.

    The non-white and especially the jew can understand God but dimly as it were through a glass darkly, and the jew who understand the nature of things better than the non-white and who yet violates Universal Order in a consciously evil manner and who is thus evil by nature and is thus, insofar as Godliness or acting according to the Will of God is concerned, a sinner or a sin himself incapable by his nature/essence of any change in this definition. Insofar as a jew is a jew he is evil and so inferior in terms of righteousness. For the jew to rule the whole world would be a reflection of his inner chaos as is the case today.

    Yet more proof of the innate superiority of the White man: the entirety of civilization which is an emanation of his mind. Though the jewish media has distorted historical fact and concealed much in the way of archaeological evidence it is nonetheless the case that all ancient civilizations, all groupings of bipedal beings and their architecture and culture worthy of the name were derived from Whites in their origins and degraded and were overrun through the invasion of nonwhites, savage beastfolk and/or an intermixture therewith leading to the destruction of civilization.

    Consultation of proper sources, specifically those preexisting the second world war confirm this fact in architecture; numismatics; cuneiform tablets; bas reliefs; textual documents(scrolls and papyri); wall painting,etc. All were originally of White Stock and all ancient records and culture myths refer to an origin in the arctic called Hyperborea, Airyana Vaego, Thule and Atlantis.

    Politically the White Race manifests their higher consciousness in the form of an organized system that accords with God at least when they are of pure stock and living in an environment properly suited to themselves , their minds cleared of any ideological confusion. Hence today, the political systems which exist are degraded, heavily influenced by jewish subversiveness and the deterioration of castes as spoken of in Julius Evola's "Revolt Against the Modern World". Given that the White Race is of a superlatively developed consciousness and can attune itself to God and thereby possesses greater empathy for that which is 'Other' to itself it follows that the political system, a system of governance controlled and created by Whites-a White Supremacist system- ensures the preservation of those right relations and the preservation of civilization.

    There is a necessity to establish a global Order in order to achieve an 'equilibrium amongst the races' with Whites superintending. Those who may bear the crown of the Order are exclusively White as only they can know God best and those who are not white may, if it harmonious, play a role in the context of subgenation and White Supremacy. If it is harmonious.

    Aryan Supremacism: an addendum:

    The writer is a White Supremacist yes. But the writer is also an Aryan Supremacist and this supercedes the former. Simply being White of course is not enough to qualify one as a superior being though, ceteris paribus, all Whites will supercede all non-whites in terms of creative ability and superior mentation, all things being equal meaning having the same material conditions that enable them to succeed and to manifest their proper destiny unlike in this sick world of magian egalitarianism which fanatically obsesses over attempting to crush whites under the boot heel of Leviathan. If equality in all things (material conditions) obtaining the equality of the so-called 'human races' would quickly be seen to be little more than a myth as Whites would naturally rise through their creative aspiration and achieve a standard far beyond that of those who have been artificially elevated above them simply because they are not white and/or attend the ever darkening Whited sepulchres called churches to grovel before the jews.

    Thus it must be admitted that most Whites at this time are defective in many ways but that is largely owing to the evil influence upon their society by the cabal and their christian and liberal puppets who have deliberately subverted what was once a society of a harmonious and beautiful kind kind and had been progessively eroded since the creation of christianity and its destruction of Rome leading to the erosion of White culture and its profundity and spiritual gnosis, what could properly be spoken of as Aryan.
    In spite of their defective nature Whites still retain their redeemable qualities encoded in their genes and, under the appropriate conditions may once again rise to their former height of spiritual cultural glory.

    Thus, though the writer is a White supremacist he understands that the White Race at this time have been subject to a genocidal decay of their minds, bodies and souls though the insidious technologies of the Cabal who are perpetuating a multi-prong assault on White people and thus they could hardly be entirely blamed for what is being done to them from behind the scenes given that they were born into a state of ignorance of what came before.

    The White Race is Supreme as a genetic stock but their is more to life than mere genetics and physical reality and thus the White Race as a receptacle of genetic material is merely a bridge to the Aryan which is a superlative development out of the White genetic stock and no nonwhite could ever by Aryan. To be an Aryan Supremacist is to be a White Supremacist as a necessary antecedent condition of the existence of the Aryan. The Aryan is the Superman spoken of by Nietzsche, he who has attained a superlative spiritual development, has attained an immortality of the soul through appropriate spiritual exercises.

    Christianity has been installed as a mind control program of jewish witchcraft to prevent the evolution of the White Race to attain the status of an Aryan and to destroy the seeds of the Aryan on an physical basis so that they may enshroud the world in darkness for however long their tyranny would last. In order for the Aryan to create a beautiful world of spiritual harmony and go beyond the mere mundane world towards other realms and regions he must sever the chains of the equality cult (liberal communism and christ-insanity) the jew has affixed to his mind and overthrow the jew. That the Aryan may hold sway over the earth and bathe it in his radiant spiritual light:

    ardua ad astra.

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