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3 dead after shootings at Kansas City-area Jewish centers

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  • Craig Cobb

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  • Fred O'Malley
    He was too drunk to know the difference. That's not an excuse, just a fact.

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  • Crowe
    The story about Miller being caught with a nigger tranny is total and complete jew bullshit.

    This doesn't mean I still don't think he is scum for doing what he did though. The biggest problem I got is he shot a 14 year old White kid. If he would have blasted yarmulkes off the heads of kikes then I'd feel differently about it.

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  • Expose Them All
    I don't believe one word about Miller and the jig fag prostitute. I believe what it is, is jews, they like to kick you when you're down. And it's strange how they attempt to embarrass someone over fag BS - when they profess so much love for them. And just had Obama legislate a bunch of laws for fags. And of course most jews despise fags - it's just that they despise Whites more. This BS is just as ridiculous and ludicrous as Cobb having 14% jig blood in him.

    As far as the Giles interview, I listened to it when it first came out - and it's just like Giles, as much as I like him, to try to get to the bottom of something. Even though when he does that, he doesn't realize, to get to the bottom of a pit, one must have to climb down it themselves.

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  • Will Williams
    Yours truly, Hadding Scott

    Originally posted by Will Williams View Post
    ...FGM wasn't caught in the backseat with a male prostitute in the 1980s, black or otherwise. The report by Steve Daniels @ WTVD News in Durham, NC has proven to be bogus: http://noncounterproductive.blogspot...acktracks.html...

    The article I responded to:

    Kansas City Jewish Center Shooting: KKK Leader Frazier Glenn Miller Once Caught Having Sex with Black Male Prostitute

    By Shooka Rafizadeh ( Posted: Apr 29, 2014

    Recent investigations reveal that former KKK leader Frazier Glenn Miller was caught having sex with a black male prostitute back in the 1980s. This is quite the news since the organization's "grand dragon" -- the highest-ranking member of the KKK in a given state -- has obviously not always been so kind to other races and sexualities.
    These revelations were brought up by WTVD TV when looking into Miller's criminal background.
    Tsk, tsk! Email from Hadding Scott:

    Hadding Scott
    9:51 PM (12 hours ago)

    to : XXXXXXX
    Four days after I sent this missive to WTVD-11's general manager, the station's response has been not to correct the station's false reporting but to try to cover it up. All comments under the story, including three made by me, have been removed, without the falsehood in the story being removed, much less corrected.

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Hadding Scott <>
    Date: Mon, May 12, 2014 at 10:53 PM
    Subject: Complaint of False Reporting
    Cc: "" <>

    To the General Manager:

    Having previously contacted reporter Steve Daniels and then the
    news-director of WTVD without satisfactory response, with due respect
    I now bring a matter of false reporting to your attention.

    WTVD's Web site carries a story written by Steve Daniels dated 24
    April 2014 in which the following allegation is made about Frazier
    Glenn Miller, the suspected perpetrator of recent shootings in
    Missouri: "In the 1980s, Raleigh police caught him in the backseat of
    a car engaged in a sex act with a prostitute - a prostitute who was a
    black man dressed as a woman."

    This claim seems to be entirely baseless. The implied source for the
    claim, Doug McCullough, who saw the incident-report that is the
    alleged foundation for the whole story, says that it is inaccurate.
    McCullough says that he did not say that Miller was caught in a
    sex-act and he says that he cannot recall whether Miller was alleged
    to be in the back seat.

    You can hear audio clips of the former federal prosecutor making these
    statements to an interviewer, Jim Giles:

    Audio-Clip #1: McCullough says that Miller was not caught in a

    Audio-clip #2: McCullough says that he does not recall that Miller was
    in the back seat:

    Furthermore, McCullough is quoted by Steve Daniels as saying: "We
    secured a number of convictions with his assistance...." That
    statement would generally be understood to mean that several or many
    convictions were secured based on Miller's testimony, but when
    questioned by Jim Giles, McCullough claimed that he had secured just
    one conviction in a trial where Miller was involved, for something
    along the lines of contempt of court:

    Audio-clip #3: McCullough admits that he got only one conviction:

    The entire interview that McCullough gave to Jim Giles can be heard

    I think you will agree that, from whatever cause, Steve Daniels'
    report about Frazier Glenn Miller contains false and misleading
    elements, one of which, the claim that Miller was caught in a sex-act
    with a male prostitute, has unfortunately generated a worldwide
    sensation. It seems right that WTVD should either find sources to
    validate the claims that I have brought to your attention (which seems
    impossible) or publicly issue a correction.

    Yours Truly,
    Hadding Scott

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  • Will Williams
    Bogus story is &quot;quite the news&quot;

    Originally posted by Rev.Cambeul View Post

    Description: Original Text: NRA VALUES ARE NOT CONNECTICUT VALUES.
    Glenn Miller is under a $10 million bond and will never be freed.

    But he might still be able to talk and give his side of things.

    Posted this comment, here:

    FGM wasn't caught in the backseat with a male prostitute in the 1980s, black or otherwise. The report by Steve Daniels @ WTVD News in Durham, NC has proven to be bogus: http://noncounterproductive.blogspot...acktracks.html

    That didn't keep the "story" from going viral across the Internet, however.


    The article I responded to:

    Kansas City Jewish Center Shooting: KKK Leader Frazier Glenn Miller Once Caught Having Sex with Black Male Prostitute

    By Shooka Rafizadeh ( Posted: Apr 29, 2014

    Jewish Center Shooter Appears In Court (Photo : Getty)

    Recent investigations reveal that former KKK leader Frazier Glenn Miller was caught having sex with a black male prostitute back in the 1980s. This is quite the news since the organization's "grand dragon" -- the highest-ranking member of the KKK in a given state -- has obviously not always been so kind to other races and sexualities.
    These revelations were brought up by WTVD TV when looking into Miller's criminal background.

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  • Rev.Cambeul

    Description: Original Text: NRA VALUES ARE NOT CONNECTICUT VALUES.

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  • Will Williams
    It ain't like media report it: there was no &quot;Peaches.&quot;

    Go here for proper formatting and images:

    Wednesday, April 30, 2014

    Former federal prosecutor backtracks from "salacious" accusation against Frazier Glenn Miller

    Jim Giles is actually hostile to Frazier Glenn Miller. He has felt very strongly that Frazier Glenn Miller was guilty, as alleged in mass-media, of having been caught in a lewd act with a Black transvestite prostitute. But the fact that the accusation appeared dubious due to lack of documentation troubled him. Giles therefore contacted the source* of the lurid accusation, former federal prosecutor and current North Carolina Judge Doug McCullough, hoping to get confirmation of the claims about Miller, but the result is more nearly the opposite. In fact, by seeking the truth, Jim Giles has done us all, including Frazier Glenn Miller, a great favor.

    Significant Points from Jim Giles' Interview with Douglas McCullough

    McCullough claims only one "contempt of court" conviction to show for his plea-agreement with Frazier Glenn Miller

    Apart from the Black transvestite prostitute accusation, recent news-reports attributed two other deceptive statements to former federal prosecutor Doug McCullough. The initial report from WTVD-TV in Raleigh includes this quote:

    "We secured a number of convictions with his assistance...." [Doug McCullough, quoted by Steve Daniels, WTVD-TV, 24 April 2014]

    "A number of convictions" would generally be understood to mean many convictions. It is a well known and easily verifiable fact, however, that none of the defendants were convicted in the Fort Smith Mass-Sedition Trial, and Frazier Glenn Miller's associates Douglas Sheets and Robert Jackson were not convicted of the Shelby III Adult Bookstore murders. Those are the two cases where Miller testified as part of the plea-agreement that enabled him to get out of prison after only three years instead of dying behind bars. (McCullough's other misrepresentation is that Miller would be a free man by now anyway even without the plea-agreement.) There has been criticism (e.g. from Leonard Zeskind) of the fact that McCullough ultimately gained nothing from his deal with Miller, and that is precisely because of the dearth of convictions.

    Giles asks McCullough if it is true that there were no convictions made with the cooperation of Frazier Glenn Miller. McCullough responds that there was "at least one person convicted." "I think he was convicted of contempt of court, and that Miller assisted in that prosecution."

    McCullough probably has in mind the conviction of Robert Eugene Jackson for failing to appear in court. Glenn Miller's testimony was clearly not necessary to secure that conviction, since Jackson either had appeared or had not.

    After the acquittal of all 13 defendants at the Fort Smith Mass-Sedition Trial, after the acquittal of Douglas Sheets for the mass-murder at the Shelby III Adult Bookstore in a trial lasting only 5˝ hours, and after charges were dismissed against Robert Eugene Jackson in the same case, all that former federal prosecutor Doug McCullough can claim for a success to justify his plea-agreement with Frazier Glenn Miller is a conviction for something along the lines of contempt of court.

    The fact that McCullough was clearly being deceptive about the value of his plea-agreement with Frazier Glenn Miller encouraged skepticism about his other, more bizarre claim.

    The Black Transvestite Prostitute Accusation

    Giles asks McCullough if it is true that Miller was caught in a lewd act with a Black male prostitute:

    "I am not going to say he was in the act. I don't have any recollection of that. He was in the company of this person, is the way I have consistently stated it. If anybody has said that I described him as being engaged in an act, that would be erroneous. He was in the company of a person who was known to the police to be engaged in that kind of activity for money, but to say that they were engaged in that act at the very moment that the police-officer pulled him over, I don't think that would be accurate, and I've never said that." (Doug McCullough, 30 April 2014)

    McCullough surely knows that WTVD-TV has indeed claimed that Glenn Miller was caught in the act. This is from WTVD's report, which was picked up by the ABC Television Network and then traveled around the world:

    The ABC11 I-Team has also learned something stunning about Miller's time in the Raleigh area. In the 1980s, Raleigh police caught him in the backseat of a car engaged in a sex act with a prostitute - a prostitute who was a black man dressed as a woman. [Steve Daniels, WTVD-11, 24 April 2014]
    Context implies that McCullough, who claimed to have seen the incident-report in question, was also responsible for the claim that Miller was "caught in the act." Now McCullough says that this is not true. McCullough also denies knowing the related detail about being caught "in the backseat":

    "I don't recall. I don't recall if it described where the two parties were sitting." (Doug McCullough, 30 April 2014)

    Since McCullough refers to Miller's being "pulled over" -- which would mean that he was driving his vehicle -- the probability that Miller was in the back seat at the time seems very slight.

    So here we have the former prosecutor, the ostensible source of the scurrilous tale about Frazier Glenn Miller and the Black transvestite prostitute, denying knowledge of much of what has been reported, and implying that WTVD's reporter Steve Daniels, or some source that Daniels was using but did not name (McCullough implies the SPLC), substantially invented the story.**

    McCullough proceeds to complain about how mass-media distorted his account, but then lets slip that he has in fact misrepresented his own knowledge about the matter. He claims that there were "salacious" details which he told reporters he did not wish to discuss, even though he now admits that there could not have been any "salacious" details, because according to what McCullough now says, no lewd act was recorded in the alleged incident-report.

    McCullough refers to the incident-report that is alleged as the basis of the whole scandal as a document of "marginal significance." That is McCullough's explanation for the fact that neither he nor anybody else seems to have retained the document. Given the nationwide notoriety of Frazier Glenn Miller in the 1980s, and the sensational nature of the accusation, such an incident-report would not be a document of marginal significance, and it does not seem like something that would be discarded.

    Frazier Glenn Miller, in an interview with the SPLC's Heidi Beirich last year, admitted that there was some incident with a Black transvestite prostitute, but maintains that his intentions toward that person were violent. The details of the story as reported by television-station WTVD and subsequently repeated by news-media around the world, especially the claim that Miller had been caught in the midst of a lewd act, made Miller's version of the story seem untenable. At this point however, the man who says that he actually saw the incident-report, who is also the only source for the story mentioned by WTVD, former federal prosecutor J. Douglas McCullough, has disavowed all alleged details that contradict Frazier Glenn Miller's account.

    This is in no way meant to justify Frazier Glenn Miller's or anybody else's actions in random "coon-conking" or "fag-bashing." This kind of activity was perhaps common at one time among skinheads and klansmen, but, although it may offer some immediate gratification, the ultimate effect of such uncivilized behavior, while law and order are still somewhat in effect, is counterproductive.

    The point is that former federal prosecutors and mass-media should not be lying or elaborating vivid accusations around an ambiguous grain of truth -- even about a person that they are confident nobody will try to defend.
    * McCullough is the only source that Steve Daniels named in his report of 24 April 2014, and is therefore presumed to be the source for the alleged details of the transvestite incident. Context also implies it. If McCullough was not the source for the lurid account of the alleged incident with the transvestite prostitute, then Daniels has written a very misleading report.

    ** Steve Daniels was contacted several days ago and informed of the falsity and credibility-problems of some of the claims in his report, but so far no correction has been made. Even if McCullough did all the lying and Daniels accurately represented what McCullough had said, Daniels and whoever edits WTVD's news still bear responsibility for not being skeptical about wild claims, and for not bothering to check facts -- especially after they have been informed that there is a problem.


    Upload MP3 and download MP3 using free MP3 hosting from Tindeck.


    Saturday, April 26, 2014

    Is former Federal Prosecutor and current North Carolina Judge Douglas McCullough LYING about Frazier Glenn Miller?

    On 14 April 2014 WTVD-11.of Raleigh, North Carolina, an ABC affiliate, published a story by Steve Daniels attacking the character of Frazier Glenn Miller. This story was immediately propagated far and wide by ABC and then predictably echoed uncritically by other mass-media.

    The source of these attacks on Miller's past was Douglas McCullough, a former federal prosecutor who is now an elected (Republican) judge. As an elected official -- in other words, a politician -- McCullough is not an uninterested party in this matter.

    First, McCullough seems to exaggerate the value of Miller's cooperation under a plea-agreement that McCullough arranged with Miller in the late 1980s:

    "We secured a number of convictions with his assistance and in our view we had removed him from a leadership role in the White Patriot Party, because now he was in jail," explained McCullough.

    This is a puzzling claim from the former federal prosecutor, because there were no felony convictions in either of the trials where Frazier Glenn Miller testified, neither in the Fort Smith Mass-Sedition Trial nor in the Shelby III Adult Bookstore trial. What "convictions" McCullough has in mind is not evident.**

    McCullough seems to be claiming past successes for himself, where in fact he failed.

    The fact that McCullough is defending his own reputation becomes even clearer in this section of WTVD's report:

    According to a 1987 sentencing memorandum from federal prosecutors, if Miller had not become an informant, and if the government had pursued all charges against him, he could have faced a 100-year sentence if convicted.
    We asked McCullough if it's possible Miller would still be in prison and three people in Kansas would still be alive.
    "Not possible. You have to take into context types of sentences that were actually being imposed and the types of offenses he had committed," McCullough explained.
    He said Miller would have served no more than 10 to 12 years.

    The former federal prosecutor may claim in 2014 that Glenn Miller would have served no more than 10 to12 years in prison if prosecutors had not made a deal with him, but that is closer to the maximum that Miller could have faced after the deal was made. The Associated Press reported in 1988 that Miller could have been sentenced to more than 100 years in prison if federal prosecutors had not offered him a plea-agreement (Associated Press, 4 January 1988).

    That's two major misrepresentations that save the former prosecutor's reputation at Glenn Miller's expense. Then McCullough makes an innuendo of sexual perversion about Miller:

    The ABC11 I-Team has also learned something stunning about Miller's time in the Raleigh area. In the 1980s, Raleigh police caught him in the backseat of a car engaged in a sex act with a prostitute - a prostitute who was a black man dressed as a woman. "It was pretty shocking," said McCullough. "...because of his personal stances that he had taken and what he was now accused of engaging in."

    McCullough told ABC11 he read the Raleigh police report about the incident with the prostitute. "The facts speak for themselves, and people can draw their own conclusion about how incongruous something like that is," he offered.

    Miller did not face charges in connection with the incident. McCullough explained that's likely because the government was pursuing the much bigger case against him.

    While McCullough claims that that the facts "speak for themselves," he presents no facts. He does not even state the year in which the incident is supposed to have occurred. The claim that some crime was committed and discovered by Raleigh Police without any charge being filed also seems highly suspect. It is not clear how the federal government's alleged intentions toward Miller should have motivated local authorities in Raleigh to desist from prosecuting an alleged violation of a local law. McCullough's account is void of details and makes no sense on its face.

    A spokesman for the Raleigh Police Department, responding to an inquiry on 24 April 2014, says that no record of the incident to which McCullough refers could be found. He is quoted here with permission:

    Recent news articles have included a mention of an incident said to have occurred in Raleigh, N.C., involving F. Glenn Miller; however no police report of such an incident has been located and no record of and an arrest for such an incident has been found. [Jim Sughrue, Director of Public Affairs, Raleigh Police Department, 25 April 2014]

    When giving permission to be quoted, Mr. Sughrue cautioned that there was some possibility that the documents relating to the incident (assuming that they existed) had been misfiled, since they would date from the period before RPD computerized its record-keeping.

    However, since certain other elements of Doug McCullough's account of Glenn Miller seem to be false (especially the claim that convictions were secured with Miller's help), the most likely explanation seems to be that there was no such incident-report and no such arrest.

    There are two discernible motives in McCullough's statements. One is to kill any sympathy that might exist for Miller and whatever he represents by branding him as a closet homosexual and hypocrite. These are typical themes of smear-propaganda that have been standard for many decades. Such accusations were even used in ancient times. The other is McCullough's exaggeration of his own record of success as a prosecutor, and self-justification in the question of whether federal prosecutors should have worked with Miller, since there has been general criticism recently of federal prosecutors' practice of seeking the cooperation of criminals.

    This is not to justify the shootings that Miller committed recently. The premise here is that nobody is justifiably tarred with lies.
    * Some news-sources are even adding baseless details to the story. The New York Daily News adds the detail that Glenn Miller "paid" to have sex with the alleged Black transvestite prostitute, a detail that does not appear in their source, the report from WTVD. The addition of a detail like that is not inconsequential: it cuts off much of the possibility for doubting the approved interpretation of what happened. With sufficient aggregation of assumed details like that, a completely convincing story can be created out of practically nothing.

    ** “His testimony was extremely weak,” complains Leonard Zeskind, “I believe that Miller was essentially playing a game with the feds. And I don’t think he had any intention of becoming a good witness.” Zeskind clearly opines that McCullough's plea-agreement with Glenn Miller was not worthwhile. (James Hill, ABC News, 24 April 2014) McCullough claimed on 30 April 2014 that he got a conviction for "contempt of court" with Miller's cooperation, but that is not a felony, and if he means the conviction of Robert Jackson for failing to appear in court, Miller's testimony was not necessary for that.
    Posted by Hadding at 11:39 AM No comments:


    Wednesday, April 23, 2014

    On Frazier Glenn Miller and the Downfall of his White Patriot Party

    Miller's Prior Life

    Frazier Glenn Miller
    According to Glenn Miller, he only became racially conscious in 1974. Prior to that he had been a liberal and self-hating White man, "the world's first wigger," "ashamed to be White and ashamed to be from the South." At the age of 26 he had married a Polynesian woman (A White Man Speaks Out, ch. 4), whom he describes as "the biggest whore in Fort Bragg, North Carolina." The marriage lasted about three years and produced only one child (which Miller doubts is his).

    Miller's worldview had begun to change in the late 1960s as a result of becoming better acquainted with his father, who had been generally absent when Glenn Miller was growing up. In 1974 Miller joined the National States Rights Party, and then in early 1976 the National Socialist Party of America. Miller says that his former marriage to a Polynesian woman was not a secret.

    Glenn Miller's Weakness and Harold Covington's Exaggeration

    In a post on the Northwest Front Forums dated 7 February 2010, Harold Covington took overall credit for the vast section of A Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement that is about Frazier Glenn Miller: "The Glenn Miller section is pretty much mine..." In truth, however, almost half of it is plagiarized from an essay by Bill White titled "Frazier Glenn Miller: A Biography Up Through His Convictions" published on in February 2006.

    Harold Covington's Brief History claims that Miller had several mixed-race children, and had them playing in his yard with his White children when he was a unit leader in the NSPA. We are supposed to believe that a member of the National Socialist Party of America, Karl Kessler, observed this, but that Covington, leader of the party in North Carolina, somehow never learned about it until years later.

    Most likely Covington says that he only learned "years later" of Miller's past in order to avoid the problem of explaining why he, as a higher-up in the NSPA, had been willing to overlook it for several years. The same pattern is evident in the way that Covington has chosen -- even to this day -- to feign ignorance of his friend Frank Collin's Jewish ancestry.

    Then there is the matter of Glenn Miller's consumption of alcohol. While Bill White only mentions Miller's being intoxicated on one occasion, Covington caricatures him as a man constantly intoxicated. It is certain that Covington exaggerates, because at the time of his association with Covington and the NSPA Miller was an active-duty Army non-commissioned officer (E-8 Master Sergeant) and had to be sober at least five days a week. He also mentions turning down a shot of moonshine prior to the 1979 Greensboro Shootout because it was too early in the day.

    Covington spoke highly of Miller in a letter that he sent from the Isle of Man to his former NSPA associates in 1986. Click on the image, then click again to read it:

    This letter is inconsistent with Covington's later representation of how he perceived Miller's character during his tenure with the NSPA.

    Be that as it may, Glenn Miller clearly did have a drinking problem that was a great source of weakness for him. Miller talks about alcohol a few times in his autobiography. He even mentions a DUI arrest, and another occasion of driving while intoxicated. More importantly, it seems likely that a certain tendency to flee into escapism, which may have been the fundamental cause of his alcohol-consumption, undermined Miller's ability to deal with stressful situations in a steady, rational manner.

    The White Patriot Party

    In the early 1980s Frazier Glenn Miller led the most visible White racist organization in the country. Originally called the Carolina Knights of the KKK, then the Confederate Knights of the KKK, it ultimately became known as the White Patriot Party. Miller's organization was brought down through (1) the misbehavior of some members, (2) focused legal harassment, and (3) Miller's insufficient nerve and prudence for the tremendously difficult situations that he had to navigate.

    Several members of Glenn Miller's Carolina Knights of the KKK who were employees of a North Carolina prison were accused of harassing and intimidating a Negro coworker at his home while representing themselves as members of the CKKKK. This gave an occasion for the Southern Poverty Law Center to sue..

    In October 1983 Morris Dees' SPLC filed a $1 million civil suit against Glenn Miller and his organization for civil-rights violation. Miller writes: "This was the beginning of my downfall and the downfall of the organization which I had begun in December of 1980." ( A White Man Speaks Out, ch. 6)

    Since a public defender is not provided in Federal civil suits Miller had to conduct the defense himself, which meant that much of his time was taken up as an amateur trying to deal with documents pertaining to the suit, forming a stack of paper four feet high by the time Miller accepted an agreement (consent decree) offered by Morris Dees in January 1985. The agreement said that Miller would not break various laws of North Carolina nor march through predominantly Black neighborhoods.

    Miller explains: "Since I did not intend to do any of those things anyway, I was willing to sign it, just to get Dees off my back.... The difference was of course, that by signing the agreement 'as leader of,' I was accepting legal responsibility for every single member and associate of my organization."

    While the desire to be done with Dees' lawsuit is entirely understandable, it is clear that Miller should have sought professional advice before signing that "scrap of paper" which he somehow thought would have no consequence.

    Miller had interpreted Dees' suit as essentially a fishing expedition; Dees had used the suit as a premise to subpoena and question a large number of CKKKK members, in the hope, Miller believed, of uncovering some real crime. After fifteen months Dees could be considered to have failed in his purpose. Miller perhaps regarded the agreement as Dees' attempt to save face -- to declare victory and go home -- when in reality he was setting a trap.

    While the first Morris Dees suit was still going on, in August 1984, ten months after the suit began, Miller was visited by Robert Jay Mathews, who gave him $75,000, which, upon being asked, he admitted was stolen. After that, Mathews brought along several members of the Order who witnessed Miller's receiving an additional $125,000. The fact that a number of members of the Order witnessed the transfer left Miller vulnerable in the event that those members were ever arrested and decided to testify, which some of them did.

    When Miller's wife found out that her husband had accepted stolen money, she raged at him for several days, screaming, "I married an idiot!" among other observations.

    The real problem was the number of people that had witnessed the second transfer. Order-member Bruce Pierce, shortly after his capture in April 1985, revealed that Glenn Miller had received stolen funds from the Order. Although Pierce subsequently recanted, the revelation made Miller a focus of increased hostile scrutiny.

    Then an alleged violation of the agreement with the SPLC occurred. In July 1986 Glenn Miller, Stephen Samuel Miller, and the White Patriot Party faced the misdemeanor charge of contempt of court for violating the agreement that had ended the earlier civil-rights suit, with Morris Dees allowed to play the role of special prosecutor.

    According to Miller the case was based on perjured testimony from two convicts, James Holder and Robert Norman Jones. Miller writes in his autobiography that Holder's testimony lacked credibility, while Jones lied convincingly. Miller complained that one of his witnesses, Ward Frazier, had been physically beaten to prevent him from testifying (AP, 1 August 1986).

    After the trial Miller underwent a lie-detector examination to demonstrate that he had never met Jones and that Jones was therefore lying with his claim that Miller had acquired illegal weapons through him.

    Apart from outright perjury, some highly imaginative "expert testimony" of questionable relevance was admitted, from FBI special agent Wayne Manis. Following the arrest of Bruce Pierce in April 1985, the fact that Miller had some connection to the Order became public, a connection that was exaggerated by the FBI agent:

    An Effram Zimbalist, Jr. clone in the person of an FBI agent testified for the prosecution that he was an expert on The Order, and on the book Turner Diaries, and that Glenn Miller was definitely a member of The Order, and, I was carrying out the Turner Diary blue-print plan of violently overthrowing the government. He went on to describe in gory detail many of the crimes attributed to members of The Order, implying that I was as guilty as they. (Miller ch. 13)

    The Turner Diaries is a novel, and while it portrays some methods that a guerrilla-organization could use, the claim that the work constitutes a "blueprint" -- in other words, an overall strategy -- is absurd. The method whereby the heroes of the novel win in the end, by tricking the Soviet Union into launching a nuclear attack, lacks credibility. The author, Dr. William Pierce, has said that he wrote the novel to convey certain ideas to people who were more inclined to read fiction than non-fiction. The Turner Diaries presents a future dystopia based on trends that Dr. William Pierce had observed in the 1970s. The main purpose of The Turner Diaries was to make people aware of those trends.

    Furthermore, the picture of a vast White Racist Conspiracy that Wayne Manis portrayed was not realistic. It was the same picture of a vast racist conspiracy that formed the basis of the Fort Smith Sedition Trial in 1987-1988, which ended with all defendants acquitted, and was such an embarrassment for the Reagan Administration that Attorney General Ed Meese resigned. (The Justice Department's paranoid belief in a monolithic racist conspiracy in the 1980s parallels the exaggerations of the Soviet menace during the same period, and also foreshadows the paranoia about a monolithic Islamic conspiracy fifteen years later. Most likely all of these exaggerated beliefs can be traced to the influence of Neoconservative Jews, Ed Meese's chief of staff at the time being Neoconservative Jew and future talkshow-host Mark Reed Levin.)

    Miller describes this trial for contempt of court as a kangaroo process where emotionality and the say-so of authority figures trumped all. It lasted only five days. After hearing the FBI agent's paranoid testimony, and seeing how it swayed the court, Miller panicked. This was what Miller says induced him to go underground and declare war on the government, ending in his apprehension along with Jack Jackson, Douglas Sheets, Tony Wydra, and some illegal weapons in a rented mobile home in Ozark, Missouri about six weeks later.

    Because of his panic, Miller found himself in sufficient trouble that the government was able to pressure him to testify in the Fort Smith Mass-Sedition Trial, and then in Douglas Sheets' trial for the Shelby III Adult Bookstore massacre (which remains an unsolved crime). The fact that Miller agreed to testify for the government in order to avoid spending the rest of his life in prison ruined his reputation in the White racialist milieu, but nobody was convicted in either trial.

    The White Patriot Party tried to continue without Miller under the new name Southern Nationalist Party, directed by Miller's appointee Gordon Ipock (a.k.a. Gordon Gray) , but without the force of Glenn Miller's personality it sputtered and died.
    * * *

    Among the lessons of the story of Glenn Miller and the White Patriot Party are (1) do not sign legally binding agreements without good expert advice, and (2) do not panic under pressure. In both instances, signing the consent decree and then "going underground," Glenn Miller allowed the desire for escape from immediate difficulties to overpower him, rather than realistically persevering in the course of action most likely to produce the least terrible long-term result.

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  • Will Williams
    Originally posted by Rev.Cambeul View Post
    And Ron's still easily contactable today at

    That's a picture of Ron at that link, all right. Give him my regards when you contact him there. I don't do Facebook, thanks.

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  • james von brunn
    assuming Miller actually done this....he had the right idea but the wrong execution....

    extreme violence is the ONLY answer to fedZOGjewSA!

    if yr not prepared to engage in that.....then....FUCK OFF!!....emigrate to some-where like Russia or Sth America.....(if you have kids)

    but...if you have kids and remain in the jewSA....then.....yr just a fucking ARSE-hole!! .....yr effectively MURDERING them!

    if you don't have kids (or: they're grown up) and you continue to remain in the jewSA....w/out engaging in violent action against fedZOGjewSA....then....yr a part of the fucking problem, you fucking ARSE-hole ....yr an accessory after the fact to white genocide!

    uh...yeh.....more or less 'posted' the abv on Kievsky's `blog but he was too fucking GUTLESS to approve it!

    (most of the posters on there seem to me to be nuthin' more than a bunch of intellectualised, gutless, fckn WANKERs!! )

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  • Rev.Cambeul
    Originally posted by Will Williams View Post
    Ron was still there in '91. Depends on which month.

    BTW, I found a half dozen or so issues of Racial Loyalty from my era that have never been scanned and republished. I'll find a large-screed copy machine eventually, scan them and send to you for the CA archive.
    And Ron's still easily contactable today at

    For anyone that hasn't yet woken up to the fact that putting your faith and future in the hands of invisible Nordic friends living somewhere over the rainbow is as useful as entrusting the future of the European people to the non-existent Jewish sky god, or to Rumplestiltskin for that matter, then Ron McVan is the man for you. Ron's a good person and a staunch brother. I recommend anyone with Euro Pagan interests to contact him.

    Will, I look forward to reading those back issues of Racial Loyalty newspaper of yours. Having being written near thirty years ago, it's historical manuscripts such as RL that remind us that although things do get worse, they don't exactly change; and when you get down to it, it's people - White People that remain at the heart of our struggle for the advancement and salvation of the White Race. It's arguably our most useful tool in getting our people to understand that the struggle they are going through is not theirs alone, or unique to their generation, social circle, musical genre or clothing fad. If we can give them some real perspective on our Holy Cause, then we have more than strong chance of preventing them going off the deep end and wasting their lives on a shooting spree ... unless of course they have been roofied/slipped a mickey/had their drink spiked/surreptitiously drugged, and then there's no stopping them. In which case we lose yet another good WRL to the cause, either killed in action or caged in the JOG Gulag.

    That and it does help to dispel the constant rumour-mongering from the less idealistic but ever fearful and rationally disabled amongst us with their personal axe to grind.


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  • Will Williams
    Miscegenationistic -- good 17-letter word for Whites to throw around

    Originally posted by Rev.Cambeul View Post
    Racial Impeachment
    I live in is mostly Irish, but nowadays, however, there are a lot of blacks and hispanics moving in and compromising my European culture. And, as a result, slowly but surely, my neighborhood will become a Third World!...

    That's from Racial Loyalty, Issue 77 in 1991. (Reverend Director Will, wasn't that Ron McVan's era?)
    Ron was still there in '91. Depends on which month.

    BTW, I found a half dozen or so issues of Racial Loyalty from my era that have never been scanned and republished. I'll find a large-screed copy machine eventually, scan them and send to you for the CA archive.

    The point is, people feel the urge to fight back at all times. We are not different. Give the man in the street a chance, and he may be the next.

    What Mike M from New York described 23 years ago is addressed so well by Dr. Pierce in that essay of his from 1997 that's linked above. We WILL have our own living space, free of race-mixers and non-Whites pissing in our gene pool if we can muster the WILL to organize and fight for it. Here's that piece for those too lazy or otherwise disinclined to hit the link:

    From National Vanguard Magazine - Number 117 (March-April 1997):
    Miscegenation: The Morality of Death
    by Dr. William Pierce

    History has taught us that the most fundamental necessities for the existence of a healthy and progressive White society are the racial quality of its members and a moral code or value system which complements and enhances that quality.

    Ultimately, of course, the former is much more fundamental than the latter. Only a sound race can give birth to sound racial ethics. Without the living biological entity, there is and can be nothing. But as long as the race survives--as long as the potential for effective racial sovereignty exists--alien and spiritually damaging values alone will not prove fatal.

    The enemies of our race have obviously long understood this truth. That is why, a half-century ago, they waged the most vicious war the world has ever seen in order to destroy an idea based upon that racial truth. That is why they subsequently organized the systematic swamping of White civilization by millions of alien immigrants. And that is why they have used their control of the news and entertainment media, of the government, and of schools and universities to implement a massive propaganda campaign to encourage miscegenation between Whites and non-Whites.

    Of course, miscegenation is not a natural occurrence. Evolution would have been impossible if every evolutionary experiment had been short-circuited by cross-breeding. Nature's urge toward higher and more complex life forms has demanded that subspecies remain genetically isolated until all possibility of genetic admixture has been removed. Even though such isolation of the various human subspecies from one another has not been of sufficient length to ensure the impossibility of genetic admixture, it has ensured the existence of deep-seated psychological barriers which, under natural conditions, prevent miscegenation.

    When these natural conditions are disrupted and distorted, however, unnatural sexual activities such as homosexuality and miscegenation have been known to result. Just as bulls have been known to mount mares, and St. Bernard dogs have tried to mate with Chihuahuas when forced into close confinement and deprived of their natural environment, so Whites have copulated with Negroes in similar circumstances. It is the disruption of the White man's natural environment and the dehumanization of his society and culture, therefore, which the Jews and their collaborators in the news and entertainment media have consistently worked for in order to encourage racial mixing.

    This campaign began at least as early as 1967, when 16 U.S. states still had laws against miscegenation. In that year Jewish director/producer Stanley Kramer brought out the film Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, starring Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy as a couple whose daughter begins an affair with a Negro. The aim of the film was clear and since has been admitted. It was designed as an "educational film" for White Americans: after seeing their on-screen heroes, Tracy and Hepburn, surrendering their White daughter to a Black male, they would feel less compunction in doing the same. 1

    Since that time Whites have not just been encouraged to mate with Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians, they have been subject to every conceivable Pavlovian method to blackmail and bully them emotionally into doing so. With ever increasing intensity the message has been that miscegenation is not just an option, but the option that society expects. Particularly, the primary aim of the Political Correctness movement, in all of its manifestations, has been to confuse heterosexual Whites and make them feel sinful and guilty for being White; to encourage them to "repent" by helping put their race out of existence.

    The Hollywood film Last of the Mohicans, which came out in 1992 with the Jewish actor Daniel Day-Lewis in the leading role, is a typical example of how the Jewish news and entertainment media have spearheaded this campaign. In the film White males are portrayed as weak, cowardly, disloyal, and barbaric--and as justly deserving of their slaughter at the hands of the noble, dignified, courageous, and sexy Red Indians. Yes, just to ensure that White women don't miss the implication that White men are worthless, the leading White female character dumps her despicable British-officer fiancé and runs off into the sunset with the Mohican hero. The underlying message of the film is clear: race-mixing is not only natural and understandable, it is also the morally right thing to do.

    Zoologists and anthropologists have identified two types of feral constraint which ensure that under natural conditions animal groups--including human groups--which may be able to interbreed with each other refrain from doing so. On one hand, there are inborn biological impulses based upon physical "sign stimuli," such as smell, color, and visual differentiation. Then there is the behavioral imprinting and habituation which takes place in the early weeks and months of infancy based upon the intimate relationship between the mother and the infant. This helps to ensure that when sexual mating is eventually attempted, it will take place only with those forms that resemble the parent or siblings. 2

    Not surprisingly, the Jews have gone all out to corrupt and cripple the latter tendency in Whites, particularly under the guise of "children's entertainment." In 1994, for example, the Walt Disney Company brought out a re-adaptation of its 1967 film The Jungle Book. This was Disney's first children's offering since being taken over by the Jewish clique headed by Michael Eisner, and, predictably, it was a complete distortion, both of the original Kipling story and the 1967 Disney animated version. With a story line remarkably similar to Last of the Mohicans, the White heroine rejects her British-officer fiancé for an Indian jungle boy played by a Chinese actor.

    Significantly, the White girl's decision is portrayed as being based upon moral considerations of right and wrong, upon her realization that White society and White men in particular are irredeemably bad. Eisner pursued this line in the two subsequent Disney animated children's films, Pocahontas and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, which are similar both in their pernicious race-mixing propaganda and in their blatant disregard for the original stories. Such systematic consistency in shape and content suggests design rather than coincidence.

    In any case, the actual motivation of Michael Eisner in churning out such material is not the most important question. The thing that really matters is the actual effect of his efforts: young children are being influenced, at an age where they are most open to behavioral imprinting, with a message that miscegenation is good and morally correct, and that Whiteness is evil and morally wrong.

    Just as young Whites in the past were encouraged by an alien religious dogma to feel sinful because of their natural sexual urges, to feel unclean in having them, and to seek "salvation" by denying them, so today they are indoctrinated with guilt-inducing ideas about being White. And the solution which they are offered to overcome these artificial feelings of guilt and self-hate is increasingly clear: mate with a non-White partner and have mongrel offspring. Racial suicide is thus insidiously presented to them as the only way in which they can overcome their Whiteness and all the consequent pain and shame that goes with it.

    Actually, miscegenation has rapidly emerged as the official religion of the New World Order and its adherents. Propagated with an increasingly hysterical fervor, it has been developed as the new universal slave-morality which embraces and transcends established religions such as Christianity. In March 1994, for example, evangelist Billy Graham's publication Christianity Today urged readers to rejoice over the existence of mixed-race marriages and mixed-race children and to do everything possible to make them fully accepted into society. It even stated that this is one area where the news and entertainment media are morally ahead of the churches.

    This propagation of miscegenation as an ideological crusade also has made significant inroads into the education system. When a North Carolina middle school principal recently cautioned a White female student and a Black male student about the dangers of interracial dating, he was immediately suspended from his job and disciplined. He was not allowed to return to work until he had been "reeducated" after confessing and repenting his "sins" in a counseling and sensitivity training program. 3

    The ideological nature of this campaign to promote miscegenation was also reflected in an article in the August 1996 issue of Maryland Family Magazine, part of the Times Mirror group. Written by Helen Armiger, described as a candidate for ordained ministry in the United Methodist Church, "How to Raise an Unbiased Child" argues that society is compelled to teach its youth to live harmoniously and productively within a global environment. Quoting approvingly a Maryland education official, Arminger insisted that there exists a moral obligation to provide children with the opportunity to engage in a variety of relationships with people of different races and sexual orientations without any kind of parental or social constraint.

    Behind the high-sounding slogans portraying miscegenation as morally imperative and beneficial, the motivation of its proponents is clear: the intention is not to "save" or "redeem" Whites, but to destroy them completely. What such "morality" really derives from is a totally subjective, alien mind-set which seeks the biological extinction of the White race, and which, from its own perspective, sees such an extinction as a good and righteous thing. Some of its proponents are much more honest than others in admitting to this reality. One journal, Race Traitor, edited by Noel Ignatiev and subtitled "Treason to Whiteness is Loyalty to Humanity," openly declares its conviction that the only way to solve the social problems of the age is to abolish the White race. Its admitted aim is not "multiculturalism" or "multiracialism," but biological unity and racelessness. 4

    Such thinking is not confined to the political fringes. On September 29, 1996, The New York Times Magazine ran an article by Jewish writer Stanley Crouch (author of the book The All-American Skin Game: Or, the Decoy of Race ). Entitled "Race is Over," Crouch's article confidently predicted that a century from today unprecedented levels of racial mixing--of a wide variety of combinations--will ensure that the very concept of race will be redundant. Americans of the future, it argues, will find themselves surrounded in every direction by people who are part Asian, part Latin, part European, part American Indian. The sweep of body types, combinations of facial features, hair textures, eye colors, and what are now "unexpected skin tones" will, in Crouch's view, be far more common because the current paranoia over mixed marriages should be by then largely a superstition of the past.

    Even this declared goal, however, reveals only part of the agenda, because one particular race has an exemption ticket from this universal morality of genetic amalgamation. But The New York Times Magazine article symbolizes what the Politically Correct movement is really all about. When the mainstream Harper's Magazine runs articles advocating government- sponsored summer camps for young White girls to meet and begin relationships with non-White males, it is not doing "good" for those girls; it is actively encouraging what is most definitely bad for them. And when the Prudential Insurance Company of America sponsors a series of racial unity conferences for children across America and the world, it is not doing what is "right" for those children; it is doing what is totally and utterly wrong for them.

    Actually, such "morality" is without any moral foundation whatsoever. It's not based on any natural or biological law, nor does it follow any rational or scientific line of reasoning. This helps to explain why it is having some difficulty in achieving its objectives. Undoubtedly many Whites preach the cause of miscegenation, and many have put it into practice. But, revealingly, the numbers in the latter camp are still much smaller than in the former.

    Some of the Whites who advocate race-mixing are obviously unhealthy in a genetic sense, and mentally ill as opposed to spiritually sick. The person who wrote to his local newspaper recently stating his frustrated wish to have five per cent Black blood in his ancestry so as to blend in with what he considers the ideal American racial composition, may be an example. 5

    In any case, in instances such as these miscegenation could even be considered a tool of natural selection in weeding such people out of the White gene pool.

    For the majority of Whites who advocate miscegenation, however, their sense of righteousness in espousing it is nothing more than a manifestation of trendiness: of wanting to feel and appear fashionable.

    Take, for example, the case of the young Hollywood couple Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Both appear to be healthy and physically attractive specimens of Aryan humanity. Yet they have recently adopted a Black child and actively collaborated with the Jewish media in publicizing it as a fine and noble deed which has helped the cause of human and societal "progress." There is nothing biologically wrong with this couple; they've just gone out of their way to make a fashion statement. And the adopted child is nothing more than a fashion accessory for their symbolic commitment to the idea of miscegenation.

    Indeed, it is revealing that for all their fashion consciousness, Cruise and Kidman chose to marry each other rather than non-Whites: they chose to adopt a non-White child rather than to create one. Even they, therefore, whether conscious of it or not, are evidence that most Whites are not yet putting the idea of miscegenation into practice--regardless of the lip service which they might feel compelled to give it.

    A recent study of miscegenation statistics by Jewish academic Douglas J. Besherov, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, seemed to give some credence to this view, although the report highlighted some very disturbing trends. These included a tripling of marriages between Whites and Blacks since 1970, and a sharp increase in marriages between Whites and Asians or Hispanics. The U.S. Census Bureau counted about 150,000 interracial marriages nationwide in 1960. By 1990 that number grew tenfold to 1.5 million. In 1994 it was estimated at more than 3 million.

    Equally alarming was the statistic that 35.4 percent of White women married to Black men said they planned to have children, a higher proportion than the 29 percent of White women married to White men who said they wanted children. This is on top of a four-fold increase in mixed-race births since 1970, although not all of these involved a White parent.

    Such trends are obviously ominous and potentially catastrophic by pointing in the long term to the biological extinction of White America. In the short term, however, from the perspective of those of us trying to prevent such a nightmare from unfolding, they do provide at least some grounds for optimism and opportunity. Despite 30 years of Judeo-Christian brainwashing, over 90 per cent of Whites are declining to transgress what Douglas J.Besherov admits is American society's "last taboo."

    Similarly, despite the efforts of Senator Howard Metzenbaum (D-OH, now retired), who in 1994 introduced the Multiethnic Placement Act in the Senate in an effort to bring about an increase in transracial adoptions, most Whites appear still to prefer to adopt White babies, and most non-Whites still prefer to adopt non-White babies. Such attitudes, moreover, appear to be hardening in spite of the Clinton administration's attempts to legislate against them.

    The Cruise-Kidman adoption, for instance, was condemned by the National Association of Black Social Workers on the grounds that transracial adoptions amounted to racial and cultural genocide.

    Undoubtedly an important factor in this situation has been the growth in tensions that has accompanied the transition to a multiracial society. As racial and ethnic identification has become more relevant in people's lives, the resulting racial polarization and intensified group solidarity have mitigated somewhat against the idea of interracial mating. It seems clear, for example, that the O.J. Simpson trial served the useful purpose of intensifying both White and Black racial consciousness and of discrediting the idea of miscegenation.

    One hopeful sign of this was the fact that Hulond Humphries, a White high school principal in Wedowee, Alabama, who was ousted from his position in 1994 for threatening to cancel the spring prom if interracial couples turned up, recently won an election runoff for superintendent of schools.

    As with the race question in general, many Whites--for the moment at least--seem to be carrying around with them two conflicting value systems in relation to race-mixing: the one they publicly purport to hold and the one they actually live their private lives by. While the former is artificially created and only maintained by continuous external conditioning, the latter arises from instinct, which is genetically ingrained.

    Thus, although race-mixing propaganda may have been purposefully designed to appeal to the subconscious and to avoid encountering rational faculties, it has inevitably come up against subconscious genetic realities which are not easily influenced by alien attempts at behavioral modification. Consequently, while it has been relatively easy to bring about widescale spiritual sickness and confusion, it has been much more difficult to implement widescale biological amalgamation.

    Such a situation, however, will not last forever. History is full of examples of artificial and destructive moralities triumphing over the natural order. Despite its setbacks, the cult of miscegenation has spread substantially over the last thirty years and will continue to do so. Current trends continue to point to the most fundamental and inescapable reality which confronts us today: the White race stands on the precipice of biological extinction.

    And one thing is certain: as the strains and tensions of this multiracial society increase in the coming years, so the campaign to destroy us through racial mixing will intensify. For this reason alone, regardless of increased racial polarization, the false morality of miscegenation will not disappear naturally. The circumstances of racial chaos will help us, but only organized and radical action on our part will achieve the vital necessity of a complete and decisive separation of the races and the final destruction of the morality of death.

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  • Rev.Cambeul
    Racial Impeachment

    To whom it may concern: I am writing this letter to you because I am very interested in joining the pro-White movement! I feel that the Anglo way of life is being threatened more and more each day in this country. However, I feel this threat on a more personal level these days in my own neighborhood. You see, the area that I live in is mostly Irish, but nowadays, however, there are a lot of blacks and hispanics moving in and compromising my European culture. And, as a result, slowly but surely, my neighborhood will become a Third World!

    I am writing to the Church of the Creator so that I can become a member and tell other people about the pro-White movement. I am enclosing $1 for a sample copy of your pro-White newspaper, Racial Loyalty. In addition to this, I also plan on buying some of your books in the near future.

    Thank-you. Sincerely, Mike M. New York


    That's from Racial Loyalty, Issue 77 in 1991. (Reverend Director Will, wasn't that Ron McVan's era?)

    The point is, people feel the urge to fight back at all times. We are not different. Give the man in the street a chance, and he may be the next ....


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  • Will Williams
    Organize, organize, organize!

    Originally posted by Will Williams View Post
    That is what Dr. Pierce would be saying. Don't allow these minor skirmishes or fallen soldiers to take your eyes off long term goals.

    This can't be emphasized enough.

    "...[O]nly organized and radical action on our part will achieve the vital necessity of a complete and decisive separation of the races and the final destruction of the morality of death."

    That is the last line in Dr. Pierce's essay, Miscegenation: Morality of Death. Every White person should be required to read this and then be tested on it. Read the rest, here:

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  • james von brunn
    which (all) sorta, kinda makes you think that Miller never done it, eh?

    after all: wht 'evidence' have we got?

    just wtf the jews-media is their word worth, eh?

    ⅗ of ⅝ of BUGGER ALL is wtf, eh?

    oh.....BTW.....i really do think that "Fred" should pin/stick this 'thread', eh?
    it's too bloody important to let slide into the back-ground.....

    Last edited by james von brunn; 21 May 2014, 01:00.

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