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Default This is outstanding thread--there's actually A LOT more that could be added
This is outstanding thread, comrades.

Observe simple little thing which has been duly noted by Sibel Edmonds ( regarding INDUCTIVE LOGIC.

Thus the investigator and/or scientist uses induction to consider (a) all the evidence, then (b) observes the MOST LIKELY suspects, eliminating the least likely and/or impossible.

Then (c) these MOST LIKELY suspects are required to provide proof which would rule them out--which kikes CANNOT do.

(d) So then, what do kikes do?--they call u anti-Semitic for even suspecting them, ho ho ho, and thus attempt to further intimidate u--ON TOP of their terrorist strikes and crimes they've already committed.

(e) So u see, this criminal intimidation is simply MORE evidence against them, serving rather to CONFIRM they're the real culprits.

As Sherlock Holmes said (sorry, I don't have exact citation): "once u've eliminated the impossible, the remainder, no matter how un-likely, is necessary solution.
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