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Angel in the whirlwind: At this time in history, the only solution to the problems of life, the hostility and chaos of animosity which constitutes the fabric of the real is to become the purple in the garment amidst the scarlet and black threads which is the saving grace of this diabolic raiment. One must preserve one’s integrity and nobility amidst the degenerating influence of the Other, those ignoble plebeian souls which constitute the mass and who, continuing the fabric analogy, bled over into the purity of purple with their red anger and black hostility to attempt to soil your purity and create a dissolution of its splendour. Individuated being is individuated for a reason and that to preserve its individuation from dissolution, to further its evolutionary accent towards higher states while preserving itself to evolve itself out of itself thereby becoming more than it was. This is the meaning of sacrificing oneself to oneself.
An angel in the whirlwind one must become as this is the image encapsulating this reality of ‘entelechia’ as Aristotle construed it. One must become who he is, that is to say through a trans- substantiative process develop himself as a plant out of himself as a seed through generation and corruption of base metal become the purest gold. To endure while sustaining one’s being as an angel refulgent in the darkling tempest surrounding oneself is the condition of evolution – intense exertion, intense emotion – all under rational control for the purpose of integrating these ‘desiring flows’ or energy within the self. To be fragmented and blown away in the winds that buffet one simply shows a lack of strength, the capacity to remain the same amidst the dynamic chaotic flow of the stream of becoming, the four winds which whip around one’s person and manipulate and modify his consciousness such that every opportunity is had to lose integrity and yet also to preserve it through strength of concentration, one may say willpower or self-control, keeping a firm grip on the reins of the chariot as it careens toward oblivion. Like a captain going down with the ship he submerges himself in Maya but supersedes the deluge and continues on out of the waters of dispersion into the eternal realms and becomes immortal as the oblivion of the transient waters of becoming is overcome.
At this time in history especially given the tumultuous tossing of the waves he must cling even tighter and be even more of an adept charioteer, steering the chaotic emotions towards a condition of smooth running, efficient motion – as for them to fall into a restive state is to cease pursuing one’s course, a losing of the way and a state of atrophy which is a living death. Riding the tiger is another term used to connote this idea, this reality of enduring in the midst of chaos. The ever-present threat of extinction while exiting ‘on the tiger’s back’ (in the midst of the kali yuga, an end-times/iron age, etc.) necessitates an adept mastery of control over the self while suffering actively the rushing careen of the tiger which seeks to turn and rend one with tooth and claw. Thus intensity of focus and concentration are requisite to handle oneself amidst the (for the weak) overbearing intensity of this epoch. The greater force triumphs and thus one must concentrate energy to become as great as necessary to overcome the overcoming.

Imagine a super-advanced race or species of being in the image of man – arriving on Earth to bestow a higher culture and to impose a supremacy of their kind upon the denizens of this veil of tears. Most who subscribe to the sub-man ideology of reduction to the lowest common denominator would baulk in horror at this very idea let alone the reality. In spite of their inevitable protests if such an order were imposed upon them they would obsequiously shoulder the yolk and plow the fields such that they may savour the farts of wisdom furnished by this noble race – even in spite of this most would bow even if this race were cruel to the limit of provision of basic animal comforts as is the case with the Jews today and their provision of bread and circuses for their contented charges. If benevolent as above outlined, toil would be a pleasure for even enlightened people as a necessary penance for self-development, the reward eagerly anticipated for the punishment called ‘work’. The cliché is always adduced that the stereotypical ‘super-advanced/enlightened’ aliens would have no dealing with a planet of unenlightened beings yet the infinite complexity of circumstance would not imply this as a necessary fact; they may be slavers, they may be benevolent guides seeking to expedite the evolution of Gaia’s denizens or they may have crashed their vehicle with no means to continue on their journey. In any case it may be a reality in the coming future when advanced beings come upon the earth this would almost certainly be an improvement whether for their species or ours or both as anything sufficiently advanced beyond the military capabilities of earthly defense may be (but not necessarily would be) very likely of a more ‘advanced type’ in terms of the improvement of life upon earth – if of the humanoid type of course though possibly if of any type.
Being trapped upon terra/Gaia in a state of reduced consciousness and bombarded with all the hostile and hateful vibrations that pervade the aether it would be a welcome change to invoke by whatever means of occult influence the attention of these beings and offer an invitation for them to come to earth and improve the general situation even if it be by ‘iron and blood’ and the cleansing of the earth of the useless feeders.
If there ever were extra-terrestrial origins of the varieties of ‘man’ on the earth they could be divided neatly into the children of light (whites); the children of darkness (Jews), and perhaps children of other hybrid species with apes and from the moon(Chinese). The former would be from a planetary system far apart from the latter in consciousness terms and their being placed in proximity to one another a recipe for inevitable clash given their diametrical opposition. - Nordic aliens vs. reptilian shape-shifters, good vs. evil – noble means vs. ignoble means – a war fought by some with tooth and claw with parlays and treaties by others and a resignation to brutality when all negotiations are of no avail. - The empire vs. the rebel alliance, the exact inversion of the Hollywood inversion of reality – inversion of an inversion and negation of a negation. The Stormtroopers and hierarchy would be the noble and the just, the motley crew of myriad form and dregs of humanity the base and degenerate who burn museums and libraries of literature on the altar of their vainglory and intolerance for all that is so-to-speak ‘above their heads’, rooting in the mire as they are and slaking their vampiric thirst from the veins of those whose blood is of purer and nobler stock than theirs could ever be.

Beastman and the rod of iron: The only way to restrain Beastman (an appellation for the lower races, the dark mass from the turd world) is to impose the rod of iron, that is to say force and the potent threat of force to ensure compliance with the will of the more rational type. Irrationalism is the ideology of Beastman, who is governed largely by sensationalistic impressions upon his consciousness, is manipulated and influenced by the reactive mind which takes its governance not from within but from without, is therefore dependent on external compulsion and guidance not inner motivation and willpower. Given the ascendancy of the passions Beastman is a mere puppet on the string of fate and his destiny is not his own but is in the hands of the other forces
– namely whoever has the greater force of will and this manifesting itself in all forms of force such as the rod of iron of the mind and intellect as well as the bastinado, the law of the club. He-man is he who wields the club over Beastman with benevolence, a firm but fair management of the otherwise chaotic inclinations of the latter, whose current master in the global situation is Skeletor, he who rules with cruel despotism in a realm of darkness seeking to spread forth his dominion over the regions of Eternia where harmony reigns. This is an allegory of the lower ego of mere intellectualism and self-serving cunning (embodied in Skeletor, whose real world equivalent is the Jew) against the higher mind of altruism and harmonious right action which is the only salvation of Beastman, perhaps elevating him to a position of usefulness with the kind yet forceful hand of He-man restraining the former’s impassioned willfulness.
The absence of threat in the form of the rod of iron leads Beastman to revolt and rebel. Allegorically this rod is the threat and use of force, of loss of incentive of punishment fitting the crime, etc. as a backlash against transgression/sin. Skeletor metes out punishment without conferring much if any incentive and his heavy-handed injustice leads Beastman to a state of abject servitude whereas the just He-man metes out punishment only proportional to the crime and distributes fair rewards for compliance. Such is karma; the beast restrained best by the rational faculty coloured with the ruddy glow of a vital complexion, an intuition of the harmony of life and an attunement with Being whereas the ghostly pallor of Skeletor lurks in the shadows and would shroud all of the world in darkness as a means of ensuring his personal empowerment at the expense of his slaves who are under his tyranny no longer unwilling as they have been robbed of their will to live. Their will to thrive is best ensured through the aegis of He- man, he who and who alone can bestow his noble virtue upon him and elevate Beastman from his depths of Mechanism to heights otherwise unattainable.
The rod of iron can only be wielded by a strongman/He-man who ‘has the power’ to adroitly manoeuvre this weighty implement in his command of his charges. The inner power is available only to those who have greater capacity and those who have the will to cultivate it who have not gone the way of Skeletor but who remain in Eternia though they may do battle in Snake Mountain. To hone skills of ruling with the rod of iron or ‘the power sword’ necessitates strengthening and developing skill through combat with the evil horde in Snake Mountain (the seat of the Kundalini in the muladhara chakra). Thus the power sword (shekinah/shaktipat) is empowered for conquest of those lower drives (Beastman) ruled over by the lower ego (Skeletor) who is then subjugated eternally only to re-manifest periodically in ever new skirmishes.
Kali Yuga: Times of a more intense flow/drive of energy where every process is accelerated such that in order to keep up one must be reconnecting at a similar frequency of vibration in order to be in sympathetic resonance else he will be swept away in a process of accelerated decadence and degeneration. Hence the rapid decline of the baby-boomer generation through a failure to adapt to the times and struggling to resist changes which are inevitable in terms of subtle energetic states through clinging to lifestyles which are borne of more sedate and relatively lethargic periods in history. The times they are always a-changing and to cope one must accelerate his own metabolic rate to be in this sympathy with the sum total. As greater proximity to the galactic center is reached greater will is directed against those beings on earth called human who are subjected to a new gestation period and concomitant growing pains. Evolution of the soul accelerates at a pace proportional to the closing of this cycle, its nadir where the very legions of hell will be loosed upon the earth, figuratively and perhaps literally speaking.
Preparedness is the key as suntzu said and thus entails a spiritual preparedness through which the spirit-self may be preserved of its integrity in the midst of the fragmentation of the onslaught of conflictual and chaotic energies that ceaselessly impinge upon one through the confrontation with ‘God’ (the galactic center). ‘Prepare to meet your maker’ in the end times is the advice of the prudent and which only the prudent follow.

Consumer Sovereigns: Real kingship vs. false, god vs. Mammon – only one of these masters may be served and though one is garbed in the raiment of a king he may be but a beggar and though clothed in the sackcloth of a beggar he may possess all the kingly virtues meritorious of a crown
  • andviceversa:akingmaybedefactoakingwithcrownandjewelsandyethisonlyjewelsthat exist in his mind are those of the chakras spinning radiantly whereas a pauper in the streets may find his spiritual consciousness lies in the bottom of a liquor bottle the only spirituality he might obtain in his degenerate life of inebriation. Thus there is no necessary relationship between the external and internal form of riches they are completely distinct and are estimated simply be ‘the eye of the beholder’ – and yet this eye and the beholder themselves are estimable and estimated only be mind, that is to say god who will ‘sort them out’ ordine geometrico. To have real significance and to shine forth in one’s being as a jewel of most race and wonderful value is a matter exclusively of the inner being all physical riches being as dross and detritus collecting about the person who will either attend to them as merest trifles, matters of indifference, the excreta of human excess or the delights of the primitive savage or infantile consciousness which will desport in ostentatious display of their badges of self-importance. These consumer sovereignsseektobekingforadaybut‘everydoghashisday’andthusgothewayofallflash leaving behind their ostentatious excreta as the testament to their life of vain folly. - Whereas those whose treasures are of the mind will reap a harvest of wealth for eternity.
To base one’s value on commodity exchange renders one a living commodity but in more ways than one the living dead as value is placed in that which is foreign to oneself and thus is not one’s own property. Thus physical property exists merely as a utility to augment one’s purposes such as a bicycle for riding or manorial estates and holdings to maintain a certain level of power and status in society. Thus true sovereignty is of the mind and may incidentally inhere (and more typically does) in the minds of crowned sovereigns but is not necessarily so correlated as even the lowly peasant might be more kingly than the king whose coarse peasant tastes ill-besuit his kingly throne and much more the straw bed and gruel than the canopy bed and the feast (assuming of course that these are mere metaphors and not physical realities as the peasant’s thatch hut may be converted into a palatial suite through the nobility which lies within his chest
  • and vice versa with the king). Today the modern Bourgeois consumer type seeks elevation through materialism but finds desecration through lack of idealism. Those divorced from this welterofcompetitionandself-displayfindelevationinthepossessionofahighermindwhich enables them to o’er leap the Bourgeoisie and find themselves amidst the venerable halls of nobility.

Family: today and yesterday: The family of yesterday based upon traditional roles where women played their role as caregiver and homemaker as well as supportive companion serving as the glue which binds the family unit together, the men as defenders and sustainers through external relations with the larger society deriving the resources which uphold the integrity of the family unit through involvement with that outside of itself with it being the focus and orientation. Both respected their traditional roles and knew the necessity of those same as the necessary condition of the continuance of their lineage and the eternal life of their oversoul in its evolution through incarnation of forms. The stereotypes of masculine and feminine were the pillars of support of this great work, around which circumambulated the generations of posterity weaving their coloured ribbons around these maypole totems of fertility based upon the solid foundation of nature. Thus the sexes were not chums or ‘comrades’ in a communist kibbutz but were separate in their function working in a unified way in harmonious synchronicity for the achievement of this purpose. Tradition was (and will always be) the entelechy of culture that sustains that of the biological beings (races and race members) who are the bearers of culture.
So begins the destruction of the family unit with the destruction of tradition by the mind manipulators / black magicians who have through this means of illusion generation broken apart the fabric of the family unit and left it in tatters, have struck with the axe of cultural degeneration the pillars of Jacin and Boas thereby nearly toppling the temple of the family unit and thereby the bases of society. This leads to the so-called family or ‘fam’ of today which is one of infamy not of holiest of holies; a sacrilege against nature, an abomination which leaves desolate, and sowing the seeds of its own destruction results in a white sepulchre of its own fabrication thus a ruined temple of spiritually dead quasi-life, the temple of the living dead.
Hence is seen the bending and breaking of sex-gender correlations where the natural union of behaviour and biology is severed in the name of freedom and substituted for a chaos of floating signifiers which are chique today and passé tomorrow wreaking havoc amongst those they influence through the irreparable damage caused (sex change operations, vasectomies, insemination of foreign dna and mixed-race children, etc.). The family unit of today is the hollow mockery of yesterday; the castration of men (psychical and even physical, but certainly hormonal through chemical means and malnourishment, etc.) and the phallicization of women have served to invert nature along Luciferian lines substituting the illusion of freedom (to be anything, do anything) for the reality of life, being freedom in its negative moment, i.e. under the limitations of natural law not its violation in the name of life beyond life, a mystico-magical illusionary false reality portrayed as the height of heights when it is the bottom of life, the grave.

Elle Duce: Modernity’s dictator seated behind her desk in the bureaucratic henhouse that serves as her substitute home (you can take the woman out of the home but you can’t take the home out of the woman). She issues orders that are emanations of her programmed mind which has been subtly wired by the Jewish mind manipulators to operate to the detriment of her people’s existence – ‘we need more refugees’ (translation from Orwellian newspeak: ‘we need more non- white people’) as this is diverse (translation-’perverse’ – a perversion of nature to substitute the population who creates a country and to which one is genetically related with a completely foreign population who had no role in creating the country’). Operating according to this programming yet blinded by egotism, Elle Duce, thinks of herself as the absolute dictator of the world when she is simply the controlled puppet of the Jewish cabal. The lack of willingness to act independently outside of the collective, the lack of a fighter’s consciousness but possession instead of a lover’s, necessarily leads them away from defense through offense against obvious threats from without to attempting a reconciliation of opposites – an impossible task in the preservation of either or both of these opposites which would simply be reduced to a perverted
and chaotic amalgam of race war. The Jew knows and exploits to the fullest through his role inversion protocol which subverts the natural order and opens up the gates to foreign invasion. Elle Duce is oblivious to this and so plays her part unwittingly in the desecration of the temple of her race through pursuing what she in her naiveté believes to be her own project borne of the collective organically and which implies her own consciousness as she is the collectivized herd animal who trumpets the virtues of the herd as the new absolute, the messiah under Gaia, the populous – vox populi vox dei; which in reality these thoughts develop artificiality under the cunning artifice of the Jewish mind manipulators.
Elle Duce is indeed the puppet shiksa the Jews have fashioned into what would have otherwise been a queen who carries out her proper role as a nurturer of her people and not the plague of locusts the Jews would introduce to devastate the crops and fields of the folk. From noble to ignoble through the fallibility of the female mind - this because the male mind was castrated through the same forms of mind control enabling the roles to be inverted gradually over time whereby the disempowerment and disenfranchisement of the opposition to the Jews’ tyranny (regarding white men) was all but a fait accompli and the vacuum was created and immediately filled through this process with women and subsequently non-whites once the females were programmed to a greater degree with universalism and entered through self-serving incentives (status and position) to replace their own population under the guise of ‘justice’, etc. Of course what was unknown to them was that egalitarianism is itself an injustice against nature and therefore egalitarian justice is inherently unjust de natura. Thus Elle Duce, for however long her regime lasts, is merely the useful tool of Jewish tyranny, robbing her people of the right to life.
Of course nature guarantees no right to life and thus only the strongest survive – putting the weaker sex in place of the stronger is merely increasing the probability of extinction.

War of all against all: Things are heating up to a fever pitch at this time in history. Almost suddenly the hostility of the lower races directed towards the Aryan man has been unleashed without any perceptible historical precedent knowable to the common-ist mass. They continue to live in pleasant delusion without any but the faintest twinge of awareness that something may be wrong or at least something they would consider wrong and undesirable if they knew what it was. The dim awareness they possess will reach a culminating point when the confrontation with the inevitable occurs and their wilful ignorance of the itch that they refuse to acknowledge and scratch will be impossible to sustain when it becomes an insufferable presence. At which point they will have recourse to the talon. The hostile looks of the savage as he does his war dance around the white captives whose society he has infiltrated will manifest in ever more physical forms of violence necessitating an equal and opposite reaction if survival is to be ensured – in fact one greater than equal as stasis is impossible in the dynamic system called life. The pendulum may swing both ways but the pivot will be worn through and the pendulum detached once sufficient chaos occurs. Thus a new order will have to be established outside of this tit-for-tat equalitarian hypocrisy which once burned to ashes in the conflagration will enable the phoenix to rise and there will be a whiter, brighter world once the dust settles. That this war is inevitable can be perceived by those sufficiently perspicacious in the hateful looks of the dark races and the increase of the manipulative hyper-aggressivity of the Orientals and their Jewish leadership which are signposts of the progress towards the terminal stage of the J.O.G. empire. Though this gambit is what they have intended almost necessarily they will be reduced to ashes in their own holocaust leaving the remnant of whites to establish the society of tomorrow. The war of all against all has begun and in its phase of covert aggression which is on the verge of ending. The cold RaHoWa will become hot as no society of a multi-ethnic nature can be sustainable given the unliveability of its divergent social make-up – no one can function – amidst chaos and without exclusive territory, deprived of this and the freedom of association it ensures a formula for chaos and contention. A society of barbarism ensues as males compete over resources, territory, and females, engendering hostility through provocation of this competition as well as strife through jealousy and envy of the obvious differences that render the phrase ‘equality, liberty, democracy, etc.’ an absurd and anti-natural illusion which ignores the natural inequality that gives on to this strife of a ‘war of all against all’. The strategy at this time is simply to make oneself a weapon of war and to put oneself to use in the combat for the 14 words. All thought and talk which detracts from this focus is merely a laying down of weapons if not a careless wandering into enemy traps. The straight and narrow consists of the 14 words and the first law of nature: ‘the preservation of one’s own kind.’
Messiah under Gaia: The modern messianic reward of Gaia worship is the substitute to fill the vacuum that Christianity occupied before being transitioned away from for whatever purpose (Satanization, gnoticization, etc.). The messiahs who usher in the Gaia Sophia cleansing of the earth process are the white liberals who wish to share the wealth of Gaia with the endless mass and celebrate diversity amidst a paradise on earth as it is in the heavenly realms of their imagination reified through the blueprints of their social engineering. Sin expiation is the mechanism for the revelation of the Queendumb of Earth as it is in heaven and this comes in the form of ‘reducing your carbon footprint’ and recycling, wearing organic hemp clothes and becoming a vegan. All of these devotional rites are the cathartic processes that demonstrate the
love of Gaia and her children, the endless mass of ‘humanity’. The ‘psychopathology of sin’ is the overriding principle which governs this behaviour where a fundamental problem (original sin) essentially bound up with the person, making of them a ‘sinner’ who is determined and ‘structured’ by this ‘mark of Cain’, in contemporary terms the ‘mark of whiteness’ as the evil consumer capitalist, etc. On this basis the morality (entailing obligation and the necessity of pursuit and forbearance )of sin expiation is developed and embodies itself in all of the aforementioned wilfully adapted restrictions of one’s own liberty and capacity as a sacrifice for ‘the greater good,’ i.e. environmentally sustainable societal ‘development’ where the masses are reduced to a calculus of debits and credits, of costs and benefits, dharma and karma based upon use of resources and bestowing their energy and labour upon the others as a benefaction.
Perhaps this is the structure of reality this energetic economy, wherein the pushovers are exploited by the more clever to vampirize and control resources they never earned through their own labour but which they obtain through top-down control and management of others, doing ‘greater good’ while revelling in vice to their own self-enrichment. The balance of nature is clearly a legitimate reality and not merely on the earth plane. Those deemed heretics are they who possess slightly more than the average (an average which is stripped to the bare bones of subsistence – neither more but often less if at all possible), the ‘consumers’ who are immediately vilified by the endless mass as ‘capitalists’ or ‘rich people’ or ‘privileged [whites]’ – which are the new designators of the ‘Satanic’ or ‘heretic’ against the new god[dess] Gaia. This pointing of the finger of judgement positions the pointer as judge, as the arbiter of justice and enforcer of morality.
No humility before Gaia is desired as the messiah of this earthly paradise is the earth goddess’s mass of humanity who are of her and her devoted minions who derive their subsistence from her bounty which they look upon as a stock of indulgences which are conferred in proportion to merit, and only those who produce an amount equal or greater to their consumption may consume those environmentally sustainable and approved goods. Being granted permission to live in the Queendom of Earth upon heaven is the right of the righteous worshipper whose devotional practices ensure his place as a tiller of the fields and a drawer of the allowed ration of water but not a hewer of wood.

Purity spiralling: The ideal should always be (for all types): as close to their (arch) type as possible, that is to say as black as possible for a black and as white as possible for a white, etc. Anything within the realm of possibilities available to the agent that treads towards this ideal and which is not exercised is sin, anything which leads towards it is virtue. Thus things (actions,
the organic evolutionary process of things through their own innate structure) trend in a positive, upward direction, spiralling evolutionarily towards the ideal that of the pinnacle of the (arche)type and superseding it towards yet better forms through itself again organically. This is the decree of natural law and the converse is violation thereof proportional in effect (punishment) to the distance from the ideal, the more Other, the more perverse and anti- natural.
The ethics therefore of natural evolution are structured along lines of purity and impurity, the purest representing the height the least pure the depths. Those evil unions which spawn the daemon hell-spawn of race mixing (especially the extremes such as black and white) are living curses upon the earth which generate nothing but societal ills and lead the better type downward toward states of confusion, inner chaos, and the grave. Thus those complicit in the (de)generation of base born progeny are cursing themselves with deviant perversions of nature and burdening themselves with a ‘problem child’ whose inherent constitution begets through itself endless problems which only cease in death probably brought about by genetic diseases which have their origin in this unnatural mixture of incompatible and conflictual genetic materializations of spiritual forces. Such a chaotic being renders itself susceptible to demonic possession and obsession by lower astral entities who avatar the body for their personal advantage. The constitution of the child (if such it may be called, perhaps demon would be a better word) is inherently dis-eased as no harmony can exist amidst chaos and thus the disorderly being lives a life of perpetual chaos inevitably terminating its miserable suffering in an early death.

Culpability/blameworthiness: The doer of the deed is the cause of its coming into being but what caused the doer to do what they did? The inducement to crime (against nature – the only morality therefore the only criminality) by influences of another sort (causal agents) may be implicated and render the doer wholly or in part exempt from blame. This is a matter of knowledge on the part of the prospective doer as to whether they are implicated – if they knew they are exempt and vice versa proportionally. Where does the blame end when all are interconnected in a nexus of things which carom against each as so many billiard balls? A matter of degree is the answer in this mechanical system of causality everything affects everything and proximity and intensity and duration determine the degree and kind of effect which establishes the quality of blame apportioned to the causal agents in the act. The example of the so-called victims’ attempting to pin the blame for their own weakness and ineptitude on white people for alleged harm done them in the misty past of remote times is a case in point of fictitious blameworthiness and an unjust and counter-factual apportionment of blame by the self-styled ‘victim’ as a mechanism of accrual of power by the victim and a concomitant loss on the part of the villainized white person. This ‘blame the victim’ technique itself has its culpability wherein the agent who would project upon them the status of a villain thereby slanders them and incurs
liability for this act of spoken defamation. ‘What goes around comes around’ and those who wish to exploit others in this manner (through guilt-tripping, slanderous vilification, harassment on the basis of group affiliation such as in the case of heterosexual white males) are subject to the repercussing consequences of their actions. Attempting to bite the hand that feeds them leads to the withdrawal of the hand, and the inevitable starvation which ensues. Thus to scapegoat and transfer one’s own culpability for his actions onto others is to implicate oneself, to stake oneself out on the rope for the wolves to rend asunder. The black magic technique of blaming the Other for one’s own misdeeds inevitably fails leading one to suffer the culpability for unjustly transferring his sins upon the target who is thereby subjected to whatever disruption in the harmony of his existence within the fabric of the whole. So too the act of guilt-tripping (such as non-whites exploiting the empathy gene of whites as a button-pressing technique of self- enrichment) – those who assail others with guilt as a mechanism of self-empowerment are wronging another through preaching (in this case) untruths about them thus creating disharmony in the aether and as the cause bringing upon themselves their own karma.

Orientalism: is Mandarinism, obsequious kowtowing to external authority, slavish servitude towards the overarching master, the omnipresent eye of Sauron which casts its glare over their antlike activity as the struggle under their burdensome exertion being the brow-sweat which they consume as their ambrosia, delighting in a moderate and socially acceptable way in the humdrum and mundane life of placid mediocrity. Anthill society where ‘all are one’, all ‘pulling their weight’ to the extent of societal expectation without thought for any possibility outside of the limited capacity they have been assigned by the state. Orientalism is imitation of the occident in attempts to supersede its better; to miniaturize the creations of the latter in hopes of defeating the sun which outshines itself. Orientalism is vainglorious pride in conformism, is replication and parroting of the Mandarin,The Imam and the rabbi in collectivistic rites and ceremonies. Everything is an over-refined ritualism, micromanaged and standardized by the authority that purports to derive his authority from divine inspiration by an ethereal deity who legitimates thereby the standards, weights, and measures which serve the anthill society in its perpetual motion.

The Orient purports to be the bastion of the spirit on earth as in heaven but is merely the stagnation of occidental impetus in the original cultural form (their societies having been created by the white man thousands of years before and having been barely sustained by the Oriental denizens of that region – themselves a product of miscegenation and/or conquest by racial strangers from without). The globalization of this anthill societal blueprint devolves through this same stagnation the creative genius of the white race to the level of apathy and deluge within the floodtide of yellow hegemony. From thence the end of history is truly reached once the white becomes yellow; the analects of sterile forms of rites and ceremonies, of over- refined Orientalism (martial arts, decadent culinary practice, exquisite décor, etc.) all intertwine to create an entropic system of rigidity wherein only elegant corpses are displayed to the onlooker who would inevitably be whatever abstract monotheistic deity gazes out upon a world of death (what is trumpeted as ‘peace’) as it circles through the cord for eternity.

Occidentalism: Creedo of the hero the occident looms forth as the juggernaut of cultural imperium imposing its refulgent dynamism upon the earth, influencing all with its ripples as it sallies forth in conquering strides to bestow its virtue of enlightenment upon those it deems worthy of its nobility. The dynamic forces which comprise its bulk are forever vying with one another for supremacy thereby spurring on this structure of adamant. The creative force, the willpower which manifests those products of genius that constitute the creation of the world, establish on the earth the creator’s proper place of supremacy. Hence all who have – through observation of the occident, admiration and perhaps a jealous desire for like status, have sought to vie with the occident for dominion over the earth ever as they ostentatiously bow in feigned obeisance to their would-be master, all the while sharpening their knives for a backstab when the moment is right. The occident, too blinded by egotism and naïve in its childlike adventuring, believes the world outside its scope to be a non-entity and the entire world within its scope to be within its control thus incapable of understanding how it is viewed with any critical distance.
The heroic personality always wears rose-coloured glasses and so doing blinds itself to those who do not overtly give it combat as no guile exists within it. This dangerous naiveté threatens the death blow of the occident and to topple its towers and statues made seemingly of indelible adamant. The underhanded guile of the dark forces ( the Orient and their witless brute slaves) forever looming in the shadows to assassinate the victorious hero – especially when this hero grows soft, unchallenged and unchecked by a worthy combatant. Given that the fight is merely subterfuge and never attains until the last moment (what the dark forces would consider the ‘death blow’); the occident languishes in decadence oblivious to the threat. However not sufficiently dulled of consciousness as a dawning realization that there may exist a threat kindles in the alcoholized mind of the occident which then swiftly reacts against the creeping foe. This scenario though fanciful would hopefully be the consequence and the foes of the dark side subjugated as quickly as possible…however the blonde beastie continues to play in idleness, his weapons having been laid aside, dulled through lack of use, his sinews having grown flabby and weak. A call to arms is necessary if he too is not to be subjugated – a necessary condition of survival.
Reductio ad absurdum: The human economic unit, ‘animate tool’, slave of industry and of the Jewish international vampires, is the new paradigm/template of a once creative, innovative hue- man, spiritualized man who is now reduced to the state of one of the ‘goyim’, a debased beast- man whose essence is determined by his existence itself comprised of brute slavery under the ever-present lash of poverty and homelessness. Thus the once meaningful life of the creator is reduced to the barren life of an economic unit who can be bought and sold on the stock exchange, is ‘bondable’ and has ‘good credit’, is an ‘asset’ to his paymaster and who is allowed ‘time off’ to go on vacation and ‘have fun’, i.e. devote his remaining energies to dissipation to the point of exhaustion as an animal who expires after the mating season and bestial coupling. All economic units are standardized, accounted with the same generic properties: theatre actor smiles and stock phrases which they have been entrained through classical conditioning procedures to trumpet as a necessary condition of functioning within their system of efficiency failure to do so amounting to grounds for tacit reprimand and the threat of lash or pink slip if warranted according to company policy, itself perpetually rewritten and imposed retroactively upon those who are deemed ‘wasting assets’, expendable cogs in the machine of Leviathan inevitably doomed to wear out and be cast into the grave through allopathic genocide. It is not a social alienation but rather a socialization, a standardization of the worker and who themselves are reigned over by those at higher levels – even the highest being subjected to the control of these same behavioural norms allowed to escape only outside of the institutional confines of office life, usually breaking free from their left-brain prison through acts of perverted vice such as left-hand path rituals, violations of all natural tendencies and nature itself. Thus freedom in the mind of this demographic is simply exchanging the slavery to reason for the slavery to passion as, in crude physical terms, a shunting of the blood from the prefrontal cortex to the lower regions of the body and brain in attempts to maintain an impossible homeostasis.

The labour this JOGbot goy undergoes is subjected to standardization according to preconceptions of the higher-ups who themselves derive these conceptions from past experience and those above them who ultimately derive them from the Akashic records and platonic forms or ‘universals’ – this restricted to the fewest of the few of course. The JOGbot exists his essence and is reduced to his function and producer which entitles him to amplify his function to that of a consumer which completes and facilitates the cycle, a 9 to 5 cyclicism which nullifies all purpose and meaning of an otherwise meaningful life. Within the Zion/Babylon matrix the creature formerly known as ‘human’ ceases to have grounds for applying the label to itself. The only solution is to divorce oneself from this prison and thereby provide himself with the means
to become human again this time understanding the condition of his servitude the only way to break free is to recognize the possibility of freedom and one’s bondage. Thus the dim spark of consciousness must be shifted towards the chains and from thence towards oneself who is enwreathed within their adamantine grip. Following the money, the links of the chain leads to the fist of the Jew who holds the end of the slave chain and who can easily be seen as the controller of the destiny of the slave. Thus the slave must seize his own destiny through wrenching the chain from the hand of the Jew and destroying the Jew with it.
Soviet society: In the society of the soviet all are one, the ‘we’ of the collective consciousness is trumpeted as the clarion call of virtue and the eager multitude sallies forth from their day labour to partake of their mass games, their collective culture which enables them the sense of belonging that goes under the banner ‘humanity’ and which is –through Pavlovian conditioning
  • falsely associated with pleasant sensations and positive vibrations. The multitude arrays itself according to the controllers who standardize the hive mind in the pattern which pays homage to its heroes: Lenin, Marx, Chomsky, Moore, Einstein, etc. – the Jewish supremacists who lord over their mixed multitude as the shadow rulers of the Babylonian beast system. Celebrants of what they believe is enlightenment these robots of J.O.G. gambol about on the concrete square, tightformationspayinghomagetotheirunknowngodJewhovah/Saturntowhomtheytransmit their energies in passive obeisance. Far from enlightenment this is rather the darkness of mind, theWu-shinofconsciousnesswhichmilitatesagainstthepositingoftheselfassuch,asaself.
Thus the mass tyrannizes over the individual and annihilates the later through absorption into itself.
How the Jews ruined my life: testament of a Generation-Y casualty: Born in ignorance I have now seen the light and understand the world situation: a baby-boomer battle to the death between the children of light and the children of darkness. My mother was influenced by feminist notions of independence influrencing her to rock the boat in the home. However worse was my baby-boomer ‘father’ who was influenced by a culture of self-indulgent hedonism ultimately resulting in alcoholism. Upon my traumatic birth I was subjected to vaccinations, which presumably caused brain damage. I received a poor education consisting of Gaia worship and non-white veneration, and white self-hate. I could often be seen swishing the mandatory fluoride tablets in school, the place where the young and impressionable are sent to be indoctrinated. Because of feminism and the lowering of the overall wage my mother was forced into the workforce so that she could provide no decent education to me and thus I was forced into the Marxist institutes. I was traumatized by an alcoholic father who squandered his birthright (inheritance) on thrill-seeking and never raised his children properly.
During these teenage years I was propagandized to obsess over bodily appearance which led to a lifetime of body dimorphic mental problems and malnutrition through following bodybuilding diets prescribed in Jewish bodybuilding magazines (Flex; Muscle Mag International; Muscular Development), the culture of bodybuilding (obsession) itself having been created by Jews for this covert purpose of psychopathologizing heterosexual white males. Through their porn industry the Jews created in me extreme anxiety and fluctuating mood states through overstimulation of the brain stress axis, hyper-secreting dopamine and leading to chronic depression. This adversely influenced my perception of women as well leading me to look upon them in an artificial way. This was also the case with rap music, another of the Jews’ cultural creations which disparaged women. The addition of copious veneration of blacks in movies and on TV which served as a vehicle of propaganda for my developing mind, structured my mind to look upon them as a standard, a heroic type of violent force that appealed to the teenage psyche and which was targeted towards it by Jews as an assault on consciousness and a self-hating act in the white viewer. As a teenager I encountered Jews without knowing they were Jews and befriended them though always felt them to be an alien presence in some way and even lashed out at them physically sometimes as an instinctive gesture of antipathy. One of these ‘friends’ caused me to lose all my few friends who were not Jews and this was the end of all future friendships subsequently. Having been a marginal always I have become even more marginalized since. The poisonous influence of this Jew on my friendships through guile and deceit left a profound impression upon me though still at that time I couldn’t understand the reason or the sudden 180 degree turnabout in this devil’s behaviour. During my school days in the Public Fool system I was demoted from advanced status to general(aka basic-goy labourer) by a jewish teacher using my lack of performance in math as a justification for ruining my academic future. I ceased to care about school after this incident My brother was mangled to some extent by a Jewish feminist doctor upon being born who pulled him out violently by his head thus causing spinal problems in his life. He was later traumatized by our biological progenitor (aka ‘father’) when he defended himself against the latter’s alcoholic violence by throwing a chair at his head and then informed upon by this pater dominator being abducted by the police, medicated, and institutionalized for a period. This alcoholic lunatic did not properly nourish his own offspring through their formative years.

Continuing past my teenage years onto the Marxist indoctrination center called a ‘school’ (in this case the last year of high school, a private school with privileged people), in the nearby city I became aware of Jews as Jews. The strangeness of the environment was like immersing myself in a hive mind of an alien entity but I was as yet unaware of its sinister nature. The affiliated university was an amplification of this revelation where I became more empirically knowledgeable about Jewish behaviour. This spider’s web of pseudo-sophisticated theoretical web spinning simply led to my even greater introversion – to the extent of psychopathology – self-obsession and neuroticism. This over-refined intellectualism divorced me from the social milieu of the life I would inevitably have to suffer, though my own creative soul struggled in opposition to this sterile intellectualizing it served as an anchor weighing me down and influencing my thoughts towards the useless, effete, and inapplicable, save indirectly through the barren cultivation of the faculties, a rational wheel-spinning that strengthened mental muscles not put to any concrete use – and so too the continual labours of an impotent Hercules, through bodybuilding – strength of an impotent variety; much exertion with no lasting or meaningful results. Thus the Jew had put one over on me, burning myself out as a human battery without having any practical application for my exertions. The Jew led me to seek a career in the military given my lack of opportunities-aresult of the emplyment equity act- and there I was subjected to a battery of vaccinations which probably resulted in brain damage and/or liver/organ damage. Prior to this point I had to wait for multiple years given a violation of one of the Jews’ ennumerable laws that prevented my entry. Given the spoiled nature of my baby-boomer, ‘prodigal son’ biological father, I became entangled in a horrendous ‘business relationship’ which ruined my career plans and led me towards a state of homelessness, abject poverty, social ostracism and suicidal tendencies as well as a murderous hatred of the agent of my downfall and those (the Jews) who constructed him as their chaotic psychopathic puppet. My inheritance liquidated in the form of paternal alcoholism, my sense of self-worth eroded to the point of being nearly irredeemable, the faint flickers of hope for the future all but extinguished. I trace all problems that I have encountered in my life to the one source from which they stem, the Jew, the eternal parasite of the white race and generator of all evil in the world – from the chemtrails which exist over my head to the GMO food in my digestive tract to the electromagnetic fields emanating from ‘smart’ meters and cell towers, to the virtual reality that constitutes ‘society’ and its incongruous nature with objective reality which the masses have been conditioned to look upon as what is and therefore what ought to be.

Thus I declare war on the Jewish entity and make my life’s mission its annihilation from the earth and from the universe.
Revolution and counter-revolution: The established order either through its own intention (malice aforethought) or through its own inherent design flaws is subjected to a counter force to its force by that other force which no longer has a willingness to tolerate its continuance as the ‘order of the day’ and seeks its negation as a means of creating a vacuum through which something (apparently what is expected to be an improvement on the established order) will manifest as a replacement. This, in general outline, is the definition of a revolution: a force that opposes and seeks the negation of an existing force; a reaction to the action of a formation of power/force.
The system (this power block or formation) may seek its own destruction to all appearances as a means of advancing its tyranny/consolidating its strength/power – such as occurs in the liberal democratic system seeking to metamorphose into the moth of common-ism or ‘democratic socialism’, etc. a mendacious and cryptic form of overt-communism maintaining the façade of the popular vote. Such a case usually devolves into a dictatorship (certainly not of the proletariat), wherein the power elite maintain power and simulate contention with their own members through creating the appearance of rival factions such as ‘leftism” and ‘rightism’, etc. Though there may be slightly different interests existent between these factions they are all subscribers to the core set of values which consists of hypocrisy, self-interest maximization, and concealment behind the curtain (iron?) of rainbow reality democracy (the wizards of Zion behind the curtain of representation by population). The revolution the system instigates such as in instigating the ‘oppressed masses’ (via crushing them into poverty through taxation and mismanagement of resources) to revolt against itself and justify the use of force as a reaction (thereby culling the excess herd through punishment as dissidents or through eliminating competition from rival groups stigmatized as ‘capitalists’ or ‘racists’, etc.) thereby being an instrumental means to its consolidation of power. Any legitimate revolution against the system not brought against itself by paid mercenaries and/or agitators must come from without and would thus be a revolution in the popular sense of an out-group combatting the elite for power and the subjugation of the latter’s power.
Such a revolutionary action would necessitate a reaction in the form of a counter-revolution on the part of the state, taking out the opposition from within, assassinating key leaders and/or mobilizing clandestine mercenary groups as a counter force. These are the mechanics of revolutionary movements and their opposition.

The notion of moral high-ground appeals only to white people who play by the marquis of Queensbury rules, according to abstract conceptions of justice, fairness, human rights, etc. Whilst the beast-folk and their mundane demi-god the Jewish elite employ the communist tactics of ‘by all means necessary’ and ‘all’s fair in love and war’. They are right in doing so from the standpoint of naturalistic ethics as fairness, etc. only functions in combat with those who acknowledge and embody these ethical ideals, the exclusive property of the Aryan race who alone plays by any rules – the hordes of the dark side playing simply by the one rule that ‘there are no rules’. The revolution instigated by the world’s arch-instigator the Jew operates through the praxis of chaos wherein a slow protracted covert operation is undergone to undermine the foundations of their enemy’s system though this system is itself (as in the case of the present ‘western world’) controlled by Jews. Given their hubris and internal chaos they have no choice but to continue to manifest their destiny through attempting to destroy their own soft power with the hard power of revolution as mechanism of delivering the world into their hands. This revolutionary praxis necessitates the counter-revolution of order both from within the system itself and from without amongst the sympathetic populous. Thus the war is fought both within and without, clandestinely and in open combat between the corrupted establishment and lower level opposition as well as between the ‘normies’ amongst the populous split along lines usually created by the Jew in their mind control system in the first place (left/right, black/white, etc. – whatever is suitable to their ends). Inevitably as history has borne out time and again, the chaos results in either an increase of power for the system and/or the expulsion of the reactionary conservatives (decapitation, etc.) and a complete takeover of the system by those styling themselves ‘freedom fighters’, ‘reactionaries’, etc. who are the Jews and their minions which inevitably leads to the totalitarian statism of communism/Jewish supremacism. If the system increases its power it does so only at the expense of the expulsion of the Jewish parasite form its midst. The end result is a product of the equations: society + Jews = destruction; and its flipside: society – Jews = construction/creation, a thriving society.
Jewniversalism: The Jews’ only creation through history was the mind control protocol of ‘getting the Other (non-Jew) to slave before/worship them and to commit suicide so that – per impossible – the Jew could have absolute rule over all whilst still existing independently of those upon whom it must be dependent in order to do its work’. This mind-control program may be called ‘Jewniversalism’ or ‘universalism’ (Catholicity) wherein all biological bipedal entities are construed as ‘human’ and endowed with properties called ‘rights’ which entitle them to the productive labour of others (in all cases heterosexual white males. The main obstacle to the Jews’ global dominion and yet the main source of their power as a producer whom they parasitive via taxation, etc.). This ideological Ponzi scheme orchestrated by the Jew is represented (by themselves in the media they control) as a venerable ideal endowed with all manner of emotive content that is designed to pluck at the heart strings of their gullible goyim before whom they bestow these dainties of ‘humanity’, ‘equality’, etc. All of the slave/sudra caste who enrich themselves parasitically on these dainties of course are great rainbow-flag wavers of this package of verbiage/windbaggery and will continue to do so until either the parasitized casts them out or the host is sickened unto death through taxation and even outright murder by the enraged hordes of greedy savages who lust for booty knowing no limit to their base desires. Jewniversalism, black magic formula of parasitism, of exploitation of the producer/creator by the unproductive/uncreative – creative only animalistically of their own kind – the function of this creed is the anaesthetization of the consciousness of the host as the venom of the spider anaesthetizes those trapped in its web; once anaesthetized the function of egalitarianism that it appeals to the empathic nature of the white male who wishes to lend assistance to those who are represented in the Jews’ media as ‘victims’ who require ‘help’, etc. Perhaps it is the egotism of the white male also which leads him to magnanimously redistribute wealth to the obviously inferior caste. In either case the creation of the notion ‘all men are brothers’ (encapsulating Jewniversalism) serves to facilitate his own destruction being conned – or allowing himself through the blinding nature of his egotism – to enable his own enslavement. The solution to Jewniversalism is to take the scales off his eyes – or to have them wrenched from his eyes – by members of his tribe who are less egotistical and more self-critical or at least more cognizant of the mind-manipulator Jew and his masses of ‘victims’ he hides behind and ‘represents’ as their saviour figure.
Alcohol-ism: The ‘ism’ of the alcoholic, devotee to the bottle which is his substitute god, source of in-spiration, his imbibition of spiritual strength with every pop of the cap and every gulp. This ‘gift that keeps on giving’ King Alcohol promises to make of every devotee a king in his own inebriated mind but merely renders him a king of beggars and beggar to the king (King Alcohol that is). This religion properly so-called, what people call ‘drinkin’ is the creed of he who has lost all sobriety of mind who voluntarily abandons his own soberness as he can’t cope with this own inner contradictions, his own demons, and so must avail himself of the assistance of King Alcohol to pluck his eye out to avoid looking upon himself in the mirror as he is too weak-willed to overcome his baser instincts and tendencies which lead downward towards the lower states of consciousness, animalistic indulgence and self-stimulation.

The Jew created the culture of alcoholism to destroy the white race and alcohol is the scourge of white survival. Thus its intended purpose has worked well for the devil race of Jewhovah in destroying the better type on this earth through induction of addiction, the initiation into the Bacchic rites of Alcohol-ism, simultaneously spinning off profits to enrich the Jew in the continual poisoning of the masses. The criminality which stems from the fount of the bottle enables the Jew to build up his police state thereby justifying the enslavement of the masses in the name of keeping the sheeple safe in their pens.
Survive or thrive: Not by bread alone will one exist, in the sense of having a life worthy of the name. To simply live for the perpetuation of the material body without any use for this material body to be put is simply a living death the serving of the servant whose master has abdicated in the name of low chthonic ideals: fight, flight, fornicate, feed – the fourfold drives of the beastman. Survival is the perpetuation of the living death, the unconscious exertion of cyclical drudgery, nine to five rat-wheel spinning, burned out through adrenal hormone secretion.
Survival unto death – and yet a living death, unconscious life of repetitive action counter- balanced with inaction (what is called ‘time off’ from the workaday grind) as a means of minimizing the fatigue of the economic unit whose ‘work life’ is measured via actuarial tables and quantified in databases to produce the prescribed ‘lifestyle’ for this economic unit, one with just sufficient incentive to continue to willingly submit itself to the electrodes of its mind control apparatus and allow itself to be drained of its bioenergy as a human (or sub-human) battery, to be discarded once its utility for the matrix has been expended via allopathic genocide. Survival as such is of no value – better to go out with a bang than a whimper – this is thriving, even in the throes of death, in the crucible of the transmutation of one’s coarser elements into the higher forms – the pain of this metamorphosis results in the tangible product of etherealized matter, the tangible product of ‘survival as goal’ is the materialization of spirit and the extinction of the higher principle immersed with the denser states of matter, a sinking into the quicksand of chthonic physical life. To survive is to simply live to die another day and repeat the charade of True life, the pantomime of real existence which is merely the shadow of real life, immersion in Maya, illusion, through property and income tax, bill payments, generation of ‘economic benefit’
  • mere quantity subvertive ofquality.

To thrive on the other hand is to live consciously and this can only be attained by going within not through a mere outward projection of the self amidst the kaleidoscope of stimuli, sights, sounds, and sensations that constitute the fabric of the lived reality of the majority, those who live merely to survive within the system – even becoming the height of material excess within its limitations, nevertheless losing by winning in the matrix.
Psycho society: Symptoms of psychopathy in the populace: personal pronouns are the only utterances which are made by them: ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘my’, ‘we’, our’ – all reflexively referring to the self. A rude arrogance knowing no acquaintance with the rudiments of common humanity – a physical thrusting of the body against others in the street as feral gesture of dominance and inability to recognize the self in the Other, simply looking upon the ‘Other’ as enemy, as not-self, threat to material resource acquisition and self-enrichment. The quick and the dead – those who can’t out-compete are thrown onto the compost heap of society into homelessness, malnutrition and an early grave. The claws and fangs of the beasts that call themselves men are sharpened on the bones and thews of their peers – dog eat dog, bellum omnium contra omnes. Dr. Jekyll – the face mask of Mr. Hyde who ‘only comes out at night’ – in the night-side of Eden – and the world of contemporary reality is a left-hand path ritual, a sacrifice on the altar of the self to the ‘Other’, vampirized and cannibalized of all vital forces by the greater force which overcomes the lesser.
To swell oneself with superhuman egoity – transcending the common Christian humanity of the Piscean age to become the Lucifer of the Aquarian age, an age of pure intellect and self- orientation, Freemasonic alchemical transubstantiation through rational cognition, through implementing means towards one’s ends regardless of sentimentality, feelings of others or even the ‘sanctity of human life’. Such simple sanctity is a product of the Piscean age sold at a discount in the Aquarian, bartered for the philosophical gold of evolution, in the blackest sense of Satanic evil which cares naught for the ‘gentle, the foolish things’ of Christendumb but rather the empowering, enlightening, spiritually developmental things which expand to the bursting point the gluttonous belly of the beast, the Lucifer. The new psycho society is the age of putative enlightenment which merely shrouds in darkness the higher mind, creating intellectual Darth Vaders out of wannabe Luke Skywalkers who have converted themselves into one-dimensional robots from multidimensional spirit beings. From the rainbow hues and diamond body of Skywalker to the violet and black of Vader their true colours shine forth. The psychopath may stand as the ‘last man’ in the conflict but he merely inherits an earth blackened by the nuclear fallout of technocratic madness. Luke has already left the building and Vader is buried in the rubble of his own hubris.

Anti-traditionalism: Marxism is in general the destruction of all traditional cultural forms based on nature and the natural order which latter Marxism is the antithesis of, the anti-natural and hence the destroyer of the natural. Traditional forms of culture (‘tradition’) manifests itself organically from out of the natural order and maintains itself through its bearers (a distinct racial group) and within a particular ‘locus’ or space – physical/natural environment, etc. Modification of either or both race and space, blood and soil, leads to the modification of that race’s tradition and in effect its destruction. This of course is inevitable within the context of evolution and also desirable when it evolves itself – this tradition – out of itself as a natural and harmonious unfolding of itself through itself and through whatever not-self/’Other’ external relations impinge upon it and modify its nature. Which this destruction is precipitated from without instead of from within it is inharmonious, incongruous and thus perverse, against nature and destructive not in the sense of a developmental moment in the evolutionary process but as a jarring diremption from this process, an artificial breaking of the chain or thread of this weaving of something from something else destroying the something (tradition) and supplanting it with mere ruins and a dysfunctional product that can only be discarded as detritus. Hence the normative inversion of Marxism, the flipping of things on their heads is merely a destroying force that seeks to negate particular cultural forms and leave wreckage behind. That is the nature of antithetic (if such it may be called) ideological praxis, that it is purely negative and has no positive moment leaving behind not even a vacuum but rather a ruin of previous forms whose meaning has been distorted beyond the recognition of the ‘Other’ form without (and, for example, Aryans can recognize the culture of Aryans; ancient civilizations being as a magnet drawing through affinity the contemporary Aryan mind sensing through a sympathetic magic the likeness of prior instances of its tradition however disconnected from the present).
Marxism which is merely the political exteriorization of Judaism/the Jewish hive mind seeking the annihilation of non-Jewish tradition can embody itself only in the form of a negation. For the Jew, as far as his thinking goes, the vivid hues in which he paints his utopia of the morrow necessitate the flames and black smoke of revolution, the attempted political negation of the Other’s tradition through negating the racial group itself. From thence his hyper-rationalized blueprint for the morrow – he envisions in his madness – will take care of itself, and has no need of God or Nature but can simply be as it were thrown forth into the aether and concretize itself in a workable and sustainable form that will be a recreation of his own reality in godlike mimicry of that foundation and base of his praxis which of course being inherently chaotic is doomed to fall to ruins as every movement made is the manifestation of his own inner chaos the product of race-mixing (inter-special breeding). Nature abhorring this inharmonious state adjusts itself to its fundamental homeostatic reset point and this through famine, disease, earthquake, etc. – asteroids from afar, destroying the clay and iron creation of the Jew. And thus Judaism/Jews (for they are inseparable, one the articulation of the Jewish anti-spirit the other the anti-spirit itself) destroys itself though in the process possibly taking with it all non-Jewish tradition that which can properly lay claim to the title ‘traditional’ as the praxis of the Jew is always anti-traditional, ‘progressive’ towards a state of entropy and death through materialization and measurement of the spiritual in place of the spiritualization of the material.
Those non-Jewish adherents of Marxism inevitably fall victim to their own adoption of the Jewish spirit, the spirit of Shaitan or Satan which engages them in its own chaos and leads them towards their own death.
The Animal Ideal: [Post] modernity dictates this standard which is simply a reversion to a state of savagery, atavism to the primitive. Eat, drink, and be merry, panem and circenses, flight, fight, fornicate, feed – such are the modalities of the animal ideal. All things vibrate at their lowest frequency – jungle drums beating an accompaniment to heart beats – the body, leaden weight of materialism, of brute physicality, drags one to the earth to revel in orgies of blood, black magic voodoo rituals forsaking the higher principles of life and rendering one an earthbound soul post mortem.
Even at a chthonic level brain metabolism decreases and blood is shunted towards the organs of digestion and the limbs in the employment of the brute body under conditions of sympathetic nervous system activation. For this is all one becomes as a mere meat machine or biological system alternating periods of sympathetic and parasympathetic dominance – rest and activity, balanced by the cogitative organ which simply finds itself relegated to a regulative function, a mere set point mechanism that ensures homeostasis within the material body and guides it in its quest for food and sex, defense and attack.
The [post] modern ethos is that of social Darwinism, a bestial behavior brought to bear against the ‘Other’ who is established as a source of profit (for self) or threat (to self) to be encountered aggressively within the artificial conventions of societal mores, wooden categories which confine the beast as a rabid animal in the stocks of civility. They – the broad masses – become who they are, become animal from man forsaking the higher mind through immersion in the lower consciousness. These happy animals bare their teeth in ostensible ‘friendliness’ conforming to the expectations of social obligation and niceties which simply serves as a muzzle to prevent these rabid beasts from assaulting their peers, rather their rivals, in the combat for resource accumulation and displays of dominance (status, money, etc. – all the coarser things in life). Thus we see an inversion of the higher and its replacement by the lower is undergone; the slippery slope towards the abyss of consciousness. Devolution through desecration of the higher principles in man, their ignorance and incapacity of recognition that the fleshly life is not the only life existing and is instead a living death, mere automatism, the wind-up watch mechanism of the Demiurge.

Becoming an Unperson: Psychopath societies value the psychopath – all else is anathema. Those who can induce fear in others are treated with what is called ‘respect’ insofar as the fearful attributes are covered with a false mask of social acceptability behind which the Mr. Hyde conceals her/himself. Those who have no capacity to ‘pretend’ friendliness as a means of ‘getting along’ with their fellow animals are cast out from the larger society as an unperson having nothing but disrespect and disregard paid to them by the ‘beasts who call themselves men’ as the Protocols say.
Cast out of society for not having the requisite animality necessary to perform the role of a rat in a wheel scrambling over their fellow rats to obtain food pellets and access to mates. Of course there are also cats in the animal farm, the prowling security forces who ensure the rats stay within the maze and wheel they must run in as condition of survival and ‘thriving’ at their level of rat-like bestiality. The outcast has no place in the rat-wheel or maze, his path follows a different course and even if he desired to run himself ragged as a living battery or machine part he would be prohibited from playing a role in the system given his different vibrational frequency, his different wavelength. He clearly can’t harmonize with the lower vibrations of the system which put people (rather untermenschen) into that state, a state into which they were born as creatures of the system, those qualified as ‘persons’ in a court of law. Better to be an ‘unperson’ than to be sullied with the label ‘person’. Only the undignified would seek that ignoble appellation; to be acknowledged in the mind of a beast as his fellow beast, a ‘comrade’ would be an ignoble stooping indeed. Better not a person at all than a ‘person’ – machine of the matrix.

Bigger is Better: Another false credo of the social Darwinist – that the bigger you are the better – an equation borne of the mire of low-minded materialism where the more physical power – measured in units of output in horsepower or kilopascals, etc. – the more superior the entity which can generate this power (the person in question, the ‘superior animal-man’), the more he is qualified to lord over his inferiors who must subordinate themselves before him as condition of being permitted to live within his ‘territory’ which he has acquired through this superior animal strength. In the kali yuga the philosophical gold of mind is reduced to the lead of a meat-head.
Those who ‘do not wish to play this game’ are ruthlessly shunted aside if not annihilated through more velvet glove tactics of shunning, ostracism, and attentional shift towards coarser forms of culture and/or persons. The coarsening influence of meat makes of one a meat-head, dulling the consciousness while simultaneously triggering an adrenal hormone response making of this dull brute a feral beast, a bull triggered by the waving of a red flag. The physical size of the beast emboldens him in his aggression, overconfident perhaps in his meat citadel of greater body mass than those over whom he would have victory.
What constitutes a victory in a social Darwinist world, a bellum omnia contra omnes? The power surge through dominance, the beating of the beast’s chest as he stands over his conquered foe. The right to partake of the spoils of war: flesh, elevation in the hierarchy of the primitive, the possibility of greater victories and conquests in the war everlasting – a war fought unto death be it a straw death or that of being vanquished by whatever contender steps up to the plate, throws his hat in the ring as a challenge, a threat to the supremacy of the leader.
The mass of a man is the measure of his value when ‘man’ is construed as ‘animal with a more developed intellect’. – The bigger the better. However, even within this debased conception of reality the superiority goes to he who can bridge the gap between brute physicality and sterile intellectualism – or rather to make of these two seeming opposites an amalgam and thereby to outsmart the bestial competitors who may be larger but are more liable to crash to their downfall given their greater weight. So too in the case of the ‘egghead’ whose frail form could hardly enable him to enter the lists to attain his promise of victory for no victory will ever be attained by the one-dimensional who are cripples in all but name incapable of ‘manning up’ to the onslaught of competitors within the social Darwinism of the kali yuga.

The New Morality: A new morality has come to supplant the old – that of Nature. This new morality must be heeded if one is to take heed of anything for failure to do so is to pronounce a death sentence upon oneself. The so-called ‘ethics’ of this moral imperative consists of the following dichotomy of the previous morality’s ‘Good vs. Evil: survival is moral (‘Good’), extinction is immoral (‘Evil’). The meaning of what is ethical has thus been radically changed in this new flowering of eternal verity, the Real Truth, not the so-called ‘truth’ of past dogma (Christianity), or the perspectivalistic ‘truths’ of its intermediate phase (liberalism).
The law tables of this new morality are fashioned from the aether through themselves without any external authority somehow waving his divine wand and precipitating them into being out of the ‘Rock of Ages’. They are perpetually being written and yet are paradoxically the same – as they are the dynamic laws of Nature in their manifestation and no crude linguistic contrivance which establishes itself as the indelible codex Justitia can ever render static this dynamic reality as these contrivances themselves are subject to these laws of perpetual flux.
The new morality necessarily destroys the old as the old is merely an impoverished fairy tale which emanated from the fallible minds of primitive people, people sufficiently persuasive and convincing to establish through blood and iron (through the law of Nature that the stronger force overcomes the weaker) their own aspirations to divinity making gods in their image as an attempt to usurp the throne of god from god. These archaic tablets of roughhewn stone find themselves ground to dust through their own internal structure and the workings of those laws they arrogantly would supersede.
Discourse upon ‘ethics’ as a means of limiting other people’s will and to put the latter into harness to subordinate them to one’s own will – ‘In the name of God (or Gaia) – I command thee.’ Those who wish to control others first establish a fable or myth that establishes them in the position of priest – and this through force – and strikes down all of those who would contest their ‘divine right’ with a rod of iron. Thus all must, in order to fulfill their biological drives for pleasure, power, and panem, prostrate themselves before their priestly masters in obeisance to the latter’s will. With the development of the technocratic system the masses are under severe mind control and their only hope is the internal destruction – in part under its own weight – of the system. Once it begins to topple, all that remains is to push it over – ‘Babylon is falling, is falling’.

Serve the Servants: The old morality of Judeo-Liberal-Christinsanity still lingers as a mental poison in the minds of the broad masses, infecting them with its anesthetizing influence rendering them drugged and stupid, incapable of understanding the consequences of their actions (i.e. to understand causality removed from the moral taint of an anti-natural morality). Thus they labour under the delusion that giving to Others – to those Other than themselves – especially racial strangers, without expectation of reward. Thus they seek to ‘win by losing’ through serving the servants, a perversely false creed which seeks to represent itself as altruism when it is deeply egotistical, based purely on a desire to serve oneself as a paragon of virtue (of this inverted virtue, a virtue which is opposed to all healthy instincts). Within this context an ethic of suicide is established whereby anything selfish is a sin (contrary to Nature and human behaviour) and anything selfless is virtue. Hence the ultimate consequence of giving one’s shirt off his back is to expose himself to the elements and to divest oneself of his weapons turning them into ploughshares is to render oneself fertilizer for the enemy’s garden. They rejoin ‘live by the gun, die by the gun’ and the addressee responds: ‘Better to die by the gun than to be executed gangland style without a fighting chance. At the least that way one maintains the honour and independence of a noble being, one who has a will to fight for the preservation of oneself and one’s own tribe. This old morality of the universal[ist] hypocrites purports to operate on the basis of ‘divine right’ holding for all without exception other than the impoverished white masses who are allocated the role of ‘Satan’ in the dialectic of un-enlightenment.
Serving the servants is big business for the hypocritical priest caste who makes ostentatious displays of self-abasement as mechanism of exploitation of those they pretend to ‘serve’. Both Christ-insanity and libtard demonocracy are instances of this tongue-in-cheek servility of the self-appointed overlords of Babylon/Zion whose blinded minions have had their eye plucked out as it offended their masters to be seen as emperors without clothes. The fables of the master-caste that they are bedecked in the raiment of unwashed masses with hair shirts and sack cloth is belied by their gold-threaded costumes of sable and silk. As long as the blind masses fail to see behind the veil of Maya which has been wound round their heads they eagerly gambol about on the grassy knoll awaiting their fleecing and inevitable slaughter by the oligarchs whose social Darwinist credo prophesies their doom.
The myth of equality is an excellent soporific in lulling the sheep in their pens, a fairy story relayed to a tired child by its wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing grandmother whose white linen sheets they have ensconced the child in are soon to turn a crimson red. Red Dying Hood it is called in this fairy story, wherein the substitute parental unit, the wolf concealed behind the mask of the sheep-like placidity coats its tongue with honey and whispers the pleasant sounding creed ‘democracy, equality, compassion, love, peace’. The gullible sheep remains complacent, its fears allayed by the soothing sound of honeyed words. It has allowed itself to be wrapped within the sheet of white linen, funereal garb, as the ravenous wolf sings its lullaby and rocks to sleep its source of energy.
To serve one (or an undifferentiated mass of these same units, this ‘one’) obviously unequal entity is to imply that this entity is ‘requiring assistance by virtue of his subordinate nature and that he who assists is in a superior position and is therefore ‘better’ (able to render this assistance, has the greater power – the ‘bestowing virtue’ as Nietzsche called it). Thus to give is to take (power, a sense of one’s superiority, etc.) and to take is to imply one’s own wretchedness and subordinate quality to the giver as he is thereby implicated as the dependent party. To reject assistance even in the extremes of poverty is construed by many as a sign of nobility of independence. However that would imply that the assistance is valued as opposed to a mere means to a greater value, the gift of shelter and food, etc. being an example of something only a plebeian would accord value to and where an aristocrat of the soul would look upon as an instrumental means towards higher ends, being cordial to the gift-giver but nonetheless not valuing the gift of feeling any sense of obligation to the giver as it is merely means not end but in serving the end is of only relative value and thus the gift and giver are themselves, though treated with amicability nevertheless acknowledged in their proper light as bestower of mere bricks and mortar – whereas the structure is borne out of the creative genius of the recipient. ‘You don’t need to thank me’ is met with concurrence though qualified by a tip of the hat, a gesture of bonhommerie.
Does the aristocrat soul seek to serve the servant? Perhaps he simply understands that the servant is a servant and must know and appreciate his place and any expectations of entitlement of future benefit outside of his capacity as a servant is a tipping of the scales of justice where reward becomes disproportionate to desert, to the service rendered. Serving the servants destabilizes the balance of justice of natural law.

for more see ARYANH8.COM
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