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Default Racial Hierarchy and Christian Love
The cult of Diversity and Equality is the official state religion of the Jewish New World Order. Every public official and media personality must follow this false religion. And sadly, every major branch and denomination of Christianity has also fallen under the power of this great deception. When priests and pastors declare that “racism” is sinful, they not only fail to recognize that they are worshiping worldly idols, but they also compound their error by actively attacking Christian nationalists for our refusal to serve these false gods.

In this post I will show that a) the Christian faith does not require a belief in racial equality, and b) that failing to accept the reality of race when making political choices is reckless, harmful, and hypocritical.


The position of “anti-racist” Christians boils down to this: God requires us to love all people, therefore all races must be equal. This is incredibly flawed logic.

Leaving aside for the moment the issue of race, let us consider a White man with two sons. Imagine that one of his sons has been blessed with genius level intelligence, and his other son is of average intelligence. God requires that this father love and care for both of his sons equally, but this does not change the fact that God created the two sons to be different in intelligence.

Or again, imagine a White woman who is married and has an infant son. The woman’s husband and son cannot be said to be equal in any respect. The husband far excels the son physically and intellectually. But the woman loves both equally. Let us further imagine that the woman’s son is born with a mental defect, and will never become intellectually mature. Throughout her entire life, this woman will love her son with all her heart, but this warm and beautiful love has absolutely no bearing on his mental abilities. Furthermore, it is not at all un-Christian for us to look at this mentally disabled child and declare that he is incapable of performing certain tasks, and his inability to perform these tasks does not diminish the love that we feel for him.

What should be clear by now is this: as Christians, our ability and duty to love has nothing to do with the gifts or defects of certain individuals. Indeed, if all people were equal in every way, it would be easy to love them all equally. It is precisely because people are unequal that it is so difficult to love them all, and when God commands that we love our enemies, he is calling us to the most difficult task.

Returning now to the question of race, if God did not create all White men to be equal, and did not even create two brothers born to the same parents to be equal, how incredible is it to believe that He created all races to be equal? The Christian’s duty to love all men does not imply their physical or intellectual equality.

Christian “anti-racists” frequently cite certain passages from the Apostle Paul in support of their position. The two most popular passages are:

There can be neither Jew nor Greek, there can be neither bond nor free, there can be no male and female; for ye all are one man in Christ Jesus.
Galatians 3:28

…there cannot be Greek and Jew, circumcision and uncircumcision, barbarian, Scythian, bondman, freeman; but Christ is all, and in all.
Colossians 3:11

The “anti-racists” claim that given what Paul says, it is un-Christian to believe that there are racial differences. But let us consider: if White and black Christians are one in Christ, then surely all White Christians are also one in Christ. But just because all White Christians are one in Christ, it does not follow that all White men are equal in every way. Likewise, just because White and black Christians are one in Christ, it does not follow that the two races are equal in every way.


Having established that there is nothing un-Christian about recognizing racial differences, we now come to the question of how to apply this knowledge of racial reality.

Once again, let us consider a hypothetical situation where race is not a factor. Imagine an all White city. In this city there is a public bus service, and the city government has decided that mentally retarded individuals should not be allowed to become bus drivers. But in this city, there is a group of misled Christians who have declared that because God requires us to love the mentally retarded, therefore they should be given equal opportunity. Convinced by this argument, the city government starts employing the mentally retarded as bus drivers. The buses no longer run on time, and the number of traffic accidents increases, resulting in many deaths and injuries.

The reader might object that this scenario is ridiculous, but it is exactly the same as the situation we currently face. When black and brown people move into a community, crime goes up and the quality of public services goes down. Having a black neighborhood in your city means that more people will be raped and murdered, and that many public services will become unusable. These are empirical facts. Debating about why black and brown people act this way is beside the point. It would be like debating the causes of mental retardation, as if the cause of retardation could have some bearing on whether or not to entrust the mentally retarded with important responsibilities. Even if there potentially could be a cure for mental retardation, until that cure is found, it would be criminally negligent to put the mentally retarded in a position where they could harm innocent people.

When you lend your support to the demands for more diversity and more integration, you must realize that the policies you are promoting WILL result in death and misery for innocent people. This is far from Christian love. And what is is even worse, this lack of compassion for our fellow man is almost always accompanied by the grossest hypocrisy, since many Christians who promote diversity are content to impose diversity on others, while they themselves live safely in mostly White communities.

To illustrate this point, imagine that your sixteen-year-old daughter has to walk home by herself at night. She has two options, to walk through a neighborhood that is safe, or to walk through a neighborhood that is heavily “diverse”. Which path home would you suggest to her? If you would tell her to take the safe route, consider that when you demand more “diversity”, you are ensuring that some poor White family will be trapped in a situation where there is no safe route home for their daughter. Their entire city has become “diverse”, and every street has become dangerous. When you promote “diversity”, you are doing to a White family what you would never do to your own. You are doing unto others what you would never do unto yourself.


The cult of Diversity and Equality is at war with reality. The followers of this cult demand the creation of a Communistic Utopia where all differences in class, gender, race, and ability are done away with. When Christians join in the worship of these false gods, they despise and mock the just order established by God. We serve God when we recognize the hierarchy of creation, not only the hierarchy of races, but the hierarchy of individuals within a race, and even the hierarchy of mental and physical faculties within ourselves.

We cannot know the deep things of God, or explain definitively why He ordered the universe as He did. But from studying the Bible, we can say this: that God created unequal individuals, and that God is Love. Love and inequality are not incompatible.

“Men fear thought as they fear nothing else on earth — more than ruin, more even than death. Thought is subversive and revolutionary, destructive and terrible, thought is merciless to privilege, established institutions, and comfortable habits; thought is anarchic and lawless, indifferent to authority, careless of the well-tried wisdom of the ages. Thought looks into the pit of hell and is not afraid … Thought is great and swift and free, the light of the world, and the chief glory of man.”Bertrand Russell, Why Men Fight
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Default query
Has any Preacher openly published the 67 median IQ for sub-Saharan Africa?

Racism=bad means miscegenation=good. But wait- if "God" created all, then He must have created the races. If He wanted a coffee-colored race, surely He would have made us that way from the Beginning.

Ted Pike used to be a race-realist around '08. I went back, trying to find his old racialist writings. Gone!


By Rev.Ted Pike
28 Aug 12

White supremacist David Pedersen and his girlfriend were narrowly prevented by police from massacring Jews in southern California last year (See Police Prevent "White Power" Massacre of Jews). How did they possess such hate that they would travel a thousand miles to unleash it in blood and gunfire? How did Pedersen and Grigsby so despise the basic humanity of Jews and blacks that they casually killed a teen they thought might be Jewish and a black man they considered as worthy of life as a house fly?

For every effect there is a cause. Behind every major religious or political movement, for good or evil, there is a thinker.

White supremacism can be traced to Charles Darwin. He said that, in the eons-long descent of life, it is good for genetic misfits to die out. Only through countless deaths of individuals and species can good genetic traits survive. The basic mechanism of life which brought us here is one of brutal competition as the strongest literally claw their way forward across the skeletons of the weak. Natural history is a graveyard of innumerable life forms and species proved unworthy to continue. In recent years, evolutionary biologists have speculated about “morality genes”—genetic code which causes us to imagine that we have a conscience or a soul, thus compelling us to cooperate with other members of our society and succeed as a group. For every human trait there is an evolutionary biologist somewhere who can claim to locate its genetic root. This reductionist view of humanity both explains and justifies racism.

“White power” racism teaches that blacks are genetically inferior to whites in the evolutionary process. That is why, it is alleged, they have lower intelligence levels and higher rates of crime and social ills; they are closer to animals and more prone to savagery and violence. White nationalists have long contended that the perfect solution to the race problem would be for blacks, preferably voluntarily, to move en masse back to Africa where they misevolved.

Some racists apply this to the Jewish race. They say that, just as dogs are bred for different traits, so there are races notable for rationality and civilization. There is also a race, the Jews, notable for the instinct to corrupt and destroy. This is because Jews throughout the ages have exhibited traits which eliminated persons of noble character. Cultural, religious, and genetic forces favored persons of bigoted, conspiratorial, deceptive, or blood-letting instincts. Such critics point to the Bible for alleged examples of "shyster" Jews, such as "famine profiteer" Joseph in Egypt or violent, blood-letting Joshua, Samson, and David.

They say evil traits are especially clear in the life of Jacob, sire of the 12 tribes of Israel, who stole his brother's birthright. He introduced duplicitous, manipulative genetic tendencies into the Hebrew bloodline which condemned Jews for all time to swindle and exploit their “goyim” adversaries. This theory contends that medieval Talmudic rabbis were not only the most intelligent and popular members of the Jewish community but also the most cunning and deceitful. As a result of the large families they produced, the Jewish genome was filled with immoral genes. A tendency to exclude the best, they say, was revealed in expulsion of the Karaite Jews in medieval Europe because they rejected pharisaic authority; and even in the last two centuries such degrading selection pressures continue to work. The best of European Jews, emigrating to the West, have abandoned Judaism, assimilating with Gentiles. According to this theory, this leaves about 13 million Jews who are virtually morally irredeemable, including infants and children. They have become a race genetically programmed, like killer bees, to defile, subvert, and destroy all that is good in order to attain their evil dreams of world empire.

These beliefs are a direct application of reductionist evolutionary biology. And they are in direct contradiction to Christianity, which teaches that we each possess an immortal soul, God-breathed and untouched by genetics, which is a free moral agent. In reality, our moral ills (including those of Jews) are the result of bad moral choices, not bad genes. The Judgment Day makes sense only in this context. We are not the slaves of our genetics. We bear heavy responsibility and we will answer to God for how we choose in response to our genetic compulsions, our upbringing and our environment. No one is evil by birth.

But for the person who views the Zionist conspiracy in the context of this secular/evolutionary scenario, it is little wonder that they, like Pedersen and Grigsby, will demonize and dehumanize Jews. For the unstable and fanatical among them, it is almost inevitable they would feel it to be a service to God and humanity to kill such wreckers of civilization.

For the evolutionary racist, no life is truly sacred and divinely protected, especially the lives of despised minorities. Evolutionary racism interfaces with the dark and primitive thinking and emotions of the unstable, the simple, and the uneducated in a way perfectly calculated to produce rage – and then violence.

Today, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Justice Department, ADL and SPLC eagerly await the “perfect shooter” whose undeniable associations with, and education by, alternative right-wing media and leaders will allow accusation of “guilt by association” with him. If evolutionary racist ethics remain widespread, it is inevitable that such a shooter will manifest himself. Rep. Louis Gohmert has repeatedly warned that under Title 18 Section 2a of the 1964 Civil Rights Act if a “hate criminal” such as Pedersen had succeeded in killing dozens of Jews, then all proven to have influenced his descent to racism would be tried as if they had fired the shots with him. (See SPLC Attacks 18 "Hateful" Christian Groups)

Of course, most who teach evolutionary racism are quick to affirm they abhor violence. Yet the measure of a political or religious philosophy is how it impacts the common man, including the unstable man, on the street level. Because evolution teaches that credit for the creation of life belongs to mutations (“happy accidents” over billions of years), the Jew, the black and the rest of us are not made in the image of God but in the image of a beast – an ape, a salamander, an amoeba, and ultimately the ancestor of all of us, slime. As Pedersen and Grigsby revealed by killing Pedersen’s parents, no life is sacred, least of all that of Jews.

Influence of Duke and MacDonald

At this point I should mention David Duke and Dr. Kevin MacDonald. Both portray the Old Testament as not only without divine inspiration but very largely justifying depictions of Jewish racial characteristics of dominance, aggressiveness, and even vindictive enjoyment of seeing their enemies suffer. As such, they agree with evolutionary racists in portraying Jews as possessing twisted genetics. Unfortunately, the influence of these leaders cements the conviction of many in the racialist substratum that the "Jewish problem" is really a genetic one: that everything that is wrong with Jews and Judaism "is in their genes." Thus, to some in the racialist grassroots, this evolutionary perspective on the depravity of many Jews suggests an evolutionary solution: The world would be better off if someone got rid of them.

In contrast, an appreciation of the role of righteous Old Testament Hebrews in (even violently) making a refuge of righteousness and obedience to God within a fiercely hostile Canaanite world (a role vital to preparing the way for Jesus) has a powerfully moderating effect upon anti-Zionist anger. We come to see, as does the New Testament, that the Jews, especially after the crucifixion of Christ have descended into the deepest, darkest spiritual apostasy and blindness, not genetic twistedness. As did the prophets, we see the measureless grace and love of Christ to forgive and restore a repentant remnant of Jews at His coming.

Duke's and MacDonald's denigration of God's long-term plan of Jewish redemption leaves racialists only with the bitterest anger. For some, the logical "solution," elimination of Jews, becomes a live option.

Acceptance of the Biblical perspective, however, immediately pours soothing oil on such troubled waters. It tells us, "Yes, speak out vehemently, as did Jesus and the prophets, against evil Jewish leaders. Yet wait on the Lord. He has a bigger quarrel with wicked Jews than we and will deal with them in unimaginable wrath (the Great Tribulation) just prior to His second coming."

Jesus said, "By their fruits you shall know them." Evolutionary racism produced the murders and intent to massacre Jews expressed by Pedersen and Grigsby. A return to biblical perspective bears fruit of passionate opposition to Zionism (such as exists at www.truthtellers.org) but also patience and restraint.

It is time for all in the alternative right to proclaim “zero tolerance” for evolutionary racism. Everyone should recognize that such provides both match and gasoline for “white power” fanatics. Such persons could create a firestorm of persecution that would destroy not only the anti-Zionist movement we have labored so long to create, but freedom itself.


I tell you he was a race realist. I wonder if someone got to him.
Didn't his wife have a strange "suicide?"

If the black IQ is 67, then it is. What does "evolutionary theory" have to do with how they got here? THE AFRICAN NEGRO IQ IS 67 REGARDLESS OF GOD OR EVOLUTIONARY ORIGINS. SAME FOR VIOLENT CRIME RATES.
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